Poster Instructions

The poster should include title, authors, affiliation, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion and literature cited. The title, authors and affiliations of the poster should be exactly the same as the abstract in the programme for the easy identification of your paper. Title letters should be large enough to be read from the distance. Most data are best represented with figures rather than tables. Text should be easily readable from a distance of one meter away. The following minimum font sizes are recommended:

  • Title 75 pt
  • Authors/Addresses 40 pt
  • Section Headings 28 pt
  • Text 22 pt

Each author will have a useable area (portrait orientation) measuring 90 cm (wide) x 125 cm (high). The maximum recommend size for the poster is 80 cm x 120 cm. Please check the poster size before printing your poster.

The authors are responsible for:

  • Printing of poster
  • Mounting in the reserved area according to the rules that will be indicated at the registration desk
  • Removing the poster

Fixing materials will be provided. Please do not affix posters to any place other than the board to which it has been allocated, and use only the fixing material supplied.

Best Poster Presentation Awards will be given to Young Scholars

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