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प्रतिपुष्टि / Feedback

The academic atmosphere at HRDC, JNU is quite favourable.
The resource persons are well competent and their talks are quite enriching and are really a good learning experience.
The course structure are designed as per to the relevant fields.
The course /programme are framed in such a way that it opened up our minds to some interdisciplinary/cross disciplinary perspectives as well
while widening our stock knowledge in more than one ways.

The programme has really equipped us to become better teacher/administrator by improving our thinking, knowledge, communication and expressions skills.
Most of the resource persons are friendly and open to discussion.
Availibility of the course coordinators and the staff throught the course and incorporating changes as per the participants' need is appreceable.

Areas to improve

The schedule can be flexible because sessions from 9:30 - 5.00 are quite tight and exhaustive.
Feild trips to Heritage places/ Government organisations like parliament can be arranged.
More number of interactive sessions/activity sessions can be included
The programme may be designed to guide teachers to develop the social, moral, cutural, ethical values among students for grooming better citizens by their overall

Hostel facility can be improved.

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