Associate Dean of Students-I

Umesh Ashok Kadam
Prof. Umesh Ashok Kadam
Associate Dean of Students-I
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110 067, India

Off. : + 91-11-26704575
Email: ;

• Hostel allotment including dormitories, SR/TR/NR status, hostel transfer, mutual exchange
• Yamuna Hostel allotment, Yamuna hostel sub-committee
• Yamuna hostel management committee
• Subansir MRSH allotment, Grievances Committee
• Mahanadi SRU-allotment to hostel seats to Casual students
• Shipra Qx allotment to GSP students of CSSS/SSS
• All hostel residents matters /GSCASH and Proctorial issues
• Damodar Hostel
• Deployment and transfer of all hostel office staff (office i/c, Cashier & Caretaker)
• Review of existing pattern of office staff in hostels/IHA office
• Review of sports activities through SAC including monitoring the Yoga teaching and training
• Any other matter referred by the DoS


Office of the Dean of Students

Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110067
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