Dr. Saumitra Mukherjee                                          
Professor (Geology & Remote sensing), School of Environmental sciences,
J.N.U., New Delhi-110067
Phone: +91-11-26704312, 26187631®, 9313908512 (Mobile)
Fax: +91-11-26704312 
Email  :
saumitra@mail.jnu.ac.in, saumitramukherjee3@gmail.com , dr.saumitramukherjee@usa.net

Website: http://www.jnu.ac.in/Faculty/smukherjee

Broad area of Specialization

Earth Observation Applications for Water Resources Assessment and Management (Remote sensing and GIS applications in Ground water Exploration, Rainwater Harvesting, Early warning of Natural Hazards and its relation with Water resources(Tornado, Cyclone, Earthquake, Tsunami, Snowfall, Forest Fire). Research guidance and publications in the following areas Monitoring, analyzing, and quantifying components of the water cycle Monitoring/Modeling real or near-real time surface and/or subsurface hydrological processes Analyzing interactions of land surface and atmospheric processes Investigating wetland dynamics Monitoring, forecasting and managing flooding and droughts Monitoring land use/cover change and impact on hydrological processes Determining effects of human activities on both the quantity and quality of water Developing products for use in integrated water resources management .

Used Satellite data: IRS, LANDSAT, SPOT (INDIA, UK, and AFRICA), IRS (INDIA), RESOURSESAT and LIDAR Data (UK), SOHO data of Sun-Earth Environment.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Life Member, European Space Agency, Netherlands.
  • Life Member, European Geosciences Union, Germany.
  • Life Member, SOC, JPL/CALTECH/NASA, USA.
  • Life Member, European Fleet For Airborne Research, France
  • Life Member AIAA, USA
  • Life Member, Canadian Remote sensing Society, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Associate Member,GEOCHANGE,UK
  • Life Member, Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Dehradun.
  • Life Member, Indian Association of Hydrology, Roorkee.
  • Executive Fellow (Earth Sciences-India) http://www.earthscienceindia.info/executive_comittee.php
  • Commonwealth Fellow (Geology), UK
  • Life Member, American Geophysical Union, USA


  • PDF:  (Commonwealth Fellow). Remote sensing applications in Water resources, Earth & Ocean Sciences, The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.
  • Ph.D: Geology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (Collaboration with IIRS)
  • PhD Topic (Geology & Geochemistry of Pegmatites and Associated Rocks of Jorasemar and Sapahitola Area District Bihar with special reference to Applications of Remote Sensing Techniques in Exploration of Natural Resources) September 1989, 365 Pages
  • M.Sc.: Geology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 1st Div
  • B.Sc. : Geology, Botany, Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 1st Div
  • PGD: Environment & Ecology, IIEE, New Delhi., 1st Div
  • Certificate: Remote Sensing & GIS, RRSSC, IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal
  • Certificate: Groundwater Exploration and Management, CGWB, Govt.of India.


  • 2006-till date-Professor (Geology & Remote sensing) SES/JNU
  • 2004-2005.Visiting Professor, Earth& Ocean Sciences, The University of Liverpool,UK
  • 1998-2006-Associate Professor(Remote sensing) SES/JNU
  • 1992-1998 Assistant Professor (Remote sensing)SES/JNU New Delhi
  • 1989-1992: Scientist-C, Remote Sensing Applications Center, UP, Lucknow.
  • 1985-1989: Hydrogeologist (STA) Central Ground Water Board, Calcutta.
  • 1983-1985: JRF (Geology), Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Achievements Honors and Awards:

Peer Recognition and Achievements

  • Received prestigious grant from NASA on Influence of Sun and other cosmic factors on environment of the space around Earth.” ASIAN OFFICE (JAPAN) OF AEROSPACE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT UNIT (NASA) USA.2007-2008
  • Advisor (Water Resources), International Foundation for Science, Stockholm, Sweden. (2006...till date)
  • Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun (2001.till date)
  • Selected Rainwater Harvesting Sites and successful test groundwater drilling sites (1992-1996) in JNU. Implemented water resource management through UPOE (UGC) project. Selected 7 sites for groundwater exploration in JNU which yielded 25000-35000 Liter per hour of groundwater (2006-2008).These natural resources are for future use of JNU. University has saved money as 15% rebate in water tax based on successful rainwater harvesting and stopped buying water from other sources as it was done earlier.
  • Scientific way of Integrated Water Resource Management was done in 2004 in RR Hospital, New Delhi Ministry of Defense, through DST project. .
  • Expert Member, DST, GOI, sponsored National Project “Creation of real time monitoring 3D GIS for City Zone Delhi”. This project will identify Disaster prone and unauthorized areas (MCD) of Delhi for development of Master Plan.
  • Expert Member, Selection Committee, NCR Planning Board, New Delhi (1999 onwards)
  • Expert Member, Selection Committee, DTRL, Defense Ministry, (2000 onwards)
  • Expert Member, ISM Dhanbad
  • Expert Member, IP University, Delhi

Courses Offered:

M.Sc: Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics (Initiated the course in SES) (2 credits), Water Resources (2 credits), Hydrology (2 credits), and Earth Processes (2 credits).
M.Phil: Remote sensing Applications in Geosciences (Initiated the course) (3 credits), Physical Environment (2 credits), Analytical Techniques (3 credits).

Course/Curriculum development

  1. Initiated the course on Sustainable Geosciences (2012) for Universities and IIT's in association of  GSI and CGWB for development of the subject and future job prospect of M.Sc. students of Geology and Environmental Sciences in India. http://www.portal.gsi.gov.in/gsiDoc/pub/minutes_6th_cgpb_com_xii.pdf 
  1. Initiated and developed New M.Sc course Remote sensing in SES/JNU in 1992.Revised the course as Remote sensing and Geoinformatics in 2011.
  2. Initiated and developed New M.Phil course (Remote sensing applications in Geosciences) in SES/JNU, revised the course in 2010.
  3. Invited Member of UGC Model Curriculum of Geology in Indian Universities (2001).
  4. Participated in the National Lexicographic initiative to develop and write a dictionary of Geology and Remote sensing words from English to Hindi with Prof.P.S. Sakhlani Director of Rajbhasha Ayog (Ex-Professor of Geology, Delhi University, Ex-VC, HNB University Srinagar) in 1994.
  5. Initiated Sustainable Geosciences curriculum covering Applied Geology curriculum (Area II) of School of Environmental Sciences Jawaharlal Nehru University http://mines.nic.in/writereaddata/Filelinks/9f42485a_Document1.pdf approved by Ministry of Mines, Geological Survey of India and Central Groundwater Board, Ministry of Water Resources Government of India, http://www.employmentnews.gov.in/education_and_employment_opportunities_in_geology.asp . All students of M.Sc Environmental Sciences who has taken the Applied Geology courses of SES JNU are eligible to apply for the position of Geologist and Hydrogeologist examination being organized by Union Public Service Commission.
  6. Developed the Curriculum and organized invited lectures as a convener of JNU s 1st Refreshers course on Disaster Management sponsored by University Grants Commission in 2013. http://www.jnu.ac.in/asc/Schedule.htm

PhD Guidance

  1. Kamaleshwar Pratap(1997).Environmental and Georesources assessment in a part of Son valley India, using Remote sensing and GIS techniques Ph.D Degree working as Head GIS in Kampsax India Limited,Noida.
  2. S.K.Yadav (1997)Management of Degraded soil for sustainable development using remote sensing techniques & GIS in South Delhi (Working as Reader Environmental Management in Chowdhury Charan Singh University Meerut,UP.
  3. Pramod Kumar Singh (1999).Natural Resources management for Sustainable Development of Delhi using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques awarded to Dr.Pramod Kumar Singh in 1999, (Working as Professor in Institute of Rural Management, Anand, Gujarat)
  4. Rajeev Kumar Jaisawal (1999).Natural resources evaluation using Remote sensing and geographic information system -A case study of a part of Son Watershed, Madhya Pradesh". Working as Scientist SF in ISRO, Headquarter, Bangalore.
  5. Abdul Azeem (2000).Environmental Impact Analysis of Vijaywada Thermal Power Station with respect to land use pattern of the area of Vijaywada using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques. Working as GIS Expert in CES, New Delhi.
  6. Anup Kumar Das (2002).Landuse/Landcover pattern analysis and natural resource management using remote sensing and GIS techniques Working as Scientist D in SAC, Ahmedabad (Associated in Chandrayan -1).
  7. Promod Kumae (2003).Microzonation of Environmentally stressed areas, due to Air and Water pollution in Delhi, using Remote sensing and GIS techniques awarded to. Working as Scientist Ministry of Defence GOI.
  8. Bir Abhimanyu Kumar (2005).Remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) based integrated study in a part of coastal West Bengal for natural resource management . (Working as Regional Director, IGNOU, New Delhi)
  9. Seemant Singh Rajput (2009)Natural resource management in Rawanda Africa (Co-guide with Prof.R.K.Trivedi of Geology Department, Sagar University, (Working as Exploration Geologist in Reliance India Limited)
  10. Satyanarayan Shashtri (2010)awarded PhD on "Water resource management in NCR region by Remote sensing GIS and geophysical techniques. Working with me as Research Associate in ISRO-GSI sponsored Lineament Mapping Project.
  11. Chander Kumar Singh (2011). Awarded PhD on Groundwater Exploration and Its Geochemical Assessment in Western Rajasthan: Computational Intelligence Approach for Remote Sensing, GIS & Geophysical Application and selected as Assistant Professor in TERI University
  12. Kumar Rina (2011) Assessment of groundwater resources in Sabarmati river basin, Gujarat-A remote sensing and GIS approach'. Awarded PhD thesis working in ISRO-GSI sponsored project in my Lab. Awarded Young Scientist award of DST for 2012
  13. Prabir Mukherjee (2011). Identification of Geological Structures and their roles on the Ground Water Regime of Kachchh District, Gujarat, India, Awarded. Working as Remote sensing Scientist Tata Consultancy Services, New Delhi.
  14. Vijay Veer (2011). Neural Networking for water resource management in Hindon basin. Working as Scientist-E in NIC, Planning Commission, Govt.of India
  15. Bindu Kumari (2012). Geochemical assessment of groundwater quality in hard rock terrain of Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, (submitted in July 2012), working as Scientist in FCI, Govt. of India.
  16. Amit Singh (2012). Influence of Seismotectonics on Groundwater (to be (submitted in July 2012) PhD to be awarded.
  17. Ravi Pratap Singh (2013). Identification of Hydrogeomorphological structures and their role on Groundwater regime in Western Assam". To be submitted, Selected as Scientist in NRSC, Department of Space, Govt.of India.
  18. Vikas Kamal . Hydrogeomorphological study in a part of the upper Gangatic floodplain. Assisted Ganga Basin Geomorphology Project. To be submitted in 2014.

    (Besides these guided 7 M.Phil theses, and 29 M.Sc Dissertations 7 PhD students are registered presently).

Books Published

  1. Mukherjee, S. (2006). Earthquake Prediction. Published by Brill Academic Publishers Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden (The Netherlands) & Boston (USA). ISBN-10: 90 6764 450 1 and ISBN-13 (i) 978 9067644 50 www.brill.nl/default.aspx?partid=10&mcid=8&pid=25855
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    New Concepts In Global Tectonics December 2006 ID LINDLEY, G SCALERA - quake.exit.com)

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Chapter in Books

  1. Mukherjee, S., J.B.D Pradeep Kumara and C.K.Singh (2012). Remote Sensing Applications to Infer Yield of Tea in a Part of Sri Lanka Chapter IV in Book Crop Improvement Under Adverse Conditions Tuteja, Narendra; Gill, Sarvajeet Singh (Eds.)(Springer, New York)2012, 438 p. 74 illus., 51 in color.ISBN 978-1-4614-4632-3
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Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

  1. C.K.Singh, Kumari Rina, R.P Singh and Saumitra Mukherjee (2013). Geochemical characterization and heavy metal contamination of groundwater in Satluj River Basin, Environmental Earth Sciences(Springer).
    http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs12665-013-2424-x March 2013 IF:1.059
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Published in articles in Popular Journals

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International and National Conference/Seminar Publications International Conference/Seminar 

  1. A.Singh, R.Kumar and Saumitra Mukherjee (2012).Aseesment of morphotectonic influence on hydrological environment in vicinity of an active fault system-remote sensing and GIS integrated approach.GSA Annual meeting and Exposition gsa-2012AM-9628-5121-5065-7613Paper #210778,4-7 November 2012, California, USA https://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2012AM/dis/papers/index.cgi?username=210778&password=693910
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National Conference/seminar

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Refreshers Course Lectures: 

Besides lectures in Refreshers courses in JNU delivered Refreshers course lectures in 2010 as following:

Mukherjee,S. (2012). Geoinformatics for Computer Sciences,Refreshers course on 16th July 2012 Academic Staff College, JNU (Invited resource person  for Computer Sciences,JNU)

Mukherjee S. (2011). Geology and Remote sensing. Refreshers course in Geology, Department of Geology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 15th January 2011.

Mukherjee,S.(2011). Remote Sensing and GIS applications in Environmental Sciences. Academic Staff College Computer Sciences Lecture. 20th September 2011 JNU, New Delhi

Mukherjee. S.(2010). Space Environment Viewing and Analysis Network in JNU.

Interdisciplinary Refreshers course in Physics and Electronics, Department of Physics & Astrophysics, University of Delhi. 25th December 2010

 List of Project  

  1. S.Mukherjee P.I. Selection of Check dam sites and groundwater exploration points in JNU. IRS and SPOT satellite data was used and checked by resistivity and magnetic methods.(Initiated the work in 1993 Support by CGWB,MOWR, 1995-1999)

  2. S.Mukherjee P.I. Re-evaluation of Seismogenic potentiality of Delhi Rohtak area by using satellite data and geophysical investigations.   IRS satellite data was used to do Seismic Microzonation of Delhi-Rohtak area. Supported by Accelerometer survey in suitable locations selected by remote sensing methods. Supported by ESS, DST, 1996 - 1998

  3. S.Mukherjee P.I. Oceansat-1 Data Evaluation, Space Applications Center, ISRO, Ahemedabad, India 1998-1999

  4. S.Mukherjee P.I. Blue print of water resource management in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal by satellite remote sensing, Analysis of satellite data for land suitability analysis for qualitative and quantitative estimation of ground water resources. Supported by Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal, 1998 – 2000.

  5. S.Mukherjee P.I. Water Resource Management in RR Hospital area, New Delhi by using satellite data and geophysical investigations,   IRS PAN and LISS III data were merged to infer suitable locations for artificial recharge and ground water exploration. This project was funded by NRDMS,DST, Government of India, 2004 (Short term project).

  6. S.Mukherjee P.I. Sun-Earth Connection,   Sun-Earth geophysical and heliophysical changes influences the Environment of the earth.NASA -ESA sponsored academic prfessionals project (represented India).,   1998- 2007

  7. S.Mukherjee P.I. Restoration of Ecosystem in densely populated areas of UK and India for groundwater exploration and artificial recharge through satellite remote sensing. Sponsored by European Space Agency (Italy), 2004-2007

  8. S.Mukherjee P.I. S.Mukherjee P.I. Interpretation of IRS Satellite data to infer Landuse of Punjab and RajasthanDefense Terrain Research Laboratory Ministry of Defense Project, 2005-2006

  9. S.Mukherjee P.I. Delineation of thematic layers using IRS-1D LISS III satellite Data for Delhi, Punjab, M.P, Bihar and W.B.NIC, Department of Information Technology, Government of India, 2005-2006

  10. S.Mukherjee P.I. Rooftop rainwater Harvesting, Check Dams and New sites for Groundwater exploration in JNU campusUse of Satellite data and Geophysical techniques are being used for selection of sites.  UPOE /UGC 2005-2007.

  11. S.Mukherjee P.I. Estimation of Cotton growing areas and yield in Bhatinda District and adjoining areas of Punjab by using multi-spectral Satellite data, Estimation of Cotton growing areas and yield in Bhatinda District and adjoining areas of Punjab by using multi-spectral Satellite data and Groundwater optimization. DST, Government of India, 2006-2008.

  12. S.Mukherjee P.I. “Influence of Sun and other cosmic factors on environment of the space around Earth.” ASIAN OFFICE (JAPAN)OF AEROSPACE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT UNIT (NASA) USA.2007-2011

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Guest Editor: Geocarto International (Remote sensing Applications in Geosciences) Taylor & Francis (2011-2012)

Reviewer of Journals

  1. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Taylor & Francis. UK.
  2. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Elsevier. Amsterdam
  3. Journal of Indian Society of Remote sensing, Dehradun, India.
  4. Journal of Spatial Hydrology,USA.

Convenor/Organiser of the following Workshop/Conferences/Meetings 

  1. Convener: Rainwater harvesting and Ground water, 3rd World Water Forum 2003 Kyoto, Osaka and Shiga, JAPAN.
  2. Convener: Implementing Integrated Water Resource Management 4th World Water Forum 2006 Mexico City.
  3. Convener: Environmental flow requirements, Hydrological Sciences 1st EGU General Assembly European Geosciences Union 25-30 April 2004 NICE. France.
  4. Convener: Sun-earth connection triggers Earthquakes, Seismology, EGU general Assembly. European Geosciences Union, 24-29 April 2005 Vienna Austria.
  5. Convener: Integrating methods for water resources management, Hydrological Sciences, EGU general Assembly. European Geosciences Union 2-7 April 2006 Vienna Austria.
  6. Convener: Sun-earth connection triggers Earthquakes, Seismology, EGU general Assembly. European Geosciences Union, 2-7 April 2006 Vienna Austria.
  7. Convener: Earth and Space sciences informatics, AGU Joint Assembly, Acapulco, Mexico, 22-25 May 2007.

Other contribution for my own organization (JNU) 

  1. 1. As Faculty Advisor to the Vice Chancellor JNU on Water Resource Management (1994 to 2008) Selected groundwater exploration sites, Artificial recharge sites and Integrated Water Resource Management for JNU by using satellite data and geophysical methods. In 1994 initiated Ground water drilling in the campus successfully. Further in 2005-2006-2007-2008 selected 8 sites utilizing Magnetic, Resistivity and Satellite data, the discharge was very good in all these Tube wells drilled so far (20,000 LPH to 40,000 LPH with less than 10 meter drawdown). The University is totally depending on this water during no supply of MCD.
  2. Helped Campus Development committee since 1992 and JNUTA in scientific planning by using DEM Satellite data for the expansion of JNU campus.