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Open Development
Provides tools, knowledge resources, research, and data that support the Bank's work in promoting openness and transparency.

Open Data
Provides free access to over 8000 development indicators in five languages, free to use, re-use and redistribute – and growing collection of surveys.

Open Finances
Provides portions of the Bank's investments, assets it manages on behalf of global funds, and the Bank's own financial statements.

Mapping for Results
Provides information on more than 16,000 geographic locations of 1600+ Bank financed projects

Open Knowledge Repository (OKR)
Provides access to the Bank's repository for its research outputs and knowledge products.

Projects & Operations
Provides easy access to detailed information on over 11,000 lending project documents in over 100 countries from 1947 onwards.

Documents and Reports
Provides access to more than 145,000 publically available World Bank documents that enable sharing the institution's extensive knowledge base and implementing its AI Policy

Provides information on more than 200 thematic issues in development

World Development Report
Provides full text free downloadable World Development Report an annual flagship WB publication.

World Bank Institute
Provides information on knowledge exchange, scholarships, e-institute and on innovative solutions

Integrity Vice Presidency (INT)
Provides information on INT's activities and program documents.

Independent Evaluation Group
Provides formation on IEG's activities and program documents.