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General Body Meeting Notice

Following the programme there will be a GBM to discuss the following :

1. Status report since February 2005.
2. New Faculty Club
3. Associate membership.
4. Any other item

The JNU FC EC has already called upon the Vice Chancellor and the Dean of Students to discuss various sports and culture related issues. Both have been sympathetic to the following requests –

  • JNU needs to recognise the sports, cultural, social and recreational needs of its faculty members as an integrated and inherent part of our social life on the campus. This especially because JNU is a residential university.

  • To include the following in its fundamental charter or any such document “JNU recognises the specific social i.e. cultural, sports and recreational needs of its faculty members and shall do the needful to ensure a better social life by way of encouraging, supporting and providing adequate help for providing cultural, sports and recreational facilities for its faculty members.”

  • To Install a multi gym / fitness centre for Faculty ( space to be provided by the University).

  • To increase the annual grant of Rs. 10,000 per annum to Rs. 30,000 given the increased number of activities.

  • To ear mark a separate budget head for such needs in the annual University budget. This needs to be different from existing sports budget earmarked only for the students.

  • To construct 4 children’s parks in 4 khands along with 3 play areas in 3 Transit Houses.

  • To reserve sports facilities by way of reserving separate time slots for the faculty members. Most of us have problem sharing sports facilities with the students due to difference in fitness level. Lady faculty members and spouses will benefit from such a move.

  • To shift the Provost office form JNU faculty Centre. This room could be used for a Faculty Gym.

  • SPECIAL REQUEST Since the current faculty social, cultural, recreational and sports facilities are extremely meager, a proposal has been submitted to the Vice Chancellor for a new Faculty club to be constructed with the following facilities –


  •  An out door tennis court.

  •  A children’s play area.

  •  A swimming pool.

  •  A lawn/ landscape garden

  •  A party hall.

  •  An indoor badminton court.

  •  An indoor table tennis room.

  •  A 400 seat auditorium

  •  A multi gym

  •  A yoga room.

  •  A chess and carom room.

  •  A pool table

  •  A restaurant and a dining area.

  •  A reading room

    General Body Meeting

    The JNUFC General Body resolved the following on 15th August 2005:

    1. Presenting the calendar of events for 2005-2006 : The GB approved the following calendar of events:

    January - Cricket match for Faculty members till 2 pm followed by a Cricket match for the Faculty Children and parallel sporting events for younger children.

    February - An excursion ( details to be  worked out)

    March - An evening of cultural programme.

    April – Story writing, poetry recital, debate, declamation contest etc.

    May - Summer creative workshops-Music, Dance, Painting and Theatre.

    June- Same as above.

    July - same as above.

    August - on 15th August , an afternoon of sporting and recreational activities.

    September - Table Tennis Tournament + Badminton Tournament

    October - An evening of cultural programme.

    November - JNUFC Annual Sports Day around 14th November Children's Day along with a fete. This will be a day long activity.

    December -

    Apart from these listed activities, JNUFC will try to organise excursions, walks, lectures, picnics other such activities from time to time. Members may also send their request to JNUFC EC.

    2. Permanent office cum premises of JNUFC - The GB was apprised of the difficulties that the JNUFC is currently facing with regard to a permanent office. Since its inception, JNUFC had its office in Aravalli Guest House. However, upon completion of the Faculty Centre the JNUFC moved to JNU Faculty Centre but due to variety of reasons, it could neither establish  its office nor its activities in the Faculty Centre building. Ever since the current EC of JNUFC took over in February 2005,the JNUFC does not have any office and operates from the residence of its secretary.  

    At present, the JNU Faculty Centre houses JNUTA Conference Room, Faculty Centre Dining Room for the Faculty, SBI Extension Counter, a day Care Centre, Provost Office and Shambhu's Canteen.

    The JNUFC GB felt that the SBI JNU Extension counter should vacate the JNU Faculty Centre premises as soon as their own building is ready and JNUFC should take it over immediately after that. The JNUFC GB noted with concern that without a proper office of JNU FC and a reasonable amount of space, no recreational activities could be organised. It was of the view that the entire building should be used for  JNU Faculty Club and its activities.

    3. Dance, music, painting classes for Faculty children. The JNU FC would like to hold regular dance, music, painting, crafts etc. classes on regular basis for Faculty children at the Faculty Centre. Some resource persons in these fields have already approched the JNUFC regarding this. However, due to lack of space available, JNUFC is unable to host such activities. However, the GB felt that such activities should start as soon as the JNU Faculty Centre is handed over to JNU Faculty Club.  

    Meanwhile those who are already organising such activities at their individual initiative are requested to inform the JNUFC for the benefit of the larger JNU community. It was also resolved to request individual faculty members to volunteer their residences if they had any extra space for these kind of creative and recreational activities.

    4. Streamlining sports facilities for the Faculty:  A large number of JNU faculty and their family members are interested in sports but there is no regular sporting activity on JNU Campus exclusively for the Faculty. Whatever facility is there it is only for the students. JNUFC  General Body felt that all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports/ games such as - Football, cricket, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, swimming, chess, carom etc need to be promoted. The indoor games can not be provided as there is no space left for indoor games in the Faculty Centre.

    However, JNUFC will meanwhile find out what are the existing sporting facilities there on JNU Campus. Once prepared , such a list with all the sporting facilities and their timings will be notified to the JNU faculty Club members.

    5. Exploring the possibilities of a Faculty Gym: The JNUFC GB reiterated its keen interest in having a Faculty Gym on the Campus. The gym should be equipped with all modern facilities. JNU FC may approach the University for the required funds.

    The JNUFC GB also felt that the JNU Faculty Centre should house the gym.

    6. Construction of children parks/play areas for Faculty children on the campus: This is a long standing demand on the campus. In spite of having a large number of children, there is not a single children's park in the JNU campus. The JNUFC GB felt that all possibilities need to be explored to have children’s park. Given the vastness of the campus, the JNUFC GB felt that there should be at least 4 such parks for children. The JNUFC EC may identify suitable sites and approach the concerned authorities to expedite the creation of children’s parks on the campus.

    7. Revision of annual contributions of the members: JNU FC does not have enough financial resources to fund all its activities. Currently it has 190 members who pay Rs.150 annually. This contribution takes care of all the activities for all the members( spouses and children) of a Faculty member. Besides JNU also gives an annual grant of Rs.10,000.

    However, the money thus raised is insufficient for organising the year long above mentioned activities already proposed.

    In the light of the above, the JNUFC GB resolved to raise the annual contribution to Rs.300 per annum to be deducted in one installment directly from the salaries of the Faculty member.

    8. Review of membership procedure for the JNUFC: Currently all the members of the JNU faculty are not members of the JNUFC. Each member willing to become member of JNUFC needs to fill up a form giving his consent to become a member of JNUFC and authorising the Finance Dept. to deduct the annual contribution from the faculty members salary. This system has the following inconveniences -

    - JNUFC EC members need to chase JNU faculty members to become member of JNU FC. This is a complicated, time consuming and also not a very dignified process. 

    - Many old members retire and new faculty members join the University. For both the cases, the JNUFC has a lot of difficulty in keeping its membership list updated. Since the exit from JNUFC membership is automatic by way of superannuation and the entry to JNUFC is not automatic, the JNUFC keeps constantly losing its membership base.

    -The JNUFC has therefore never enough capital fund to develop its infrastructural facilities. Besides, the JNUFC also arranges for lunch, dinner or refreshments for its members and families. An activity that is becoming more and more expensive.

    In view of the above, the JNUFC GB resolved, in principle, 

    -that all the members of the University may become automatically members of JNUFC.

    -Any new faculty joining should become member of JNUFC at the time of joining.

    -However, If any Faculty member is unwilling to automatically join the JNUFC , he / she may do it simply by writing to JNUFC President or Secretary.

    9. In view of the increased expenditure, the University’s contribution needs to be increased proportionately.

    10. Any other item:

    - Auditing JNUFC accounts :Till date no auditing was done for JNUFC accounts. It was resolved to audit the JNUFC accounts from April 2006 onwards.

    - New Day Care Centre :JNU Faculty Centre has a day care centre. While appreciating the necessity of having a day care centre in the campus, the JNUFC GB felt that it has the following flaws

    i. Currently, the day care centre has only one big room. Children are kept inside this room from morning till evening. Children are not allowed to go out. This is an unhealthy way of keeping the children for such long hours..

    ii. There is no play area around the day care centre.

    iii. There is no garden where children can go out.

    iv. The Faculty Centre building has a canteen and also an office which attract a large number of people. This is not a very safe situation for the children.

    v. The Day care is located in a desolate area , away from the main residential complex.

    In view of the above, the JNUFC GB felt the following need to be done:

    i. Construct a proper separate building for the day care centre.

    ii. It should have a proper garden and a play area.

    iii. It should be ideally located in the residential area.

    iv. Once these facilities are provided, the day care centre may shift to such better facilities.

    -Proper Dining Facility at JNUFC :JNU FC GB felt there should be a proper dining facility for the Faculty. Presently, JNU Faculty Centre has Shambhu's Canteen. Shambhu may be provided an independent place, something like Ganga Dhaba at a convenient location. Once vacated, the Faculty Centre dining facility may be offered to a private party for developing the area and providing food and beverage to JNU faculty. The Faculty Centre roof may be developed for a roof top cafeteria.

    -Shifting the Provost office : Currently there is a provost office located in the JNU Faculty Centre. This is a pure aberration. The JNUFC is facing a severe space crunch and not being able to organise its activities. Therefore, the JNUFC GB felt that University should shift the provost office as early as possible. The space thus vacated may be used to house the JNU Faculty Gym.

    -Meeting the Vice Chancellor : The JNUFC GB suggested that the JNUFC EC along with other interested colleagues should meet the Vice Chancellor at the earliest to communicate to him the wishes and resolutions of the JNU FC.

    The GBM ended with a vote of thanks.


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