Professor N. Kamala
Centre for French and Francophone Studies
School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, JNU
New Delhi 110067
Tel: 26704264
(R) 41, Dakshinapuram, JNU
 New Delhi 110067
Tel: 26742338


Educational Qualifications:

Ph.D.        J.N.U. New Delhi
Thesis: Le deuxième texte : traduction féministe et écrits des femmes

M. Phil      J.N.U.  New Delhi
Dissertation: L’enseignement du français à Delhi

M.A.         J.N.U. New Delhi


1. Diplôme de professeur de français langue étrangère – Mention ‘Bien’ Université de Paris- III  Sorbonne Nouvelle   Paris 1982

2. Cours universitaire d’été pour  professeurs et étudiants étrangers – Université de Paris – IV  Sorbonne   Paris, Summer 1978

Awards and Fellowships:

1. Katha Award for Translation 1998

2. Faculty Enrichment Fellowship by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute 1995.

3. French Government Fellowship 1990.

4. French Government Scholarship 1981-82

5. French Government Scholarship 1978

6. National Scholarship for M.A. 1978-1980

Research Guidance:

Ten students have completed their M. Phil dissertations under my supervision. Eight doctoral students are being guided by me.

I have also supervised about twenty-five MA dissertations, mainly on Translation Studies.



1. The Diary of Mademoiselle d’Arvers, translated from the French original written by Toru Dutt, New Delhi: Penguin India, 2005.

2. (edited) Translating Women, Zubaan (forthcoming 2009)

Research Papers/Articles

1. ‘Traduire la diversité: un roman montréalais en anglais’ in Synergies – Inde, Revue de Gerflint, numéro 3, 2008

2. ‘India Translated: Narcissism, Thy Name is French Translation’ in Bhaduri, Saugata, Negotiating Glocalization, Views from Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Anthem Press, New Delhi, 2008

3.  ‘Harry Potter/ Hari Puttar or what’s in a name?’ JSL New Series II, Autumn 2004.

4.‘An English for translation’ (with G.J.V. Prasad) in Creative Forum – Journal of Literary and Critical Writings, Vol.17 No.1, Jan-June 2004.

5. ‘Translation and/in Gender’ in Rahman, Anisur (ed.) Translation: Poetics and Practice, Creative Books, New Delhi, 2002.

6. ‘Gateway of India: Representing the Nation in English translation’ in Simon, Sherry and Paul St. Pierre (eds.) Changing the Terms: Translating in the Postcolonial Era, University of Ottawa Press, Ottawa, 2000.

7. ‘Obstacle Course: Literary Translation in the Classroom’ in Rastogi-Vasandani, N. (ed.) The Translation Initiative: Teaching and Training, CIEFL, Hyderabad, 2000.

8. ‘Jokes Apart—Translating Humour: A Case Study of Asterix in Hindi’ in Gupta, R.S. (ed.) Literary Translation, Creative Books, New Delhi, 1999

9. ‘Image de la femme et de la nation indienne dans l’imagination traduisante’ in Rencontre avec l’Inde, (ICCR Journal) tome 26 numéro 3, 1997

10. ‘Re-presentation of Indian Women in Translation’ in Ramakrishna, S. (ed.) Translation and Multilingualism, Pencraft International, Delhi, 1997.

11. ‘Transcreating India(s): The Nation in English Translation’ (with G.J.V.Prasad) in META, (Montreal) vol.42, no. 2, juin 1997.

12. ‘Problématique des langues tierces en traduction : jeux et enjeux interlinguistiques’ in Essais – Journal des études francophones, no. 3 June 1995

13. ‘Asterix Spans the Great Divide’, The Hindu Literary Review, Sep 19th 1993

14. ‘The Importance of Literary Translation: A Report”, The Book Review, May 1993

Other Publications


1. ‘Le poisson jaune’ a translation of Ambai’s Manjal Miin in Une petite histoire pour la grand-mère ed. by Shanta Ramakrishna, IATF, Pune, 2003 and in Rencontre avec l’Inde vol. 32, no. 2, 2003

2. ‘The Sky within Sight’ (with G.J.V. Prasad) a translation of Che Yoganathan’s Kannil Theriginra Vaanam, in Katha Prize Stories Volume 7, ed. by Geeta Dharmarajan and Meenakshi Sharma, Katha, New Delhi, 1998.

3. A number of literary extracts from French to English for the French embassy for ‘Lire en fête’, an annual literary festival.


1. ‘Traditions et transitions: Les arts du spectacle en Inde du nord médiévale’ an edited translation of an article by Dr. Madhu Trivedi in Rencontre avec l’Inde, tome 33, no. 2, 2004.

Courses Taught:

B.A. – French through communicative approach (oral and written), Initiation to Translation

M.A. – Rhetoric and Composition, General Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Introduction to Translation – Theory and Practice (I & II), Literary Translation, Translation of Indian Literary Works in French, Specialised Terminology of International Conferences

M.Phil –Methodology of Research and Teaching of Translation, Methodology of Research

Invited Talks:

‘Traduction: théorie et pratique’ University of Rajasthan, 16th December 2006

‘Traduire un texte littéraire : pistes de réflexion’ University of Rajasthan, 18th December 2006

‘Pour une pédagogie de la traduction’ 11th September 2006, at the First Refresher Course in Foreign Languages, J.N.U

‘Traduction littéraire : défis et délices’ 13th September 2006, at the First Refresher Course in Foreign Languages, J.N.U

‘Initiation à la traduction’, University of Rajasthan, December 2005

‘Traduction pragmatique et traduction littéraire’, University of Rajasthan, December 2005

‘The Politics of Translation with special regard to translating from French into English and other Indian languages’ at Jamia Milia University, 5th Refresher Course for teachers of English, September 2005

‘Gender and Translation’ at Jamia Milia University, Refresher Course for teachers of English, November 2002

Association Membership:

1. Indian Association of Teachers of French

2. Association of Indian Teachers of French

3. Indian Association of Canadian Studies

4. Indian Association of Commonwealth Literature & Language Studies