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Medical Facilities


Health Centre

The University Health Centre started working as a medical care unit in 1973 for students. Soon, the facility for consultation and lab investigation was extended to people who are residing in the campus. The Health Centre right from its inception has been to provide comprehensive health care i.e. preventive, curative and promotive services under one roof to students only. However, for curative purpose of all University employees ther is also CGHS dispensary.


University Health Centre (UHC) is located about 300m from the north gate in South West of Ganga Hostel.


Dean of student is the head of the Department . The staff of the University Health Centre (UHC) comprises of CMO (SAG), I/C Health Centre and Medical Officer, part time Doctors for General OPD, Specialists, a Homoeopathic Physician, a Staff Nurse, Pharmacists, a Senior Technical Assistant, a Technical Assistant and other supportive staff, functions under the overall supervision and administrative control of the Chief Medical Officer (SAG), I/C Health Centre. It also has staff for control for mosquito-borne-disease.

OPD Services (OPD registration is compulsary)

  1. Doctors of the University Health Centre provide primary health care. The student can just walk in for consultations and treatment.
  2. Specialists: Consultations with the Specialists in the Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Skin, Orthopedic, Cardiology are available at the U.H.C.
  3. Homoeopathic physician provides services in homoeopathic system of medicine.
  4. Medicines are provided free of cost to students and retired employees from the pharmacy of the Health Centre as per University rule.
  5. Laboratory facility provides spectrum of routinely available Hematological, Biochemical and Microbiology tests.
  6. Routine Immunization (only for tetanus).
  7. Referral services to public hospitals for specialized treatment/hospitalization and other services which are not covered by the U.H.C
  8. Medical examinations for academic pursuits in the university.
  9. The families (wife and children only) of married students can avail of such medical facilities as are available at the Health Centre on payment of medical fees for the family. They are provided with medicines which are available in the Health Centre. The Student may contact the Health Centre to get further information. In case of spouse of female student medical facility is provided up to the age of 25years or till they start earning, which ever may be earlier.
  10. When the Health Centre is not open, all the patients are advised to go to government hospital or any other hospital. No reimbursement is permissible for students as per UGC norms.

Free services like ECG, Iniection charges and Dressing


One ICU Ambulance and one Patient Transport Vehicle is available at the Health Centre for 24 hours.

Services not Covered

  1. Dental services like making of denture, root canal treatment etc.
  2. Medical examination/certifications for employment out side JNU, insurance, legal and other non-academic purpose.
  3. Laboratory tests and X-ray for purpose other than diagnosis and treatment.


The University Health Centre functions from 8a.m to 2 p.m(Morning OPD) and from 3 p.m to 9 p.m (Evening OPD) w.e.f. 16/06/2016 on all working days from Monday to Saturday. In the evening, the part-time doctors provide services and essential medicines are provided to meet the immediate needs of the students. Holi. Diwali, Sundays and National Holidays presently are observed as closed holidays. Health Centre functions between 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. on Gazzetted holidays. Health Centre will remain closed from 2 pm to 3pm instead of 2pm to 4pm.

Health Service Fee

Payment of health service fee of Rs. 9/- per annum is compulsory for all full-time students. Rs. 12/-are payable by the students for medical booklets at the time of registration.

Medical Facilites to Foreign Students

Foreign students are extended medical facilities at par with the Indian students. The foreign student who wish to avail of nursing home/ private hospital facilities may obtain medical insurance cover at their expense to meet medical expenses on hospitalization etc.

Health Education

Health education is an integral part of University Health Service.

General Policy Regarding Confidentiality

Personal and medical histories of the patients are treated with utmost confidentiality. Notification to the parents and others is generally considered to be the responsibility of the students unless the condition of the student is serious or he/she is unable to assume responsibility for informing his/her parents. OPD Card/Health Booklets with details of prescription remains with the patient/students.

Health Advisory Committee

Student representation on the Health Advisory Committee provides a liaison between the provider and the users of the service. The Committee assesses, recommends programmes for development of services for benefit of the students.

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