Faculty Profile


Name : Ram  Ramaswamy
Designation : Professor
Centre/School/Special Centre : School of Physical Sciences
Room No : 222
Off. Phone : 26741910
Residence : 2674 1109 / 9871985820
Email : r.ramaswamy@mail.jnu.ac.in   
Personal webpage : http://nldsps.jnu.ac.in



Areas of Interest/Specialization

Nonlinear Science, Systems and Computational Biology 



Awards & Honours

Fellow of INSA, IASc and TWAS 

International Collaboration/Consultancy


Best Peer Reviewed Publications (upto 5)

1. Characterisation of inactivation domains and evolutionary strata in Human X chromosome through Markov segmentation
A Kelkar, Vivek Thakur, R Ramaswamy, and D Deobagkar
PLoS One 2009; 4(11): e7885.

2. Scenarios for generalized synchronization with chaotic driving
T Umeshkanta Singh, A Nandi and R Ramaswamy
Physical Review E (Rapid Communication) 2008; 78: 025205-1–4

3. Amplitude death in the absence of time–delays in identical coupled oscillators
R Karnatak, R Ramaswamy, and A Prasad
Physical Review E (Rapid Communication) 2007; 76: 035201-1–4  

Recent Peer Reviewed Journals/Books (upto 3)


Patents (if any)