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Phototalk on Trans Himalayan Expedition held at JNU

On 18 July, 2013, the Mountaineering Club, JNU & JNU Eco-Club held a photo-talk by Mr. Rajeev Mondal, a Trans Himalayan Trekker and Biker at the SLL&CS committee room. Rajeev, is probably the only Indian to have achieved the rare feat of crossing the Himalayas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh on foot in 2009-2010 and once again from Arunachal Pradesh to Ladakh in 2013 on motorbike. During the first expedition, Rajeev covered 8,000 km during his almost year long trek. On his return path, he covered 5,500 kilometres on motorbike in a 2 month long expedition. Rajeev Mondal, a 37-year-old mountaineering instructor of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, passed through the treacherous Himalayan terrain all alone, starting from Guwahati on May 5, and ending his expedition on July 12 in Srinagar.

During the Uttarakhand disaster days, he was stuck at ReckongPeo, the capital of Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh for about a week. However, undaunted, he went on to finish his solo biking expedition as planned till Kashmir.

During his interaction with JNU students, he explained how he was inspired to undertake this arduous journey for the sake of spreading awareness regarding environmental protection. He also sensitized the JNU nature buffs about the importance of conservation and protection of nature through the spirit of adventure. Amit, President, Eco-Club & Anusree, Secretary, JNU Mountaineering Club welcomed Mr. Mondal. Prof. Abhijit Karkun, Coordinator, NSS, JNU Unit also stressed on the importance of inculcating the spirit of adventure among the JNU students in particular and the youth at large.
The programme was supported by NSS, JNU Unit.

Amit, M.Phil.
Centre for French & Francophone Studies, SLL&CS

Online Access to Theses and Dissertations@ JNU (JNU ETD Archive)

Central Library, JNU has successfully digitized its entire Theses & Dissertations collection (approx. 20000). Now current Theses & Dissertations are submitted to library in digital copy only. With this JNU ETD Archive has been created and the entire collection of theses & Dissertation of JNU is available online through Online Library Catalogue http://jnuonlinecatlog.jnu.ac.in:8000/cgi-bin/gw/chame-leon/

You may view/read/print/ download any theseis or dissertation from your desktop. With this achievement, Central Library, JNU is the first University Library in India to provide online access to its entire theses & dissertations collection.

Now you may not be required to keep copies of theses and dissertations in your School / Centre Libraries. It is also easier to ensure that parts or whole of old theses and dissertations are not copied. All English and Hindi Theses are in fully searchable PDF(A) file format. Others are in simple PDF(A) format.

Ramesh C Gaur
Librarian, Library

Google Apps for Education

CIS has implemented the "Google Apps for Education" infrastructure within the JNU domain, to provide perpetual individual digital space to all members of the university community of students, staff and members of the faculty.

Digital content creation by the university community will be meaningful in realising the academic potential of the university. This is particularly important in the present time, when citations from academic publications as a measure of scholarship are augmented through content created and visible on digital social media tools. In addition, new media and the internet are powerful tools in generating and reusing educational resources.

CIS, at an open day to be organised at the Convention Center on Friday the 23rd August, 2013 will have presentations and help-desks to describe the platform and help with customising it for individual and group use.
I take great pleasure in inviting you to the open day event, and request that you create your personal web-site under the JNU domain as well as sites associated with groups with which you are associated. Some examples would be your course site collecting study-material, forums and testing features, as well as sites for common field-work, data collection involving surveys and observations. In addition, we would like to encourage the development of sites collecting opinion on university-wide issues.

A.M. Lynn
Director, CIS

Independence Day Celebrations on 15th of August 2013

On 15th of August, the enthusiastic children of the Construction Workers in JNU gathered at Teflas to get dressed beautifully for their performance in front of the Central Library in JNU. At 7:45 a.m. the children were dressed in their attire and in a line waving the Indian flag they were led by the volunteers of Unnoticed to the Central Library ground. The honourable Vice Chancellor Prof. Sudhir Kumar Sopory hoisted the national flag there and the national anthem was sung. The children, 45 in total, presented three dance performances to the enthusiastic audience. The first dance performance was by the little kids who danced to the tune of 'Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai' from the movie Roja. The older boys danced to 'Maa Tujhe Salaam' of A.R.Rahman and the girls danced to 'Des Rangila' from the movie Fanaa. Their dance performance, full of energy was praised by the wonderful audience. After their performance the VC distributed food packets to the children.

At 10 am the children were warmly greeted by the Mahi Mandavi residents who had made beautiful arrangements for them. They made the tricolor for every child and gave each one a rose. A carpet was laid down for them to sit and posters with pictures of powerful women leaders and women nationalists that India has seen since independence were put up surrounding the lawn. The children enjoyed with the Mahi Mandavi President and residents. After the flag hoisting at the Mahi Mandavi lawns by the Vice Chancellor Prof. S.K.Sopory; the VC and the Rector Prof. Sudha Pai distributed school bags gifted by the Mahi Mandavi residents to the children of Unnoticed. The children, after the bag distribution, presented once again the much applauded dance performance to the residents of Mahi-Mandavi. The enthusiastic audience cheered the children throughout their performance and praised their enthusiasm. After their performance the Mahi Mandavi residents distributed Gulab Jamuns which they had prepared, to the children and their parents, and also to the volunteers.

The children dispersed at 1pm after a wonderful Independence Day celebration and thanked the VC and the Mahi Mandavi residents for the wonderful arrangement. They had thoroughlt enjoyed the day and showed their eagerness by saying "Humlog agle saal phir se aise celebrate karenge Swatantrata Diwas" (Next year too we shall celebrate our Independence Day like this year). It was a wonderful day for the Unnoticed: Children of JNU Construction Workers.

You can reach us at our Facebook page (Unnoticed: Children of JNU Construction Workers) and our blog at unnoticedjnu@wordpress.com or phone: 9999858754, 8860753869, 9873054037
Unnoticed: The Children of JNU
Construction Workers

JNU students stand up for the needy on I-Day: Distribute school bags to disadvantaged children

Just a fortnight ago, the Jawaharlal Nehru University was in the news for a sad incident that culminated in the death of a male student and serious injury to a female student. As was apparent from the beginning, the incident was the result of a love war. Reminding the students of the tragic incident on the 67th Independence Day celebrations organised on the lawns of Mahi-Mandavi hostel of JNU, the Vice-Chancellor S. K. Sopory told: "Many people tell us that the incident was a reflection of what is happening in the society outside. However, JNU is a place to create leaders for society. Students imbibe JNU values during their course of association here. They go out and strive for what we should have and what we ought to have…We, along with the students, stand united, more coherently than ever before, to not let such incidents happen and continue to be trendsetters in all realms of life and society."

The occasion also marked the distribution of school bags and sweets to nearly 75 children of construction workers who live in and around JNU campus. The money was entirely collected by students of Mahi-Mandavi Hostel from among themselves through voluntary donations. JNU has nearly fourteen hostels and more than 6000 students living in the campus. However, only Mahi-Mandavi has been organising I-Day function and carrying out regular empowerment activities for disadvantaged children at the hostel level. Indeed, individual efforts from students of other hostels are also the norm rather than exception. The children also danced to nationalistic songs amidst chants of "Bharat Mata ki Jay" and "Vande Mataram."

The celebrations saw active participation of students, teachers, alumni and the beneficiaries. The Rector of JNU Sudha Pai thanked the students present on the occasion and especially the Mahi-Mandavi Hostel for being consistently involved in carrying out such activities. She said that freedom means the freedom to be free to do all you want to do without fear.

An all-boys hostel in the midst of two bigger all-girls hostel, Mahi-Mandavi is claimed by its president Vijay Pratap Gaurav to be one of the most law-abiding and free hostels of JNU. Most are from the so-called BIMARU states and belong to the weaker and minority sections of society. The hostel president says that despite struggling with the issue of space constraints and lack of amenities, the hostel has always stood to raise the reputation of the university. He claims that but for a few stray incidents, the hostel or its residents have never been involved in any disreputable activities. Thanking the students of Mahi-Mandavi hostel and even students from other hostels who helped Mahi-Mandavi to carry out the good work, the president said, "It is time for JNU students to realise the high ideals our freedom fighters imagined and argued for during the hard struggle for our independence."

Vijay Pratap Gaurav
Junior Research Fellow
Russian & Central Asian Studies, SIS

Progress of an Unnoticed Child

Unnoticed has been active in providing education to the children of construction labourers living on campus. We believe that every child should be given the chance to develop his/her potential. Equal access to education is the basic right of every child though the road is long. Our organization is trying to take some steps in this direction. We are trying to make an impact wherever we can.

Priyanka, one of our students, has cleared her class 10 exams with 6.8 percentile making us feel that the small steps that we have taken are in the right direction. Recognizing her potential, the Vice Chancellor of JNU, Prof. S. K. Sopory has offered to take care of her educational expenses till she clears class 12. Priyanka's example will encourage more and more students to realize their dreams and Unnoticed strive more.

You can reach us at our Facebook page (Unnoticed: Children of JNU Construction Workers) and our blog at unnoticedjnu@wordpress.com or phone: 9999858754, 8860753869, 9873054037
Unnoticed: The Children of JNU
Construction Workers

JNU ECO-Club, NSS JNU Unit and Horticulture Department, JNU organized "2nd Van Mahotsav"

Riding on the success of its first "VAN MAHOTSAV", a weeklong plantation drive from 15-21 August, 2012, JNU Eco-Club duly supported by NSS JNU Unit and Horticulture Department, JNU organized the second "VAN MAHOTSAV". This festival for a forest, if translated literally, included planting of almost 500 saplings over a period of one week, i.e. from 15-21 August, 2013. Last year, the volunteers planted almost 500 saplings, of which a big majority are still surviving. This, according to the chief of Horticulture Department JNU Mr. Sunil Kumar, is a big success because the entire area of JNU Campus is very dry and rocky.

This year, the student community was even more enthusiastic and has thought of several innovative methods to save all the saplings. This will include various methods of drip irrigation, including the use of discarded plastic bottles.
According to Om Prakash, an MA second year student from Sanskrit centre and a dedicated volunteer – "Last year, the main objective of the drive was to 'fill in the gaps', i.e. plant saplings at spots which were sparsely covered or not covered with big shady trees. This year, the plantation covered all the roadsides, so that in future JNU Campus develops a tree tunnel." And he is not wrong. With the plantation of almost 500 saplings covering roadsides and some open patches in the JNU forest area, JNU's green cover will get a great boost.

According to Prof. Abhijit Karkun, Coordinator of NSS, JNU Unit – "This will bring a huge relief to the students and staff who prefer to walk rather than use any vehicle inside the campus."

The drive was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. S.K. Sopory and Rector Prof. SudhaPai on 15 August 2013. They planted two saplings in front of the Central Library. Prof. Sopory congratulated all the volunteers and institutions involved in this "wonderful initiative". Later on he added that "we must harness our students' positive energy". Campus Development Committee chief Prof. Milap and Environmental Task Force head Prof. Atri greeted the constructive effort of the volunteers and guided them with valuable suggestions.

The festival of forest ended with a big round of applause for the volunteers, who had been through a very tough week. But their enthusiasm reflected clearly in the beautiful words that came from Vivek Kumar, President of JNU Eco-Club – "Where there is a will, there is a tree!"

Vivek, President


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