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December 2016


From the Director

Greetings. We are now reaching the end of the semester and already looking back at many events and a fulfilling 2016 Fellowship programme.

Since the last newsletter, three more Fellows joined us – Dr. Tara Prakash Tripathy, Prof. Isabel Karremann, and Prof. Bandana Purkayastha. We also had a JNIAS GIAN Distinguished Fellow, Prof Moshe Ma'oz. Our Fellows' Seminars were informative, insightful and as popular as ever.

The workshop on translating disability, "Translating Disability Across Cultures: The Translation and Representation of Disability in the Modern Indian Short Story", was a huge success with participants from all around India. The hall was packed throughout the three days and the workshop is going to result in two publications, one on Translation Theory and the other consisting translated short stories. Our thanks to Dr. Someshwar Sati, Kirorimal College, University of Delhi and our collaborators, the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS).

November saw a conference at JNIAS on Material Culture in pre-colonial India held in collaboration with the Centre for Historical Studies, JNU. This was again a resounding success with a dozen international historians engaging with the subject in what was a hugely informative and enlightening exchange of sources, ideas and analyses.

As announced in the last newsletter we are collaborating with IIAS Leiden and Ambedkar University to hold a roundtable and seminar on "Heritage and Infrastructure in the City" from 16th to 20th December. As part of the series of events, the first day of the seminar on "Basic Urban Services in Delhi: Citizens, State/Policy and Politics" will be held on 19th December at JNIAS.

It is good to see many former Fellows reaching out to the institute and keeping us informed of their work. We look forward to hearing from more alumni of the institute.

Please do circulate this  newsletter so that many more scholars access our webpage (http://www.jnu.ac.in/JNIAS/) and apply for our Fellowship programme. In case of any queries regarding the institute or our Fellowships please write to the Director of JNIAS(jnias@jnu.ac.in).

My term as Director of JNIAS is coming to an end this month and January will see a new Director at the Institute, Prof Ajay Kumar Dubey, from JNU's School of International Studies, who will be taking over from me at the end of the month.

I must thank all the Fellows who have made JNIAS a vibrant place for exchange of ideas, for critical creativity, and for simply good fellowship. The Fellows have connected with the university community at large and initiated new networks during their time here. This term has been educative for me and the Fellows' Seminars, my interaction with them and various other events here have left me intellectually enriched.

I must record my appreciation for the office staff – Mr. S.S. Rawat, Mr. Nanda Ballabh, and Mr. Ravi Kumar – who took care of most of the burden of running the institute. A big thanks to Ms. Ritu Nidhi, our webmaster, for her untiring support. Thanks are also due to the student volunteers who made everything possible – Siddhartha Chakraborti, Anurima Chanda, Somrita Urni Ganguly, and Shubra Dubey.

I must also grateful to the eminent members of the two Advisory Committees that I interacted with during my term, especially to the members from outside JNU -- Dr Ashok Vajpayi, Ambassador Salman Haidar, and Prof M Asaduddin -- without whose support we could not have strengthened the Fellowship programme and ensured the smooth running of the Institute. My thanks are also due to the University Administration, especially to the two Rectors who chaired the Advisory Committee during my term -- Prof Sudha Pai, and Prof Chintamani Mahapatra.

Wishing all JNIAS Fellows, past and present, the best and hoping to see JNIAS grow from strength to strength building global networks of knowledge

GJV Prasad

    New Fellows who Joined Us

Prof. Bandana Purkayastha

Prof. Dr. Isabel Karremann

Dr. Tara Prakash Tripathi

Prof. Dr. Moshe Ma'oz

    From Former Fellows

Anna Bochkovskaya


Sachi G. Dastidar


Eunan O'Halpin


Andres Lazzarini


Fellows' Seminars:

Water, Inequalities, Rights by Bandana Purkayastha

"That deadly beast Oblivion": Written memory, political authority and forgetting as a strategy of resistance in Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 1 by Isabel Karremann

Music, Consciousness and Anthropology by Felix Padel

Literacy and the Disabling of the Blind: the (in)Visible Impact of "the Technologizing of the Word" by Tara Prakash Tripathi

Daya Krishna: A Very Short Introduction by Daniel Raveh

In Praise of Failure: from the Gnostics to Cioran by Costica Bradatan

Drinking coffee in Anatolia and Istanbul: Evidence from the early modern period by Suraiya Faroqhi

Talk organised by JNIAS and the Australian High Commission:

The Authority of the Imagination – can writers write about anything? by Frank Moorhouse

Workshops and Seminars :

Material Culture in Pre-Colonial India

Translating Disability Across Cultures: The Translation and Representation of Disability in Modern Indian Short Stories


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