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The university provides sports facilities in various games of which most are centralized and some at the hostels. The following games are available in the university and are controlled & organized by the sports office which is located in the sports stadium, beyond the Aravali Guest House.

Athletics, Badminton, Cricket, Chess, Football, Mountaineering and Trekking, Volleyball, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weight-Power Lifting, Bench Press, Body Building and Yoga.

The Sports office is headed by an Assistant Director, Physical Education. The office also has the support staff of a storekeeper and a typist, besides the ground staff   which includes groundsmen and the staff from the horticulture and the sanitation. The sports programs are run under the prevailing rules and norms as decided in the University Sports Committee which is headed by a Chairperson, the Assistant Director who acts as the Secretary and has other members which includes Sports Conveners, the Sports Coaches/ Instructors and JNUSU Sports Councilor as its members. The committee meets periodically to determine its programs.

Dr. Krishan Kumar, SES is the Chairman of Sports Committee from 01.06.2013 to 31-05-15.

At the beginning of each academic year in August-September the Convener and joint Convener for each game is selected, through an established process, and they are then responsible for the conduct of their club activities all through the year. The Conveners are also the link between the students and the sports office. Besides the regular practice and annual competitions, Inter Hostel and Inter School competitions are held each year.

Facilities for coaching and instruction are available in Lifting activities, Taekwondo, Tennis and Yoga round the year under trained and qualified Instructors. The sports office makes all efforts to encourage students for participating in sports by organizing various sports , other related events and  the participation of students in the extra murals etc. with the help of the respective club convener. As per the requirements the sports office proposes development and maintenance of sports infrastructure on the campus to the concerned section of the university. The Sports complex comprises of a Sports Stadium with large open seating for spectators, the sports office, a Yoga hall, Weight Lifting and Power Lifting hall and open space for games like Cricket, Football,  Athletics & Volleyball and two clay tennis courts with a practice tennis wall for beginners.

Apart from facilities for fitness and games at the Sports Complex, some indoor sports equipment is also made available to each hostel like Table Tennis, Chess and Carom as well as facilities for outdoor Badminton and Volleyball in many hostels. Efforts have also been made to provide some outdoor fitness apparatuses like horizontal and parallel bars in most of the hostels. The sports office also organizes clinics and workshops and in the past has covered popular and relevant topics like leadership and fitness in sports, officiating and coaching of games and sports, women sports festivals and sports events for the differently able JNU community.

The sports office can proudly boast of a very unique and attractive ‘Incentive and Reward Scheme’ available to the students for giving outstanding sports performances at the Inter University, State and National level competitions. The scheme carries sports scholarship, lucrative cash award, track suit and a blazer based on the position achieved and the level of competition. The scheme is implemented through a well defined set of rules and regulations and has been availed by many students in the past.

JNU Mountaineering & trekking Club

One of the most active and popular club on the campus the JNU Mountaineering Club has regular high altitude Summer and Autumn trekking programs in the Himalayan foot hills. Treks are organized in desert and snow also. The club organizes whitewater rafting, skiing, hot air balloon rides and rock climbing. For fun lovers looking for easy outings there are moonlight walks, cycle trips and cave walks. The club displays its achievements through regular photo exhibitions and for all adventure lovers there are documentary – movie shows. Many members of the club in the past have successfully completed various Mountaineering Courses like Basic, Advance, Method of Instruction Course, Liaison Officers Course, Search and  Rescue Course and Alpine Course  conducted by  Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) and other recognized institutes like HMI and DMAS. The club has also conducted many expeditions to peaks in the Garhwal/Kumaon Himalayas in the past.

JNU Weight lifting, Power lifting & Body building Club

The club is located at the sports complex, JNU. The coaching classes are held in the evening from 5.30 pm to 7:00 pm on all working days. Facilities are available to both  men & women students. The part time qualified Coach of International repute has produced many promising lifters in the last two decades and is available for coaching from Monday to Friday. The students in the past have given exemplary  performance by winning positions at state and national level competitions.

JNU Yoga Kendra

The club which was established under the UGC Scheme of “Promotion of Yoga Education and Practices in Universities” in February 1999 is located in the sports complex and is open to the entire University as well as the neighborhood community. The classes are held both in the morning and evening under the guidance of two qualified yoga instructors. The thematic workshops on the yogic management of various diseases are organized frequently for the benefit of the regular as well as casual members. An annual competition is held both for the boys and the girls in different age categories.

JNU Taekwondo Club

The Club runs its activities in the Badminton Hall of the Students Activity Centre (SAC). The timings of the club are 5 pm to 7 pm. The Instructor who is a Back belt – 4 Dan  conducts two classes from Monday through Saturday - first for the beginners and children and the second for the advance level players. The club has produced many outstanding players who have won laurels in the national, state and other open championships in Taekwondo and have been given cash awards as per the University approved ‘Incentive and Reward Scheme’ . The club has the distinction of being the first to be established in any Indian university and also having the first ever woman black belt and first woman national referee (an ex-Ph.D student of JNU ).

JNU Volleyball Club

The facility of Volleyball is available both at the sports stadium complex and at some of the hostels. It’s a popular sports activity and the club organizes competitions at Inter-Hostel, Inter-School level and friendly matches in Volleyball each year. The club has also participated in the Inter University competition in the past. 

JNU Cricket Club 

It is one of the most active clubs which starts practice and matches from early September and go on till the end of the following May. Besides net practice and friendly matches the club regularly organizes Inter-School and Inter-Hostel competitions each year. Inter-hostel Women’s Cricket is also occasionally held in the University, beside many friendly games at centre, School and hostel level as well as with other institutions and clubs. Depending on the standard of the players the university team takes part in the Inter University competition and has also successfully organized Inter-Institution competitions in the past.                                                                                  

JNU Tennis Club

The club currently has two clay-courts for students which is also used by the faculty. The activities are organized by the tennis club convener with the help of the sports office. There is a regular tennis marker available to coach the beginners and the faculty/staff children and give practice to the students under the guidance of the sports office. Annual competitions are held for the students at school/hostel level as well in the individual events.

JNU Athletics Club

Athletic Club offers facilities for practice at the sports stadium.  The club annually organizes the Athletic meet for the JNU students in the month of Feb-March. The club occasionally also organizes preparatory coaching camp for a week or two prior to the Annual Athletic Meet, for the benefit of the newcomers.

JNU Badminton Club 

JNU Badminton Club is one of the very active clubs of the University. By virtue of being an indoor game it can be played round the year. Apart from the regular daily practice sessions, the club organizes several events like-Training-cum-Coaching Camp, Annual Championships in all events, Inter-School and Inter Hostel Tournament (Men & Women), Fresher’s tournament, participation and conducting in/of Inter-Institutional competitions. The JNU top players have also been participating in local State level tournaments. Talks by reputed players of the past are also organized occasionally.

JNU Football Club 

This club has a convener and a joint convener from amongst the students who takes the responsibility, like other conveners, and organizes the Inter-School and Inter-Hostel competitions in the sports complex. Occasionally friendly matches and Inter Institutional competitions are also organized at the initiative of the club.

Table Tennis/Chess Club

The clubs primarily function at various hostels where facilities are provided for the residents. The convener, depending on the interest and popularity of the game organizes Inter Hostel, Inter School and Individual championships in all events annually.  

The sports office makes all efforts to popularize sports on the campus. In this direction sports festival & Sports Awareness Programs, Inter Institutional and friendly competitions are organized periodically to give a boost to the JNU teams of different games. Faculty and their families are also accommodated in sports wherever it is possible.

At the end of the season the Annual Sports Presentation is held in end-March and all prizes are distributed for which some sports luminary is invited. All the dignitaries of the University also attend the program.

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