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List of scholars who have been awarded the Degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) from 08-05-2009 to 24-09-2009. The name of the scholar is followed by the title of the thesis/dissertation and the name of the Supervisor.

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)

School of Social Sciences
Centre for Economic Studies and Planning
Ms. Kim Shinjou
“Investment and Growth in Indian Registered Manufacturing Sector 1991-92 to 2003-04”, Prof. C.P. Chandrasekhar

Mr. Akhil Alha “On Some Aspects of Remittances and International Labour Migration from South Asia with Special Emphasis on India: 1980-2005”, Dr. Praveen Jha

Mr. Roshan Kishore “Food Consumption under Economic Reforms and the Public Distribution System” Prof. Utsa Patnaik

Ms. Enakshi Sinha Ray “The Political Determinants of Public Goods Provision in the States of India: An Empirical Investigation”, Dr. Sugato Dasgupta

Mr. Avanindra Nath Thakur “An Economic Analysis of the Trends and Pattern of Migration in Contemporary Bihar and Jharkhand”, Dr. Praveen Jha

Mr. Amarjyoti Mahanta “The Pricing of Land When Lumpy Demand Can only be met from Multiple Sellers”, Prof. Anjan Mukherji

Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies
Ms. Bonny Roy
“Communicative Teaching Practices for Hearing Impaired Children: A Study in Government Nursery/Secondary School, South Delhi”, Prof. Ajit Kumar Mohanty

Ms. Ambar Zahara “The Issue of Governance at Primary Level of Education: A Case Study of Mirzapur, Uttar Pardesh”, Dr. Saumen Chattopadhyay

Ms. Toinali Sema “Classroom Achievement in Sema, Nagamese and  English Medium Primary Schools in Nagaland”, Prof. Ajit Kumar Mohanty

Ms. Niharika Kumari “The Changing Representation of Indian History in NCERT Textbooks: Political and Academic Debates”, Prof. Deepak Kumar

Ms. Emeni Kayina “Cultural Activities and Learning: A Personal and Cultural Experience of Learning Geometrical Shapes and Patterns”, Prof. Ajit K. Mohanty

Mr. Abhineet Kala Lakra “Ethnicity and Classroom Processes: An Exploratory Study of a School in Jharkhand”, Pror. Geetha B. Nambissan

Centre for the Study of Social Systems
Mr. Sasikumar V.K.
”Reading Panapayattu or Gift Exchange in North Malabar, Kerala”, Prof. Susan Visvanathan

Mr. Yoonsik Lee “Power and Identity: A Sociological Overview of Christianity in India” Prof. S.S. Jodhka

Ms. Sinjini Mukherjee “Of Midwives, Cords and the Afterbirth: Contrasting Conceptions of the Body and Reproductive Health”, Dr. Harish Naraindas

Ms. Neha Ojha “Gender Violence and Ethnicity”, Dr. Renuka Singh

Mr. Irfanullah Farooqi “Literature and Society: An Interpretative Study of Faiz Ahmad Faiz's Poetry”, Prof. Avijit Pathak

Centre for Social Medicine & Community Health
Ms. Nisha Kumari
“Understanding Imbalance in Child Sex Ratio: An Explorations of Haryana”, Dr. Sanghmitra S. Acharya & Prof. Rama V. Baru”

Ms. Renu Singh “The Politics of women's Sexuality: An Exploration”, Prof. Mohan Rao

Ms. Mina Toko “Understanding Refugees: A Profile of Movements, Policies and their Living Conditions with Special Reference to Tibetans in India”, Dr. Sanghmitra S. Acharya

Ms. Madge Varada Jayant “Infertility, Women and Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Reproductive Choice or Reproductive Disruption? An Exploratory Study in Pune City”, Prof. Mohan Rao

Centre for Historical Studies
Mr. Amardeep
“The Making of the Dalit Public Sphere in Uttar Pradesh 1913-1978”, Prof. Tanika Sarkar.

Ms. Sarika Kumari “Maritime Commerce and European Companies in Southern India During the Seventeenth Century: Coromandel and Malabar Regions”, Dr. Yogesh Sharma

Ms. Sonali Sharma “Reformist Ideas and Emergence of Feminism in Marathi Fiction (1850s – 1920s)”, Prof. Tanika Sarkar

Ms. Esther P Konyak “The Dynamics of Frontier Regions: Aspects of the North East and South Eastern Bengal Under the Mughals”, Prof. Rajat Datta

Ms. Kakul Fatima “State and Ideologies: Changing Political Structure in Revolutionary France, 1789-1794”, Dr. Arvind Sinha

Centre for Political Studies
Mr. Vikas Tripathi
“Decline of Legislature: An Assessment of the Working of Indian Parliament”, Prof. Gurpreet Mahajan.

Ms. Maitree Devi “Religious Fundamentalism and Party Politics in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study of the Communal Mobilization by the Two Major Political Party Alliances in Bangladesh”, Prof. Rakesh Gupta.

Mr. Mahesh S. Panicker “Disability and Social Justice: Prospects of the Capability Approach”, Prof. Vidhu Verma

Mr. Arvind Shankar Shukla “Social Security System in India for Rural Unemployed and Unorganized Sector”, Prof. Balveer Arora

Ms. Poonam Kakoti Borah “The Culture – Nature Dichotomy and Feminism: Implications for Citizenship”, Prof. Vidhu Verma

Mr. Kaustubh Kr. Deka “Students as Agents of Identity Formation: Analysing the Politics of Student Movements in Assam, 1960-2006”, Prof. Gopal Narayan Guru

Ms. Arunima Deka “The State and Indigenous People's Rights in India”, Dr. T. G. Suresh

Ms. Moggallan Bharti “Study on Agrarian Relations in Uttar Pradesh and the Approach of Bahujan-Samaj Party to the Land-Question”, Prof. Gopal Narain Guru

Mr. Moses Kharbithai “Indian Labour Diaspora in the Post-Colonial Period with Special Reference to the Gulf Countries”, Prof. Pralay Kanungo

Mr. Bipul Kumar “Ethnicity Regionalism and the Jharkhand Movement”, Prof. Valerian Rodrigues

Mr. Shashank Chaturvedi “Politics of Knowledge Systems in India: Science in Contestation”, Dr. Manindra N. Thakur

Mr. Chandran Komath “Authenticity and Frangmentation: An Investigation into Taylorian and Post-Structuralist Conceptions of Identity”, Prof. Valerian Rodrigues

Mr. Arindam Dakua “Elite Politics: A Study of Changing Social Composition of Political Elite in Orissa”, Prof. Rakesh Gupta

Centre for the Study of Regional Development
Mr. Rajsekhar Bhattacharya
“Agrarian Crisis and Employment Diversification for Andhra Pradesh: A State and District Level Analysis”, Prof. R. Srivastava

Ms. Sasmita Jena “Influence of Women Malnutrition on Infant Mortality in Orissa: Evidence from NFHS-2 (1998-99) and NFHS-3 (2005-06)”, Prof. M.D. Vemuri

Ms. Chitrali Das “Changes in the Rural Credit Market in India: An Analysis Based on the All India Debt and Investment Survey”, Prof. Ravi S. Srivastava

Ms. Meenakshi Sharma “Productivity Estimation of Manufacturing Sector in India: A Decomposition Analysis of Technological Progress Technical Efficiency and Returns to Scale”, Dr. Atul Sood

Ms. Nivedita Mishra “Female Migrants in Rural India: A Study of Selected States”, Dr. D.K. Mishra

Ms. Mala Mukherjee “Urban Growth and Spatial Transformation of Kolkata Metropolis”, Dr. Anuradha Banerjee

Ms. Tanusree Paul “Women and Gendered Public Spaces: A Case of Kolkata”, Prof. Saraswati Raju

Ms. Ruchika Rani “Employment and Poverty among Agricultural Worker Households: A State Level Analysis (2004-2005)”,. Prof. R. K. Sharma

Ms. Lophro Celina Sapruna “Political Economy of Human Resource Development in the Naga Majority Areas of North-East India”, Prof. B. S. Butola

Mr. Benjamin L. Saitluanga “Urbanization and Regional Development in Patkai Hills”, Prof. B.S. Butola

Centre for Philosophy
Mr. Pawan Kumar
“Interrogating Husserl's Idea of Experience”, Dr. Bhagat Oinam

Centre for Studies in Science Policy
Mr. Shashank Shekhar Tiwari
“Sectoral Innovation System of Stem Cell Technology in India”, Prof. P.N. Desai

School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies
Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies
Mr. Razi Haidar
“Comparative Study of Poetry of Abul Qasim Lahuti and Faiz Ahmad Faiz”, Dr. Akhlaque Ahmad Ansari

Md. Manzer Hussain “Ghalib & The Revolt of  1857 in the light of 'Dastanbu'”, Dr. Akhlaque Ahmad Ansari

Md. Shabbir Aalam “A Critical Study of Ahmade-e-Shamlu's Haiku”, Dr. Akhlaque Ahmad Ansari
Md. Fahimul Haque Khan “Talibuff's Prose works and Constitutional Movement”, Dr. Akhlaque Ahmad Ansari

Centre of Russian Studies
Ms. Monika
“Gazetno-publitisisticheskiye materially i ikh perevod pri pripodavanii russkovo yazyka”, Prof. Charanjit Singh

Ms. Geeta Kumari “Russko-Angliyskiy I Anglo-Russkiy Slovnik Abrazivnikh Terminov”, Prof. Charanjit Singh

Mr. Upendra Kumar “Grammaticalization of Verbs in Russian & Hindi”, Prof. Charanjit Singh

Centre for Arabic and African Studies
Mahmood Alam Siddiqui
“Role of Ulama in the Revolt of 1857 as Reflected in the Arabic and Urdu Writings-A Selective Study”, Prof. S. A Rehman

Mr. Talha Farhan “The Encomium on Holy Prophet in Indian Arabic Poetry During the 20th Century”, Prof. F.U. Farooqi

Mohammad Merajul Haque “Allama Sayed Suleman Ashraf and his Book Al-Mubeen Fi Fiqhal-Lugha al-Arabia: An Analytical Study”, Prof. S.A. Rahman

Mohd. Ziyaur Rahman “Analytical Study of Amir Khusru's Arabic Poetry”, Dr. Rizwanur Rahman
Mohd. Mahamid Husain “Development of Arabic Grammer in India in the 20th Century: A Selective Study”, Prof. S.A. Rahman

Centre for English Studies
Ms. Chakpram Priyanka
“Australian Aboriginal History through Fiction: A Study of Kim Scott's Novels True Country and Benang”, Dr. Santosh K. Sareen

Ms. Binata Nongmaithem “Women's Honour Persecutions by the Powers: A Cross Cultural Study of Pakistan (Representation in Reality) and Manipur (Representation in Fiction)”, Prof. Santosh K Sareen

Centre of Indian Languages
Ms. Abu Talib
“Delhi Ke Schoolon Ke Urdu Nisab Ka Tajziyati Mutala (Class 6th Se Class 12th Tak)”, Prof. Mohd. Shahid Husain

Mr. Usman Khan “Kamaleshwar Ki Kahaniyan Aur Aam Aadmi Ka Sangharsh”, Dr. Ram Chandra

Mr. Tyler Walker Williams “Bhakti Kavya Mein Nirgun-Sagun Vibhajan Ka Aetihasik Adhyayan”, Prof. Purushottam Agrawal

Mr. Tahseen Ahmad “The Impact of Globalization on the Urdu New Papers with Special Reference to Siyasat (Daily) in the last Decade of Twentieth Century”,Dr. Mazhar Mehdi Hussain

Centre for Linguistics
Ms. Manali Das
“Redefining the Acoustic Space: A Spectrographic Analysis of the Vowels/a/,/i/,u/ in the Assamese (Second Language) of Bangla Speakers in Assam”, Prof. Vaishna Narang

Ms. Asmita Laskar “Language Loss and Retrieval in Assamese-English Bilingual Asphasics”, Prof. Vaishna Narang

Centre of German Studies
Ms. Jyoti Sharma
“Varbale-und nichtverbale Kommunikation bei deutschindischer Jugend und interkulturelle Verstaendigung”, Prof. S.B. Sasalatti

School of Arts & Aesthetics
Mr. Prakash Kumar Ray
“Reframing Authorship in Bombay Cinema: A Study of B. R. Chopra”, Dr. Ira Bhaskar

Mr. Ramesh Kumar “The Child in Swedish Cinema”, Dr. Ira Bhaskar

Mr. L. Srinayani Reddy “Provincial Idioms of Painting in the Deccan 1700-1900: Hyderabad & the Samasthanas”, Dr. Kavita Singh

School of International Studies
Centre for South, Central, South East Asian and South West Pacific Studies
Ms. Jaya Dixit
“India's Role in Reconstruction of The Post-Taliban Afganistan”, Prof. P. Sahadevan

Ms. Divya Agnihotri “Violence Against Women in Pakistan”, Prof. Uma Singh

Ms. Priyanka Tripathi “Impact of Education on Human Development in Bangladesh”, Prof. Partha  S. Ghosh

Ms. Namita Kumari “Role of Military in Thai-Politics: A Study of Post-Thaksin Shinawatra Period”, Prof. Ganganath Jha

Ms. Vasudha Aggarwal “Malaysia's Energy Security: Challenges and Prospects”, Prof. Man Mohini Kaul

Ms. Vinita Meena “Afghanistan Mein Bonn Samjhaute Ke Antargat Prashasanik Sudharon Ka Adhyayan”, Dr. Ambrish Dhaka

Centre for International Politics, Organization & Disarmament
Mr. C. Lalengkima
“Role of CBMs in India and Pakistan Arms Control Processes”, Prof. Pushpesh Pant

Mr. Saurabh Kumar “Financing Development: A Critical Examination of the IMF in Sub-Saharan Africa”, Dr. Moushumi Basu

Mr. Praveen Dhanda “Poverty and Human Security: Rethinking Conceptualizations”, Dr. Jayati Srivastava

Mohamad Junaid “Interrogating Indian Nationalism: Narratives from Kashmir”, Dr. Siddharth Mallavarapu

Centre for Russian, Central Asian Studies
Ms. Sayyora B. Sobirova
“Energy Factor in Russia-Central Asia Relations 1991-2007”, Prof. Ajay Kumar Patnaik

Ms. Swati Parwal “Russia's Accession to the World Trade Organisation: Issues and Obstacles”, Dr. Arun Mohanty

Mr. Tara Prasad Joshi “Comparative Study of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, 1993 and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996”, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Mr. Bishal Das “Evolution of the Russian Print Media and its Role During the Chechen Crisis”, Dr. Arun Mohanty

Mr. Vijay Kumar “Russia-EU Energy Relations (1990-2005)”, Dr. Rajan Kumar

Mr. Rajesh Kumar “Energy Diplomacy: A Case Study of Caspian Sea Region, 2000-2007”, Prof. Tulsiram

Centre for International Trade and Development
Mr. Subhojit Das
“The Determinants of Rural-Urban Migration in India's North-East: An Econometric Model”, Prof. Alokesh Barua

Ms. Soma Patra “Sustainability of Fiscal Deficits of the Indian States”, Dr. Sangeeta Bansal
Centre for European Studies

Ms. Tiainla “The Role of Competition Policy in the European Union: A Study of the Arcelor Mittal Merger”, Dr. Gulshan Sachdeva

Centre for International Legal Studies
Mr. Cyril V.V.
“Disclosure of Genetic Information and Human Rights Violations”, Prof. Y.K.Tyagi
Centre for Canadian, US & Latin American Studies

Ms. Esha Pandey “From Well-Being to Agency: Integration of Women's Issues in Peace, Security and Environmental Policies in US”, Dr. K.P. Vijayalakshmi

Ms. Shaliza Singh “US Policy Towards India During The Administration of George W. Bush: From Engagement to Strategic Partnership” Prof. Christopher S. Raj

Ms. Honey J Ambanatu “US Immigration Policy Since 9/11: Impact on Indian Immigration”, Prof. Christopher S. Raj

Mr. Ujjwal Rabidas “Democratisation Process in Mexico, 1976-2000”, Prof. Abdul Nafey

Ms. Devashri Sinha “Implication of Structural, Adjustment for Working Women in Latin America: A Case Study of Mexico”, Prof. Abdul Nafey

Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies
Ms. Sunita Atal
“Sanskrit Tatha Greek Rangamancha”, Dr. Hari Ram Mishra

Mr. Surjit Kumar Singh “Kridante Recognition and Processing for Sanskrit”, Dr. Girish Nath Jha

Mr. Rev Bakamoone Indaratana “Preventive and Social Medicine with Special Reference to the Caraka Samhita”, Dr. Santosh Kumar Shukla

Mr. Anil Pratap Giri “Rasagangadhara Navyanyaya- Bhasha-Pravidhi Ke Aloka Mein (Kavya Bheda Paryanta)”, Dr. Hari Ram Mishra

Mr. Shashi Kant Tripathi “Rasagangadhara Evam Rasamimamsa Mein Rasavimarsa”, Dr. Hari Ram Mishra

Ms. Monica Kuwar Rathore “Metaphysics in the Philolsophy of Ayurveda”, Dr. Ram Nath Jha

School of Computational & Integrative Sciences
Mr. Varun Jaiswal
“Designing of Novel Inhibitors Against Anthrax Toxin (EF & LF)”, Dr. Pradipta Bandyopadhyay & Dr. Naidu Subbarao

Ms. Chetna Kumari “Comparative Study of Docking tools for Virtual High Throughput Screening (vHTS) Accuracy”, Prof. Indira Ghosh

Mr. Arvind Singh Mer “Deterministic and Stochastic Modeling of Neuronal Activity”, Prof. Ram Ramaswamy



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