Who we are?

We are a bunch of people who are enjoying playing with molecules, lasers and computers...

We are a group of (current) members:

Sobhan Sen (group leader)
Moirangthem Kiran Singh
Mohammad Firoz Khan
Him Shweta
Deb Kumar Khatua
Kavita Yadav


What we do?

Currently our group is involved in following research areas.
Ultrafast Dynamcs in DNA

We apply steady-state and time- resolved (fluorescence) techniques and Molecular Dynamics simulation to study the dynamics of water and ions in-and-around DNA from femtoseconds to nanoseconds.

Molecular Interactions in DNA
Applying fluorescence correlation spectroscopy we study the DNA-ligand interactions at (near) single molecule to understand the kinetic pathways of these interactions.
Study of Bio-mimetic Systems
Currently our group is also involved in studying the size and size-distributions as well as dynamics of bio-mimetic systems like micelles and reverse-micelles/ microemulsions using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.
Dynamics and Molecular Interactions in Lipid bilayer/Vesicles
Recently we started to explore the static and dynamic properties of lipid bilayer /membranes using steady-state, time- resolved and correlation fluorescence spectroscopy as well as MD simulation.


  • Vikas has succesfully defended his M.Sc. Project in May, 2015
  • Sobhan delivered invited talk in NSRP-2015, IIT Kanpur (March 9 - 11, 2015)
  • Sobhan delivered invited talk in IBS-2015, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi (February 14 - 17, 2015)
  • Sobhan delivered invited talks in FCS-2014, IISER Pune (December 15 - 22, 2014)
  • Sobhan delivered invited talk in FICS-2014, IIT Guwahati (December 4 - 6, 2014)
  • Sobhan is appointed as Associate Professor in the School of Physical Sciences, JNU in August, 2014
  • Nibedita moved to Bowling Green State University, Ohio in May, 2014 to work with Prof. H. Peter Lu as a Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Shweta received best poster prize in LCMB 2014, IIT Kharagpur (February 24-25, 2014)
  • Sobhan delivered invited talk in LCMB 2014, IIT Kharagpur ( February 24-25, 2014)
  • Sobhan delivered invited talk in DCCBS-2014, IIT Kanpur (February 13-15, 2014)
  • Sobhan delivered invited talk in NSP-2013, Jadavpur University, Kolkata (December 12-14, 2013)
  • Nibedita succesfully defended her Ph.D thesis on December 3, 2013
  • Sobhan delivered invited talks in FCS-2013, IISc and JNCASR, Bangalore (November 24-28, 2013)
  • Nibedita submitted her Ph.D thesis on July 19, 2013
  • Sachin moved to University of South Carolina, USA in April, 2013 to work with Prof. Mark Berg as a postdoctoral fellow.
  • Sachin successfully defended his Ph.D thesis on December 19, 2012
  • Sobhan delivered invited talk in FCS-2012 at SINP, Kolkata (December 3-7, 2012)
  • Sobhan received Asian and Ocianian Photochemistry Association (APA) Prize for Young Scientist - 2012 in Osaka University, Japan.