Faculty Profile


Name : Manoj  Pant
Designation : Professor
Centre/School/Special Centre : Centre for International Trade and Development
School of International Studies
Room No : 132
Off. Phone : 26704343
Residence :
Email : manojp@jnu.ac.in   mpant101@gmail.com
Personal webpage : http://www.jnu.ac.in/Faculty/mpant


Ph.D. (Economics)  

Areas of Interest/Specialization

International Trade, WTO, Competition Policy 


Teaching for last 35 years  

Awards & Honours


International Collaboration/Consultancy

1. Jan- June 1994-- Project on "FDI in India: A Comparative Study", prepared for a USAID sponsored project.

2. June-Dec.1995-- Project on "An Alternative Strategy of Development for North-East India", sponsored by International Development Research Council for India (IDRC), Canada.

3. May, 1996-May, 1997. Project on "Research Priority Setting in Forestry Research", World Bank-ICFRE, India.

4. April-May,2001- Socio-Economic Evaluation of Forestry Projects, ICFRE-World Bank, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India 

Best Peer Reviewed Publications (upto 5)

1. Terms of Trade, Welfare and Growth in an Open Monetary Economy-- Economic Record, June 1982.

2. A financial Model of the Multinational Corporation-- Indian Economic Review, Dec. 1989.

3. Internal Liberalisation and Entry in a General Equilibrium Model with Oligopoly, Vol.32,No.2, Kieo Economic Studies, 1996

4. "Exchange Rates, Trade Balance and Unemployment: A Producer Theory Approach", with Prof. S.K.Das, Journal of Asian Economics, v8, 1997.

5. Measuring Market Imperfection in the Manufacturing Sector: A Case Study of India (with S.K.Das), Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, vol. 15, No.1., March 2006  

Recent Peer Reviewed Journals/Books (upto 3)

1. Financial Intermediation and Employment--- with P. Roy Chowdhury and Gurbachan Singh--- Review of Market Integration, vol. 1. ,no. 1, Jan-April, 2009.

2. "Does Regionalism Hinder Multilateralism: A Case Study of India”, with Amit Sadhukhan, Journal of Economic Integration, v.24, no.2, June, 2009

3. "Corporate Governance, Competition and Firm Performance: Evidence from India”, with M. Pattanayak, Journal of Emerging market Finance, v.9,no.3, December, 2010. 

Patents (if any)