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Equal Opportunities Office (EOO)


i) Reservation in Admission and eligibility

UP TO 22.5 per cent (1 5% for SC and 7.5% for ST, interchangeable, if necessary of seats are reserved for SC/ST candidates to various programmes of study. The SC/ST candidates who have passed the qualifying examination are eligible to apply for admission irrespective of their percentage of marks in the Entrance Examination. 3% seats are reserved for Physically Handicapped candidates in all the programmes of study The Physical Handicapped candidates, who have passed qualifying examination are eligible to apply for admission irrespective of their percentage of marks. The candidates who have minimum 40% disability would be considered for admission only to those fields of study/discipline where their physical disablity is not considered as a hindrance in pursuing the course of study.

ii) Concession in entrance examination fee for SC/ST/PH

The candidate belonging to SCs/STs and PH category are required to pay entrance examination fee at the concessional rate as given under:

Rs 120/- for each Language
Rs 60/- for each Language
Rs 200/-per discipline/Language
Rs 100/- per discipline/Languagee
Rs 200/- each discipline
Rs 100/-per discipline

Relaxation in Qualifying Standards

i) For the candidates called for Viva-voce examination:

Programme of Study
Minimum Marks required for general Candidate
Minimum Marks required for SC/ST/PH
M.Phil./Ph.D/ IV year of M.A.
5 year integrated programme in foreign Languages (other than English)

ii) No Candidate shall be eligible for admission unless he/she secures a minimum, overall score as given in the table below:

Programme of Study
Minimum Marks for
General Category
M.Phil./Ph.D/ IV year of M.A.
5 year integrated programme in foreign Languages (other than English)

Concession in Tuition Fee

The SCs/STs and PH candidates whose parents income is upto Rs.75,000/= per annum and who are not in receipt of scholarship/ fellowship are exempted from payment of tuition fee.


The SC/ST students are considered for award of MCM/Scholarship with the CGPA of 3.0 in the first two semesters for those joining in the 7thSemester and for the first four semester for those joining in the first semester of the five year integerated MA programme against the requirementof CGPA of 4.0 for general candidate. The SC/ST students whose parents/guardians income in not more than Rs. 75000/- per annum are eligible to be considered for MCM on lthe basis of minimum score and on the presentation of income certificate.

Relaxation in the Academic Standards for Continuation in the Programme Leading to the Award of M. Phil Degree

M.Phil students belonging to the SCs/STs category are allowed to register in the 2nd semester course work with a minimum SGPA of 4.0 asagainst requirement of 5.0 for the students of general category.

Concession for Confirmation to the Ph.D Programme

(i) M. Phil students of the SC/ST category are considered for confirma-tion to the Ph.D. Programme on completon of their M. Phil Programmewith a minimum CGPAof 5.5 (Including grade of dissertation and courses)as against requirement of 6.0 in case of general category candidates.

(ii) Pre-Ph. D. students of SC/ST category are considered for confirmation to the programme on Completion Of courses carrying a minimum 14 credits with a minimum CGPA Of 6.0 as against the requirement of 6.5 Prescribed in the case of general category candidates.

Remedial Courses

From the Monsoon Semister 2001, the .students belonging to the weaker sections particularly those who are belonging to theSchedul Castes and Scheduled Tribes are offered a special structured Programme of remedial courses for improving the academic skills and the linguistic Proficiency in the various subject and to further improve their academic performances.The remedial coaching has been Offered for:

a) English language course : Each Centre/School has a remedial coaching co-ordinator who will operate the scheme for post graduatehe Centre/School level. The Coordinator of each School/Centre develop the mechanism to identify the students for remedial prove the proficiency in English and other courses The each Coordinat will invite the applications from the students for remedial coachingin English language. Prof. H.C. Narang, the Course Coordinator in the Centre for Linguist ics and English who after examining the standard of the students in the English language will offer. the course of remedial coaching for the studentswho are really required to improve the linguistic proficiency.

(b) Core-courses coaching : The each Centre/School through itsCoordinator, develop the mechanism to identify the students for remedialcoaching in the courses taught in the respective Schools/Centres. The Coordinator in each Centre/School may run additional courses for these students or may offer other additional academic assistance through personalized remedial assistance for which the course in charge will provide additional attention .and support to the students identified for remedial assistance through discussion, assignments and other needy help. The needy students belonging to SC/ST category are advised to avail the facilities of the remedial courses through their Centres/School Coordinators.


22-5% (15% for SC and 7.5% for ST) and 3% for PH, hostel seats are reserved for allotment to the candidates belonging to the SC/ST/PH category respectively.The seats for SC/ST are interchangeable, if necessary All the outstation SC Boys and SC Girls students would getthe hostels subject to availability of seats.

Exemption of Payment from Hostel Room Rent

All SC/ST and PH candidates whose parents annual income is not more than Rs. 75000/- per annum and those who are not in receipt of any scholarship/fellowship are exempted from the payment of hostel room rent and water and electricity charges. Such concession is applicable only onproduction of income certificate issued by the competent authority.

Payment of Advance to Clear Mess Dues

SC/ST students who are in receipt of the scholarship or are considered forthe award of scholarship by their respective State Government are given temporary advance to enable them to clear their mess dues pending receipt ofscholarship money from their respective State Governments and other agencies.

Facility of DTC Bus Pass

In accordance with the policy of the Delhi Administration, all students including SC/ST are eligible for DTC all route bus pass. This concession is available to all the bonafide students of this University.

Financial Assistance to Needy SC/ST Students

The University has a provision for grant of financial assistance to needy SC/ST students out of the Students Aid Fund. This aid is granted by the Dean of Sludents on the recommendations of the Freeship Commtee of the each School.

Financial Assistance for Typing/ Binding of Dissertation/Thesis for the M.PhiL/Ph.D. Students

The needy students of SC/ST category are given financial assisance to enable them to submit their dissertation thesis in time, out of theVice-Chancellor's Discretionary Fund. This assistance is granted on therecommendations of the Centre/School by the office of the Co-ordinator (E).

Set Up of the Equal Opportunity Office

The University has set up a Committee of Advisors consisting of Prof. S.K. Thorat as Chief Advisor, Prof. Binod Khadria, as Advisor and Mr. Fateh Singh, Deputy Registrar as Nodal Officer for advising the dalit students and physically challenged students of the University.The following are the terms of reference of the Committee of Advisors:

1 . to devise surable programmes/schemes including 'Remedial Courses with a purpose to assist the Dalit Students (SC/ST) to further improve their academic performance at the undergradute, post graduate,M.Phil/Ph.D levels and also supervise the implementation of the programmes/schemes;

2. to establish coordination with the Government and other funding agencies to mobilise financial and other academic resources to provide assistance to the Dalit Students in the University;

3. to provide information and act as Counselling Centre with respect toacademic, financial and other matters;

4. to help create socially cogenial atmosphere for the growth of health interpersonal relations among students coming from various social background;

5. to help develop the helpful inter-personal relationship between teachers and Dalit students for academic interaction; and

6. to oversee and help the Dalit Students to overcome problemrelating to discrimination, if any.

Special Fellowships

In order to prepare SC/ST and Physically Handicaped students for taking up teaching and or research as a career, two fellowships @ Rs. 5000/=p.m. will be awarded at any given time exclusively to two most deservingscholars among them who have either completed Ph.D. or after having earned M.Phil Degree are on the verge of completion of Ph.D. Degree.The objective of these fellowships is to adequately equip these scholars for preparing them to a level that they can successfuly compete for teaching and research assignments.




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