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Memorandum of Understanding Signed between Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) Mussoorie and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) New Delhi

On request from LBSNAA, Mussoorie, the Academy training the Civil Servants (IAS) for granting recognition to 02 years Masters Degree in Public Management Programme to trainees of the Indian Administrative Services was approved by the Academic Council and Executive Council of the University in its meeting on 30 October – 20 November, 2015 and 20 November, 2015 respectively.
Accordingly, a MoU has been signed on 07.01.2016 between Prof. S.K. Sopory, VC, JNU and Shri Rajeev Kapoor, Director, LBSNAA with the objective to establish framework for cooperative institutional relation to encourage and promote cooperation in the area of the capacity building of the public officials.

Both the parties will endeavor to carry out exchanges and cooperative activities under this MoU comprising of (a) award of degree of Masters in Public Management to Officer Trainees of the Indian Administrative Service; (b) the exchange of faculty in the areas of Public Administration, Law, Economics, Geography, Indian History & Culture, Political Science and International Relations; (c) exchange of best practices in the area of training and development; and (d) any other exchanges and cooperative activities that may be jointly decided upon by the Parties to further the objectives of this MoU.


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The Afghan Visiting Professor who served JNU for 13 years earlier, is back to the campus again

Professor A. K. Rashid, an eminent scholar of Pashto and Dari, served as Visiting Professor between 1995 to 2008 in the Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies and hadbeen instrumental in establishment of Pashto and Dari in the centre, has again joined the Centre in the same capacity after a gap of eight years. When he had joined, Pashto was taught just as a Certificate course, but due to his unfailing efforts it progressed to the advanced level teaching, and recently graduation classes of Pashto wereinitiated, a first in the country. Prof. Rashid's works are widely published and recognized in Afghanistan, Iran and India. He is a leading poet, story-writer and novelist of Afghanistan. Some of his works havealso been translated into Hindi and Urdu. He has also worked widely on the Indo-Afghan cultural relations, and has translated Sanskrit poet Kalidas's works Meghdut and Vikramorwasi into Pashto and Dari. National Hindi Directorate also completed its project of Hindi-Pashto Dictionary underhis supervision and guidance. Nonetheless, his most erudite works are Gandhi's Life and struggle and his Doctoral thesis on Iqbal and Afghanistan. During 2008 to 2014, while serving as the Cultural Councilor of Afghanistan in India, he successfully established healthy relations with different universities of India, and felicitated the admission of more than fifteen thousand students of various disciplines to different institutions of India. In the year 2012, he received the prestigious SAARC Literary Award in recognition of his contributions. He was also instrumental in establishing Hindi-Urdu department in the Nangarhar University, where more than two hundred students studying the languages. Mrs. AjitKaur, the noted Panjabi writer and the president of SAARC Foundation while giving away the award aptly summarizedhis works as having "done a significant job to introduce the Indian and Afghan Cultures to the people of the two countries."

Akhlaque Ahmed, Assistant Professor
Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies, SLL&CS

Prof. Sopory, VC, JNU, Inaugurates Remedial Classes for General Awareness at SLL & CS

Professor S. K. Sopory inaugurated the Third Batch of the Remedial Classes on General Awareness on September 02, 2015 in Room no 133 of SLL&CS New Building, JNU. The program was organized by CAAS/SLL&CS.

The Remedial classes on general awareness and subjects like Mathematics, Geography, General Science, English etc were started in 2012 by the center for students from weaker sections of the society especially for madrasa background students in order to qualify them in these subjects to help them join the mainstream and prepare better for future. The program is coordinated by Dr. Md. Akram Nawaz, Assistant Professor at the center. Dr. Akram introduced the objectives of the program, Prof. Mujeebur Rahman, Chairperson of CAAS thanked the volunteer students who have been teaching free of cost in a noble spirit of social service. Prof. Sopory in his speech lauded the center for such a useful capacity building program and said that the program served the vision and ideals of JNU of inclusive growth and capacity development of the weaker sections of students. The program was attended by faculty members of the centers besides teachers and students from many centers.

Mohd. Akram Nawaz
Assistant Professor
Centre of Arabic and African Studies, SLL&CS

World Arabic Language Day Celebrated in JNU

Center of Arabic & African Studies, JNU in collaboration with Embassy of Egypt in New Delhi and All India Association of Arabic Teachers and Scholars celebrated the World Arabic Language Day on December 18, 2015 in a colorful program attended by a large number of scholars, teachers and students. The United Nations observes the World Arabic Language Day every year on December 18, marking the day when Arabic was recognized as one of its official languages in 1973.

Introducing the program, Prof. Mujeebur Rahman, Chairperson of the Centre spoke about the objectives of the program and ways of improving the standards of Arabic teaching and learning in India. He also sought further support from Government of India and the Arab World for the promotion of the language.

Dean SLL&CS, JNU, Prof. Rekha Rajan chaired the function. Ambassadors of six Arab countries namely Egypt, UAE, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Embassy of the League of Arab States and high level diplomats of several countries attended the program. Delivering presidential remarks Prof. Rekha Rajan expressed her happiness at attending the magnificent program. She said that she was positively struck by the presence of ambassadors of six Arab countries and many other diplomats which spoke volumes about their concern for Arabic language. Earlier, inaugurating the program, Rector Professor Prasenjit Sen, lauded the efforts of CAAS in organizing such a big event which saw the presence of so many ambassadors, diplomats, students and teachers.

Chief Guest H.E. Hatem Tajeldin, Egypt's Ambassador to India spoke at length about India-Egypt relations and India's contribution to Arabic Language and literature. He also highlighted his embassy's constant endeavors to support academic and cultural programs in Indian universities. Guest of Honor Dr. Mohammad Salamawi, the well-known author and General Secretary of the Arab Writers' Union delivered the Key note address on the World of Naguib Mahfouz. Dr. Syed Hasnain Akhtar represented the All India Association of Arabic Teachers and Scholars on behalf of the president and spoke about the objectives and activities of the Association.

Urdu translation of Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz's classic novel "Al-Qahira Al Jadida" (Naya Qahira) done by Prof. M.A. Islahi of the center was also released on the occasion. Prof. Islahi dwelt on his association with Naguib Mahfouz while living in Cairo and his experiences with the translation. At the end of the program, a beautiful cultural program of folk dance was presented by an Egyptian folk dance troupe.

Mohd. Akram Nawaz
Assistant Professor
Centre of Arabic and African Studies, SLL&CS

AAJ-Gujarat, Daman & Diu Chapter Meet in Rajkot

The first and inaugural meet and get-together of the alumni of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) - Gujarat chapter was organized in Rajkot on 9 January, 2016. The venue was very scenic, green and picturesque Seasons hotel. The Gujarat chapter of the Alumni Association of JNU (AAJ) was formally founded in the illuminating presence of all India President of AAJ, Prof. Devendra K Chaubey. More than 30 alumni working in different parts of Gujarat participated in the inaugural meet.

JNU is not only university, but also a centre of excellence; it upholds the democratic and inclusive tradition of India - this thought arose in the meet of the JNU Alumni - Gujarat Chapter in a discussion on "The Role of JNU Alumni in Indian Society". Many alumni, coming from different professions and walks of life expressed their thoughts on the role of the alumni in the development of society.

After the symposium, the Central Panel of AAJ-Gujarat Chapter was also nominated and endorsed by the alumni in the august presence of National President of AAJ Prof. Devendra K. Chaubey. The central panel includes Shree Binod K. Singh (President), Dr. Jaya Prakash Pradhan (Vice President), Dr. Umesh C. S. Yadav (General Secretary), Dr. Nisha Sengar (Joint Secretary) and Dr. Sanjay K Jha (Treasurer).

In the meet, the AAJ Gujarat chapter's 1st (6 member) Executive Committee was constituted comprising of Shree Mohan Jha, Dr. Kishore Jose, Dr. Gopalji Gopal, Dr. Dhananjay Rai, Dr. Saurabh Sharma and Ms. Namrata Kilpady Mishra.

It was also proposed by the alumni and indorsed by all that this chapter should also include Daman & Diu and therefore the chapter was renamed as "AAJ-Gujarat, Daman & Diu Chapter".
Before the end of the meet, some of the alumni reminisced about their time and memories in JNU campus.

The next alumni meet of this chapter was tentatively scheduled for Sunday, 10 April, 2016 in Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar.

The central panel and the executive committee thanked the organizers of the first ever meet and all the participating alumni.

Devendra K. Choubey, Professor
Centre of Indian Languages, SLL&CS

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