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List of Publications

School of International Studies

  • "US Approach to the Islamic World in Post 9/11 Era", New Delhi, Academic Foundation, 2009, Chintamani Mahapatra, CCUSLAS
  • "Indigenous Identity and Activism", New Delhi: Shipra Publications, 2009 (Edited volume) Priti Singh, CCUSLAS

School of Social Sciences

  • "The British Empire and the Natural World: Environmental Encounters in South Asia" OUP, Delhi, 2010, Deepak Kumar, Vinita Damodaran, Rohan D'Souza (eds.), ERRU
  • "The Children of Nature: Life and Legacy of Ramana Maharishi", Roli Books, Delhi, Susan Visvanathan, CSSS
  • "Quest for Participating", Anand Kumar, CSSS
  • "Sociology in India: Intellectual & Institutional Practices", (ed.) Rawat, 2010, Maitrayee Chaudhuri
  • "The Women's Movement in India: Reform & Revival", Palm Leaf, New Delhi 2011, Maitrayee Chaudhuri, CSSS
  • "Religion and Culture in Indian Civilization: Essays" in honour of Prof. C.N. Venugopal, D.K. Printworld, New Delhi, Amit Kumar Sharma, CSSS

School of Environmental Sciences

  • "Water Resource Management" Academic Publishing AG & Co., Country of Publication, Germany,  Saumitra Mukherjee

School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies

  • "The Role & Significance of Literature in Language pedagogy, 2010" Edited by Prof. Anita Khanna, CJKNEAS





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