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पुस्तकालय / Library

UGC - HRDC, JNU Library established in 1988 is well stocked with books of varied subjects and is a knowledge hub of all disciplines of Science & Social Science.

It is located on the first floor of HRDC Room No. 101.Presently the library has a total of 4146 books (Purchased and gifted books). It provides quality services to all the participants of various courses by issuing two library tickets individually, one to access central library and other for HRDC library use.

How to access HRDC and Central Library:
Participants can access both the HRDC Library and Central Library materials/resources physically, as well as Online anywhere within the campus by links.

The main motto of library is to satisfy all the users by providing right information to the right person at right time.

For Feedback, Queries and Suggestions please contact:
Dr. R. Duraipandi
Assistant Librarian

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