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Academic Qualifications: B.A. (with Honours in Economics), in 1974

                                    M.A. (Sociology), JNU in 1976

                                    M.Phil. (Sociology), JNU in 1981

                                    Ph.D (in Sociology), JNU in 1986


1.     Director, Group of Adult Education, School of Social Sciences-1, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (during 2003-05).

2.     I was the NSS Programme Coordinator, National Service Scheme Cell of the University from May 1988 to October 1992.

3.     During 1991-94, I held the post of Assistant Director/Associate Professor w.e.f. August 16, 1991 to August 15, 1993; February 1, 1994 to April 30, 1994.

4.     In 1990, the Government of India selected/nominated me for the post of Regional Director, Commonwealth Youth Programme (for the Caribbean Center, Georgetown, Guyana).

5.     Guest Faculty (Department of Adult, Continuing Education & Extension, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi) during 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 2003-04, 2004-05. Title of the PG Courses: (i) Population Education; (ii) Social Organisation and Planned Change

6.     P.G. Examiner and paper setter (Population Education) for Department of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension., Jamia Millia Islamia,  New Delhi.

7.     Member, Draft Committee to Prepare National Youth Policy (Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India), 1990.

8.     Examiner and Selection Committee Member: i) Council for Tibetan Education of His Holiness The Dalai Lama during 1991-92 and 1994-95 (to select Tibetan students for undertaking higher education in the United States of America related to Social Sciences field with USIA fellowships); ii) Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers selection committee, KV JNU, New Delhi during 2003-04, 2004-05

9.     Ph. D Research Proposal Evaluator/Examiner of ICSSR, New Delhi.

10.   Special Invitee of University Court (JNU)

11.   JNU Academic Council Member (Special Invitee)

12.   Member, Vidyalaya Management Committee, Kendriya Vidyalaya, JNU Campus (nominated by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India since 2001

13.   Life Member, Indian Academy of Social Sciences.

14.   Member, Standing Committee on Adult Education, UGC (during 1998-99).

15.   Resource Person, National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Sciences (Ministry of Home Affairs), New Delhi to deliver lectures on Drug abuse Problem-related topics to train Senior level Indian Police Service Officers, Magistrates, Judicial officers, Excise & Customs Officers, Jail officials and others since 1999.

16.  Recently I was conferred the ‘2004 Higher Education and Development (HEAD) Award’. It was based on recommendation of the Search Committee, the Court of Governors of the International Association of Educators for World Peace, Alabama, USA (UN Affiliated Organization having special status with ECOSOC, UNDIP, UNESCO, UNICEF) on the occasion of 2004 Higher Education and Development Day, i.e., 15 April, 2004 held during 15-16 April, 2004 at India International Centre, New Delhi.

17.   Got another International Award: “Ambassador for Peace” on 21 November, 2004 based on the recommendation of International Governing Council of Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace (USA) at the glittering India Peace Award Ceremony held at Sri Ram Hall, PHD House, Opposite Siri Fort Auditorium (New Delhi). It was handed over by Dr. Christopher B.W. Kim, Continental Co-Chairs of IIFWP- Asia (USA) in presence of Mr. Oscar Fernandes, Minister of Programme Implementation and Statistics (GOI), ex-CM of Assam, M.Ps (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha), Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Member UNESCO Executive Board, Adv. V.V. Augustine, Member, National Commission for Minorities and many others.


1.    Conducted a Project Evaluation Study for an NGO, Gram Niyojan Kendra (Ghaziabad), on “Environmental Protection and Promotion Work in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh” (sponsored by BILLANCE, Netherlands) in association with  Prof. B. Padmanabhamurty (School of Environmental Sciences, JNU) and Dr. V.K. Dixit, Senior Hydrologist and Programme Coordinator (IDE, New Delhi) in August 1998.

2.    Peer-reviewed a Research Study on “Intervention Strategies for Street Gangs in Jakarta”.  The Study was conducted by Dr. Helmut L. Sell, Regional Adviser, World Health Organization, South-East Asia Regional Office, New Delhi (September 1998).

3.    A Research Study on “Problems of Consumers and Level of Awareness related to Rights and Duties as Consumers: A Study of NCR” (Funded by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India) during 2005-2006 from Consumer Welfare Fund provided to Indian Institute of Public Administration, New delhi)



1. Dowry and Position of Women in India: A Study of Delhi Metropolis (Inter-India Publications, New Delhi), 1986.

2. Dimensions of Tribal Movements in India: A Case of Udayachal Movement in Assam Valley (Inter-India Publications, New Delhi), 1989.

3. Drugs, Youth and Society: An Inter-disciplinary Study of Causes and Prevention Strategies (Ed.), (Madhu Deep Publications, New Delhi), 1996.

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6. 3rd Conference Report of UNESCO Project on “Economic and Social Transformations connected with International Drug Problems”, UNESCO, (Edited and prepared by M.C. Paul, Member Secretary of the 3rd International Conference), 2000

7. Drugs and Substance Abuse Problems: Interdisciplinary Study of Causes, Consequences and Prevention (Ed.), Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 2005.

8. Youth and Changing Lifestyle: a Case study of JNU. (In progress)


9. “Lipton Tea India Limited: A Profile of the Company and Its Workers” (Funded by IMWOO (Netherlands) and ICSSR (India). This Monograph became the base material of the Book: THE DUTCH MNC'S IN INDIA, Edited by Prof. G.K.Lieten of Amsterdam University (Amsterdam), published by Manohar Publications, New Delhi, 1987.

10. “Women, Social Compulsion and Dowry: A Comparative Study of Women in Bangladesh and India” (Sponsored by COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT, LONDON, 1987 (Report)

11. “Household Survey of Kanak Durga J.J. Colony of South Delhi: Status of Literacy” (sponsored by  UGC), 1989 (Report)

12. “Adult Education Programmes and the Socio-economic Status of Urban Poor: A Study of Kanak Durga Jhuggi Jhonpri Colony of South Delhi”, 1990 (near DPS, RK Puram-XII), Study sponsored by UGC. (Report).

13. “Evaluation Study of Raichur Total Literacy Campaign”, 1995 (Report)

14. “Adult Education and Empowerment of Women: A Sociological Study of Kusumpur  Pahari Slum” , 2002 (Report)

15. UGC-funded project “Study of Changing Lifestyle of JNU students”, 2003. (Research study)

16. International Conference Report on “Economic and Social Transformation connected with International Drug Problem”, UNESCO, 2000


17. “Dimensions and Magnitude of Drug Abuse in India” (with Prof. D.N. Rao) in Drugs and Substance Abuse Problems: Interdisciplinary Studies of Causes, Consequences and Prevention, MC Paul (Ed.) Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 2005

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1.     Organized a meeting with learners belonging to our Adult education centers in slum areas of Kanak Durga and Motilal Nehru JJ clusters to participate in Adult education programmes and a regional Praudh Shiksha Mela at the Jamia Millia Islamia ground, (organized by State Resource Centre of Jamia Millia Islamia) on 27th November, 1987. The adult learners from Kanak Durga Slum colony were oriented and motivated to participate in various cultural programmes including competitions in topical debate/discussions and sports to prove their capabilities. Our adult learners had done exceptionally good and won several prizes and appreciation. This exposition gave enough confident and conviction in life.

2.     Launched for the first time in JNU one-month long Campaign against Drug Abuse Problems in JNU (in collaboration with Delhi Nasabandi Samiti and NSS Cell of JNU). Series of Seminars, Workshops, Debate/Quiz/painting Competitions, and Exhibitions etc. organized in JNU Hostels, Seminar Rooms, etc. from September 3, 1988 to October 2, 1988 for the students, staff and karmacharis of JNU.

3.     One-day Anti-Drug Addiction March was organized on the Gandhi Jayanti Day of 2nd October 1988 led by Prof. M.S. Agwani, Vice-Chancellor of JNU from JNU to the Areas around JNU. It was a historic day in the sense that for the first time in JNU’s history this type of Anti-Drug abuse March was organized and that also led by the Vice- Chancellor.

4.     During 1988 to 1992 as NSS Coordinator I organized several Field Outreach Programmes related to “Youth and Modern Changing Lifestyle” in JNU. The strength of NSS volunteers increased from 300 to 500. During my period it became an active NSS Cell of JNU with innovative programmes like Each-one-Teach-one, Mass Programme of Functional Literacy (MPFL), Drug De-addiction programmes, Family Life Education, Health and HIV/AIDS Awareness programmes, Tree Plantation programme in Narmada Complex of JNU, Chirag Tale Roshni, Dhaba Ke Pas Sikshadan for Ganga Dhaba workers, etc. Organized many youth-centred programmes periodically like National Youth Week (late Bhaskar Bhattacharya, renowned TV News reader, and a respected senior Member of Parliament, Sri Hanan Mollah were the judges for various debate/elocution competitions), Essay competition, Drawing/painting competition, Blood donation camps (under the aegis of Indian Red Cross Society)/Eye donation (sponsored by Times Eye Foundation). (See the enclosed report for details).

5.     Coordinated UGC-sponsored Nodal Agency Workshop/Meeting on the Adult Education Programmes for selected Delhi based universities during 1993-94.

6.     Organized a few UGC-sponsored workshops related to “Youth Health, HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse Problems” during 1994-1999;

7.     Organized a seminar on “AIDS and its Consequences on the Society”, sponsored by International Federation of World Peace, at JNU, April 15, 1994.

8.     I took the first initiative to start Yoga classes at Student Activity Centre from 11.3.1991 to 10.9.1991 for six months under Mr. Sundarajan Yoga teacher of Vivekananda Kendra (Delhi region). Many years before the present Yoga class at the stadium complex.

9.     Organized Three-day Regional Seminar-cum-workshop on “Drug Addiction Problems in Delhi Region” (Sponsored by National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi) September 20-22, 1991.

10.   Organized for the first time in JNU the Art of Living (Stress Management) Training workshop in Student Activity Centre for the students, Faculty and karmacharis of JNU (Trainer was Rajshree Patel of U.K.), 3 to 6th April, 1992

11.   Organized a Seminar on “AIDS & its Consequences on the Society” at JNU on April 15, 1994. (in collaboration Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principles, an associate of Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace, New Delhi)

12.   Conducted an Orientation talk for 38 students from AEC College of Panchmarhi (Madhya Pradesh) under Major Joshi’s leadership who visited JNU. I briefed them about the adult/continuing education programmes conducted by JNU. It was arranged by Public Relation Officer of JNU. (12 December, 2002)

13.   Organized a Talk/Discussion Forum on “Youth Health and HIV/AIDS Awareness” (Sponsored by UGC) at Student Activity Center, JNU on 21st January 1998 for JNU students.

14.   Organized seminar on “Adolescent/Youth Health and Emotional Challenges” in the Committee Room, SSS-1 on 28th February, 1998 (in collaboration with International Family Federation)

15.   Organized a Seminar on “Is Addiction a Disease ?” in the Committee Room, SSS-1, on 21st March, 1998 (with Delhi Medical Association)

16.   Organized a Week-long Workshop on “Research Methodology in Social Sciences related to Drug Abuse Problems” (for the M.Phil/Ph.D students of JNU, Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia and NGOs)”, March 16-22, 1998. Inaugurated by Prof. Rahmatullah Khan, Rector of JNU, Chaired by Prof. S.Y. Shah. (Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi). Material support and other input were provided by UNDCP.

17.   Organized for the first time in JNU a day long Tele-press Conference on the “Role of Family and Community in Prevention of Drug Addictions and Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts” with Prof. Allen I. Bernhardt of New York, March 25, 1998 (Sponsored by ICSSR and in collaboration with the United States Information Service, New Delhi).

18.   Since 1986 to 1999 organized Adult Literacy Programmes in Kanak Durga Colony, R.K. Puram (Behind DPS), Kusumpur Pahari (Vasant Vihar), Motilal Nehru Camp, Bhumiheen camp, R.K. Puram-III camp etc. One student volunteer, Ujjwal Kumar was specially trained by the Centre for Rural Development, IIT-Delhi during October 1986 in Smokeless Chulah. After getting the appropriate training he was involved in Transfer of Technology of Smokeless Chulah among the Slum dwellers of Saraswati JJ Colony, opposite Old campus of JNU in R.K. Puram-III. Many slum dwellers got benefited by this programme which was conducted along with literacy programmes, especially among the women illiterates of the slum. It was a successful programme appreciated by the IIT-Delhi Department of Rural Development. The programme continued till 1988. During 1986-89, several similar Literacy campaigns in Kanak Durga JJ Colony, R.K. Puram-XII were launched and many literacy centres were opened with the help of Mrs. Saroja, a slum leader/Pradhan. The instructors were Dr. B. Ram, RMP (28 years), Singhashan Ram (30y), Shyam Kumar (26 y), Pushpa Devi (25y), Leela Devi (26y),  Parvati Devi (25y), Kusum Devi (27y), Sushila Rathi (25), Raj Kumar (1969), Randhir Singh (1964) et al. ASHA Health centre was opened when the DDA Chairman was pursued by us to open one in the slum colony. It was instantly agreed and sanctioned by Sri Manjeet Singh, Chairman (DDA Slum Wing).

19.   I also initiated and organized for the first time Adult Literacy programme called “Chirag-Tale Roshni” for the women Safai Karmacharis and Maidservants of JNU (in collaboration with NSS Cell of JNU). About 55 women safai karmacharis were made literate and confident through awareness programmes with the help of the JNU students and NSS volunteers by using audio-visuals to make the programme interesting. At the end of the programme the women were put to various types of reading, writing and expression tests. They were also given rewards and presentations after successful completion of the literacy programme. (The names are Imrati, Sheela, Omvati, Rajvati, Laxmi, Tulsa, Kusum, Shanti, Lakshmi Devi, et al). The selection committee consisted of Prof. S. K. Sharma, Smt. Shantha Krishnan, Dr. M.C. Paul, Sri Balveer Singh, a student volunteer on 9.9. 1991). All the participants came out successful. Later on a debate on the topic: ‘Padai Kyo Jaruri Hai?’ where Shanti and Lakshmi Devi became first and second respectively in the debating contest. On the International Literacy Day (10. 9. 1991). We also organized ‘Interactive Folk Drama and Role Play Competition’ where Shanti and Imrati became first and second respectively. Many of the literate women got respectable jobs in the JNU Central Library and administration by leaving the job of Safai karmacharis. Their photographs were pasted in the month of April 2005 on the lawn in front of library in the academic complex. A few literate women have been absorbed in JNU as employees.

20.   In Kusumpur Pahari we organized Hand pump Repair training for the slum women with the help of UNICEF during 1991-92. They are now better placed in their respective career and social life as well.

21.   During 1988 to 1994 we organized several Awareness/Orientation and Outreach Programmes like 1) ‘Each One Teach One’ under the MPFL programme with the help of student volunteers of JNU hostels for teaching slum women and maidservants of JNU faculty members; 2) 150 construction workers at three JNU building Construction sites were made literate; 3) during cholera epidemics and gastroenteritis outbreak in Motilal Nehru camps near JNU they affected people were given medical help along with UNICEF pamphlets (the volunteers were Karuna Jaiswal, Seema, Triloknath Mishra, Viswamitra Singh, Swarandeep, Ashish Agnihotri, Prasun, Durga, Anita, Abdul Mannan, Jaydevan, Anjumam Ara, Maula Baksh Ansari, Mojahidul, Devprakash, Mukesh, Abhijit Mitra et al); 4) one-day youth seminar on 7.11.1991; 5).

22.   Organized several UGC-sponsored Continuing education seminar on “Evils of Drug Addiction and How to Counter it”, November 26, 1996; “HIV/AIDS among the youth”, November 27, 1996; “Reproductive Health Education among Slum Dwellers”, December 6, 1996; “Need for Family Life Education”, December 22, 1996 for the students of JNU and outside youth. (All these were organized in collaboration with Family Planning Association of India, R.K. Puram, New Delhi).

23.   Organized and coordinated UGC-sponsored Adult education programmes: “Youth Health and HIV/AIDS”, January 21, 1998 at Students Activity Centre of JNU; “Youth Health and Emotional Challenges”, February 28, 1998 in SSS Committee Room; “Is Drug Addiction a Disease?”, March 21, 1998, Committee room, SSS; “Youth’s Emotional Incongruity and Sexual Health”, September 17, 1998, in Committee room, SSS.

24.   Organized a Four-day Inter-University Seminar-cum-Workshop on “Preparation for the Next Millennium: romotion of Healthy Lifestyle among Youth”, at Jawaharlal Nehru University (in collaboration with Center for Information, Education and Communication, Sakshi, New Delhi) February 4-7, 1999. Students of JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia and Delhi University, and a few Public School students participated in it. It was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of JNU on 4th February in SSS Auditorium. The Chief Guest was Ms. Shovana Narayan, renowned Kathak dancer and renowned senior journalist Mr. Raj Chengappa (Chief Editor, India Today). It was organized in collaboration with NGO, Shakshi, New Delhi.

25.   Organized a Four-day Training Course on “Research Methodology in Social Sciences related to Drug Abuse Problems” sponsored by ICSSR (New Delhi) at SSS Committee Room, JNU, March 26-29, 1999.

26.   Organized another Four-day Training Course on ‘Research Methodology and Substance Abuse Problems among the Students/Youth’ in the SSS Committee Room, January 28-31, 2002 (sponsored by UGC).

27.   Organized Five-day Third International Conference as Member Secretary on “Economic and Social Transformations Connected with International Drug Problem” at Jawaharlal Nehru University from November 1 to 5, 1999 at JNU. More than fifty delegates from India and abroad participated in it. It was the third conference of UNESCO-MOST Project on “Economic and Social Transformations connected with International Drug Problem”. The second one was held in Brazil. Organizing Committee President was Padmashree Asis Dutta, Vice-Chancellor of JNU. It was funded and supported by UNESCO (Paris) and UNDCP (Vienna).

28.   Organized “East-West Fusion” Cultural Programme in the School of Social Sciences auditorium for the Faculty and students in October 6, 2001. London-based musicians Keerti and Krupa entertained the audiences. They also write lyrics for ‘Spice girls’ Britney Spears and Geri Halliwell. In fact, they performed a scintillating programme for the packed auditorium. They are the Master trainers for the Art of Living foundation of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spreading the message of tolerance, harmony, love and peace through their music for awakening life. Their music was not about sex, drugs and violence but for inspiring the people to look inwards for life’s direction.

29.   Organized a Two-day National Seminar-cum-Workshop on ‘Literacy/Education in Mother Tongue: Problems and Prospects’ in ICSSR Conference Hall, August 24-25, 2001. Noted Bengali Littérateur Sunil Gangopadhyay was a Special invitee. (Sponsored by ONGC and Sarva Bharatiya Bangabhashi Samiti).

30.   Organized one-day Seminar on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s birthday 23 January, 2002 along with a show of film, “The Enemy of the Empire” produced by Charles Bruce, BBC. Introductory talk was given by Netaji’s nephew, Sri Pradip Bose in the SSS auditorium.



1.     “Foundation Course in Survey Research Methods” (Sponsored by Survey Research & Training Center, Council for Social Development, Lodi Estate, New Delhi) May 26 to June 15, 1983.

2.     “Photo-Language and Group Dynamics for Development” (Sponsored by the Center for Development Communication, Hyderabad), October 30 to November 4, 1987.

3.     “Folk-media for Development” (Sponsored by the Center for Development Communication, Hyderabad, March 20-26, 1988.

4.     “Master Trainer's Training in Adult Education” (Sponsored by UGC for Project Officers)  at Punjab University, Chandigarh, June 15-25,1988

5.     Trainer's Training Course on “Family Life Education” (Sponsored by Parivar Seva Sangsthan, Marie Stopes, New Delhi), at Vishwa Juvak Kendra, October 10-13, 1988.

6.    “Training of Trainers Programme” (organized by Society for Participatory Research in Asia, 45 Sainik Farm, New Delhi), January 9-17, 1989

7.    Three week-long Master Trainer’s Training on Yoga (Sponsored by the Department of Youth and Sports, Government of India), organized by Kaivalyadhama, Nonavla, Pune) at DLTA, New Delhi from March to April, 1990.

8.    Master Trainer's Training in “Youth Development” (Sponsored by the Department of Youth & Sports, Ministry of HRD, Government of India) and organized by National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, June 25-30, 1990.

9.    National Training on “Environmental Education for Educational Planners and Administrators” (Sponsored by UNESCO) and organized by National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi) April 29 to May 3, 1991.

10.   A Week-long “Appreciation Course in Parliamentary processes and Procedures” (organized by Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, Lok Sabha Secretariat, Parliament Bhavan, New Delhi), July 23-26,1990.

11.   Refresher/Orientation Course on “Adult Continuing Education & Extension under the University system” (Sponsored by UGC and organized by Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana), February 19-25, 1992.

12.   Three weeklong Refresher's Course on “Adult Continuing Education & Extension” (Sponsored by UGC and organized by Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad) September 1-21, 1994.


1.     Life Member, Indian Sociological Society, since 1986

2.     Life Member, Indian Academy of Social Sciences, since 1987

3.     Member, Delhi Sociological Society, during 1980-1984

4.     Founder Member of Netaji Academy of Sub-continental Studies (New Delhi) since December 2000 (President: Prof. B.B. Dutta, Former Member of Parliament. At present I am the Secretary of the Academy).

5.     Founder Member of Sarva Bharatiya Bangabhasi Samiti (New Delhi) and I had been the Treasurer during1998-2002. Padmashree Asis Dutta, Vice-Chancellor of JNU has been the President of Samiti.

6.     Advisor of a Non-Government Organization called SHELTER based at Calcutta

7.     I had been Resource Person/Member of several National and International level Seminars, Orientation and Training Workshops like for example, NIEPA (New Delhi) in cooperation with UNESCO-UNEF International Environmental Education Programme (Paris) organized one on “Environmental Education for Educational Planners and Administrators”. It was organized during April 29 to May 3, 1991 for senior level Adult Education Functionaries from all over India like Directors, Assistant Directors, Project Officers, State and District level Adult Education Officers from Universities and NGOs during 1989-90. Similar others like Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, NCERT, Indian Adult Education Association, International Institute of Adult and Lifelong Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi University also organized several like this.

8.     Since 1999, I have been Resource person to give lecture/talk on Drug abuse problems among Youth and Children; Role of International Organizations in Controlling the Drug Abuse and Trafficking, etc. at the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Sciences (Central Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India) for the senior government officials and functionaries like District Magistrates, Jail officials, Customs and Excise officials, Judicial, Police and Enforcement officials, Social Work Department officials, etc.

9.     I have been also a Member of several Screening/Selection Committees to select suitable candidates like for example, the NSS Directorate, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (during 1988-2004); NCERT and Kendriya Vidyalayas (13.3.2004), Ministry of Human Resource Development, during 2002-004.

10.  Vice-President, JNU Teachers Association during 2005-06.



1. Invited to present a paper in Xth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, at Vigyan  Bhavan  (New Delhi), 1978

2. Presented a paper in International Symposium on “Problems of Development of Under-privileged Communities in the Third world Countries”, organized by at Vigyan Bhavan (New Delhi), October 2-8, 1982

3. Presented a paper in International Seminar on “Family Research in India”, Organized by Center for Women’s Development Studies (New Delhi) at India International Center, November 10-12, 1983

4. Invited to present a research paper in the XIth International Conference of Anthropological and  Ethnological Sciences, in Vancouver and Quebec (Canada), August 18-22, 1983

5.  Presented a paper in the Asian Regional Conference on “Women and the Household”, at  Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, January 27-31, 1985

6.  Presented a paper on “Dowry-based Crimes against Women in Delhi” in the Xth World Congress of Sociology at Ashok Hotel (New Delhi) August 18-22, 1986

7.  Presented a paper in the International Conference on Social Change in South Asia held at Dhaka University (Bangladesh) organized by Bangladesh Sociological Association, March 18-20,1987

8.  Presented a paper in the National Seminar on “Stratification, Hierarchy and Ethnicity in North-East India” at North Bengal University (Siliguri, Darjeeling), March 26-27,1987

9.  Participated in the “Participatory Evaluation Methodology Workshop” (sponsored by  UGC), January 6-8,1988

10. Participated in a 4-day National Workshop on “Family Violence against Females”, organized by Dr. Promilla Kapur, Director, Integrated Human Development Services Foundation (New Delhi) at IIC, New Delhi, February 15-18, 1988.

11. Participated in the First National Conference on “Eradication of Illiteracy among Women.” Organized by All India Committee for Eradication of Literacy among Women (All India Women’s Conference, New Delhi), February 20-22, 1988

12. Participated in National Workshop on “Operationalisation of the Concept Extension in University System” (sponsored by UGC, New Delhi) at Jawaharlal Nehru University, March 8-10, 1988

13. Participated in a National Workshop on “Technology Delivery System for Rural Development” at the Parliament Annexe on October 13-15, 1988 (and also interacted with Dr. Sam G. Pitroda, Adviser, Technology Missions of Government of India), organized by National Institute of Wastelands and Rural Development (New Delhi).

14. Participated in a Symposium on “Youth Mobilization and involvement in Adult Education Programme” (sponsored by UNICEF and organized by Directorate of Adult Education, New Delhi), November 3, 1988

15. Attended the National Youth Awards Day Ceremony and Conference on “Youth and Development” organized by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on January 10, 1989.

16. Participated in Orientation Programme in Planning and Management of Adult Education, Organized by NIEPA, DAE, & JNU, December 4, 1989 to January 12, 1990.

17. Participated in National Conference of Youth Leaders held at IIT-Delhi (organized by the Department of Youth Affairs & Sports, Ministry of Human Resource Development). Youth leaders from all over India were invited to formulate National Youth Policy of India and I was one of the members to formulate youth policy from May 18-20, 1990

18. Participated in National Conference on “Drug Abuse Prevention Strategies” (organized by  Ministry of Welfare, New Delhi), September 14-15, 1990

19. Participated in National Seminar on AIDS (organized by Central Health Education Bureau, Directorate General of Health Services, New Delhi), November 27, 1990

20. Participated in All India Seminar on “Environmental Education for Educational Planners and Administrators” (organized by NIEPA in collaboration with UNESCO-UNEP International Environmental Education Programme, Paris) at NIEPA, April 29-May 3, 1991

21. Participated in the 9th Annual Conference on “Indian Society in 21st Century: Opportunity and Dangers”(organized by the Professors World Peace Academy-India, at Vikram Hotel, New Delhi), November 30,1991

22. Participated in Panel Discussion on AIDS (organized by World Health Organization  for South-East Asia Region, New Delhi), November 30, 1991

23. Participated in a National Seminar on “Developing Learning Skills” (organized by National Open School) at National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi, March 26-27, 1993

24. Presented a paper at the 8th Annual South Asian Conference on “Bangladeshi Migrants in India: The Politics of Vote Banks and Communal Conflict” (Joint authorship with Dr. Sharat G. Lin of California, USA) at the Center for South Asian Studies, University of  California, Berkeley, USA, February 12-13, 1994

25. Presented a paper on "Modern Dowry: A Symbol of Women's Subordination" at the  Annual Interdisciplinary Research Methodology Workshop for Universities and Research Institutes (organized by Madras Institute of Development Studies and  sponsored by ICSSR) at Osmania University, Hyderabad, June 7-10,1994

26. Participated in National Round Table Conference on “Role of NGOs in Total Literacy Campaigns (TLC), organized by Indian Adult Education Association, August 24, 1994

27. Participated in National Seminar on “Role of State in Higher education” organized by DSA, ZHCES, March 9,1995

28. Participated in International Seminar on “Australian-India New Horizons in Education and Training Conference” at Hotel Taj Palace, (organized by Australian High Commission, New Delhi) on 24-25 October, 1996

29. Presented a paper on "Netaji's Perception of Communal Amity in India" in the First  International Conference on “Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: Relevance to Contemporary  World”, organized by Netaji Academy of Sub-continental Studies at JNU, April 7-8, 1997

30. Participated in a Seminar on “Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health” (organized by Department  of Adult, Continuing Education & Extension, University of Delhi and Population Education Resource Center (PERC), April 28, 1997

31. Participate in National Coordination Committee Meeting on the eve of International Day against “Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking” (organized by Commissioner of Police  (Crime) at Delhi Police Headquarter, May 23, 1997

32. Participated in National Conference on “People's Health in People's Hands: Bottom up  Planning” (organized by Indian Social Institute, New Delhi), July 31, 1997

33. Participated and presented a paper on "Drug Trafficking Scenario in India" in International Conference on Drug Abuse and Trafficking (organized by Indian Council of Education at Parliament Annexe, New Delhi), November 20-21, 1997

34. Participated in International Conference on “Human Rights Challenges in 21st Century” (Organized by the International Institute for Non-aligned Studies, New Delhi) at  Parliament Annexe, New Delhi, March 5-6, 1998

35. Participated in a National Seminar/Workshop on “Rapid Situation Assessment: Injecting Drug Use and HIV in Delhi” at India International Centre, Organized by Sharan – Society for Service for the Urban Poverty (New Delhi) sponsored by UNAIDS and NACO, on 21-22 October, 1998

36. Participated in International Conference on “The South Asia Demand Reduction: Challenges Ahead” at Hotel Le Meridien, organized by UNDCP, February 10, 1999.

37. Participated and presented a paper entitled “Dimensions and Implications of Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse in India” at International Conference of UNESCO-MOST Project at ICSSR on November 1, 1999 (joint authorship with Prof. D.N. Rao)

38.  Participated in National Consultation Workshop on “Gender Issues in Reproductive Health with  Special Focus on HIV/AIDS”, at PHD House, organized by NIPCCD and NACO (Government of India) on February 1-2, 2000

39.  Participated in three-day International Millennium Conference on “Population, Development and Environmental Nexus”, jointly organized by UNFPA, IASP and Population Foundation of India, on February 14-16, 2000 at PHD House (New Delhi).

40.   Invited to participate in a Two-day International Workshop on “VISION 2020 for the Social Sciences” at IIC, organized by ICSSR on January 8-9, 2001

41.   Invited to participate in Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Centenary  International Conference on “Sustainable Economic, Social and Political Reforms in the Information Age” at IIC, organized by ICSSR on January 15-17, 2001

42.   Invited to participate in a Three-day National Seminar on “Disaster Management: its Economic, Social and Political Consequences” at IIC, organized by ICSSR on February 7-9, 2001

43.   Participated in a Three-day National Seminar on Tribal Health in India: Present Status and Future Strategies” organized by NIHFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) on February 10, 2001

44.   Invited to attend the Sir Dorab Tata Memorial Lecture by Nobel Laureate (Economics) Professor Amartya Sen on “The Indian Identity” at Taj Mahal Hotel (New Delhi) on  February 26, 2001 organized by Sir Dorab Tata Memorial Trust.

45.   Attended 2ndInternational Conference on ‘Identity, Representation and Belonging’ organized by Australian High Commission, ICSSR and JNU at India Habitat Centre, 15th January, 2004

46.   Participated in Two-day National Seminar on ‘Education of Minorities’, March 11-12, 2004 at NCERT. Chaired a session on ‘Literacy in Mother Tongue’, March 12, 2004.

47.   Attended a National Seminar on ‘Changing Social Formations in Contemporary India’, organized by School of Social Sciences, JNU, 24-26 April, 2003.

48.   Attended a International Seminar on ‘Models of Leadership for World Peace’, organized by Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace, at India International Centre (New Delhi),  5th June, 2003

49.   Attended a National Seminar on ‘Equal Opportunities, Affirmative Action and the Scheduled Castes: Challenges and Prospects’, organized by CSSS (Dr. Ambedkar Chair), SSS, 23-24 October, 2003.

50.   Participated in a month-long International Youth Retreat-cum-Symposium held at different parts of South Korea during June, 23 to July 27, 2005

51.   Attended ICRIER’s Silver Jubilee Conference on “India and The Global Economy’ at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on November 6-7, 2006 organized by Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations.

52.   Participated in International Symposium on ‘Hindu-Christian Amity in India: Model for Meeting the Challenges of Globalization’ at Hotel The Grand New Delhi organized by RJS-KAK, November 18-19, 2006.

53.   Participated in Two-day Conference on ‘Rights, Survival and Protests: India in the Age of Reforms’ organized by CPS/SSS, JNU on February 1-2, 2007

Appeared on Television/Press Conference/ Chief Guest:

1. On the eve of a Month-long Drug De-addiction Programmes organized for the first time in Jawaharlal Nehru University during 3rd September, 1988 to 2nd October, 1988.

On 1st September, 1988 I attended a The Times of India Press conference jointly organized by Delhi Nashabandi Samiti at Hotel Kanishka to highlight on the programmes related to Month-long Drug De-addiction Programme at JNU

3. In 1992 I was interviewed by the Star News Channel for the first time on the issue of ‘Education and peace’.

4. In 1994, at the Siri Fort Auditorium I was interviewed by DD news channel on ‘World Friendship and Inter-religious Marriage Ceremony’ organized by World Federation for World Peace and Member of the Organizing Committee.

5. During the National Seminar at the ICSSR (New Delhi) on ‘Literacy in Mother Tongue: Problems and   Prospects’ in August, 2001. The DD News Channel interviewed me on the importance of literacy in mother tongue and telecast the programme where our Vice-Chanellor, Prof. Asis Dutta was present.

6. Etv (New Delhi) interviewed on 7 September, 2003 on the eve of International Literacy   Day of 8th September to talk on ‘Literacy and Development’ and it was telecast in    Evening programme called Surkheeya at 7 p.m.

7. Invited to be Chief Guest on the Birthday Celebration of Sir Baden Powell, Founder of Scouts and Guides, Kendriya Vidyalaya JNU, 22 February, 2004.

8. Appeared on South Korean TV Channel, Arirang, when I went to participate in International Youth Retreat/Symposium (from June 23 to July 26, 2005) three times on various topics related to Youth problems in contemporary society. I was also interviewed by the Korean Reporter belong to Goodnews Publishing House on 23 July, 2005

9. Interviewed by S-1 TV News Channel on Drug Problems in Delhi-Causes and consequences, on 23 October, 2005 and telecasted on 23.10.2005.


Delivered Lectures/Talks:


1.  Delivered a Talk on “Nature and Magnitude of Drug Trafficking in India and Asian Region”, at National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Sciences (NIC&FS), Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs), April 25, 2000.


2.  Delivered a Talk on “Drug abuse: Prevention and Control strategies”, at National Institute Criminology & Forensic Sciences, July 10, 2000


3.  Delivered a Talk on “Effects of Drug abuse on Youth and Children”, at National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Sciences, October 12, 2000


4.  Delivered a Talk on “Drug Trafficking and Abuse in Asian Countries”, at National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Sciences, October 17, 2000


5.  Delivered a Talk on “Effects and Consequences of Drug Abuse among youth and children”, at the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Sciences (National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Sciences), Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi, 16th July 2003.

6.  Delivered a Talk as Resource Person on ‘Scope of on Drug Abuse Research in Social Sciences’, organized by International Institute of Adult and Lifelong Education, New Delhi, 8th December, 2003


7.  Participated in Discussion Session on ‘Literacy in Urban Setting: Some Research Issues’, India Habitat Centre (organized by Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia), New Delhi on 27 March, 2004.


8.  Delivered an Inaugural Lecture on “Drug Abuse among Youth in South Asian Countries” in a Workshop on Substance Abuse organized by Delhi University in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defence (Govt. of India), December 15, 2004


9.  Delivered series of Interactive sessions on ‘Drug abuse and Youth Problems in Contemporary India’ at the International Youth Meet held at Seoul Stadium at Seoul, South Korea in June-July, 2005.