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Second Youth Film Festival

The Second Youth Film Festival was held on 1- 2 February, 2011 at Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus. It was a great success and the response was overwhelming.

The two days festival was inaugurated by Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. S.K. Sopory,  along with the senior actor Ms. Sushma Seth and number of other celebrities and dignitaries in the Auditorium of School of Social Sciences.

The Festival was organized in Collaboration with JNU Faculty Club, Films Division, PSBT, Atom Awards Australia, Short Film News and Arab Film Festival Rotehndam & Sophodok.

The first day of the festival began with the screening of the film "Watch Clinic" by FTII Students and followed by another classic "Kal" by L.V. Prasad.

The International Film that brought the house down was "UWE+UWE". It was a sweet film on the migration issue in Germany. But the most interesting film was "Diploma" from Israel, about the struggle of a brother & sister in Gaza. The night of the Hebron. The night of the Jewish settlement Masquerade. 15 year old Samer insists on taking his older sister Ayat to collect her diploma from the Palestinian University. Walking through the city roof tops and side narrow allies they must avoid the settlers, the army and the curious foreign news reporters settlement Masquerade.

Another amazing entry was from Iran, titled "Sun is Smog" - This is the story of a small boy who on hearing about the Prophet Muhammad caricature being drawn in Denmark decided to do something in reply to this. However, after much effort and deliberation came to the conclusion that Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ were both messengers of Allah, and preached goodness and unity.
Another mind blowing film on trans-gender issue was from Australia and it was called "Mind".
The other well appreciated films were "Clay" from Egypt, "Vida' from Israel "Back to the Roots" from Germany and "Whistling Under Water" from Iran by Hooshamand Varai.

There were 337 entries in the festival, out of which, 22 Short Films & Documentaries were screened in the Competitive & non-Competitive section. All the Films were produced & directed by young film makers from all over the world.

On 2 February, 2011 Documentary Films dominated the show. The first film "Nero Guest" was written by Ex JNU Student P. Sainath. The Documentary was about Agrarian crisis and the growing inequality. This was followed by the French Documentary "Puisque Nous Som".

Other attractions of the festival were "Double Date" from Australia "Journey to Nagaland, "Moksh", "All is Well", "Vaisnav Jan Toh", "Devadasi". These Short Films were made on different video formats and thought provoking issues like Peace, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Environment, Education, Senior Citizens problems, Health, Violence against Minorities & Backwards, are tackled in a sensitive manner. These films are not available on DVDs and online.

The awards were distributed by Shri Salman Khursheed, Hon'ble Minister, Govt. of India. The minister spoke and enriched the audience and participants, in his impeccable manner. He greatly appreciated the efforts & Mission of FACES organization.

The jury of the festival included veterans and stalwarts from the field of cinema and literature like Tinnu Anand, Virender Saxena, Dolly Thakore,  Ramola Bachchan, Dr. Diwakar, Indira N, Usha Jain, Anirudh Behl,  Sushma Seth, Bijon Das Gupta,

Dr. Libiyal, Dr. Sunta  Reddy, Dr. Khwaja Ekram, Dr. Preeti Das, Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, Dr. Rakesh Soni, Saleem Shah, Anup Ranjan Pandey, Preeti Kashyap, Basheer Ali Pathan.
The Awards given were :

-           Best short film in foreign category "Diploma" from Israel by Yaelle Kayam
-           Special Jury Award; "Sun in Smog" from Iran by Ahmad Ahamadpur
-           Critic Choice; "Vida" from Israel by Anant Malz
-           Viewers Choice Award ; "uwe+uwe" from Germany by Robert Kellner
-           Consolation Award to "Double Date" from Australia by  Smolen

Indian Category

-           Best short film; "Watch Clinic" by Vikrant Pawar
-           Special Jury Award; "Kal" by Manjunath
-           Critic Choice; "Vaishnav Jan Toh" by  Aushal Oza
-           Viewers Choice; "Devadasi" by Olena Laxmi Shantokhina
-           Consolation Award; "Diven" by Laxman

Sunita Reddy, Assistance Professor,
Centre for Social Medicine & Community Health, SSS

XI Annual Yoga Competition 2010-2011

JNU Yoga Kendra organized the XI Annual Yoga competition on Sunday 27 February 2011, at the sports stadium. The competition was held in two categories.

  1. Students (separate for Boy's & Girl's)
  2. Non-Students (separate for mens & womens)

There were 44 participants in different categories with maximum number being in boys category.  The competition Instructor Ajay Shastri gave demonstration of the compulsory asana which were to be performed by all the participants in the competition in the presence of the two external Judges. The final result was declared after completion of all the competitions.
The winners were :

Student Category

Boys    -           Arvind Kumar, SCSS   First
            -           Alok Kumar Satapathy, CES/SIS         Second
            -           Syed Usma Ameen, CAAS, SLLCS     Third
Girls     -           Alpana Tripathi, SLL&CS        First
            -           Jigyasa Meena, CHS/SSS        Second
            -           Heabin Song,  SLL&CS           Third

Non -Students (Men)

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Raju (Ex. JNU students)
Dr. Rakesh Azad (CGS, Medical Dr.)

Non –Student (Women)

            -           Niva (Staff Dependent) First
            -           Pushpa (Staff Dependent)         Second
            -           Shivani Dogra   Third

Mrs. Damayanti V. Tambay, Dy. Director, PE appreciated the performance of the participants and informed that the Yoga Kendra is a very active club and has been conducting various programs including this competition for the past 12 years.

At the end of Yoga competition, Judges appreciated the performance of the competitors. A vote of thanks was given by Mr. Ajay Kumar Shastri, Yoga Instructor, JNU.

Umesh Babu, Yoga Instructor
Sports Office


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