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Ramesh gaur
Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur
   University Librarian
   Tele 011+26742605, 26704551
   Fax 011+26741603
   Email rcgaur@mail.jnu.ac.in  & rcgaur66@gmail.com 

Manorama Tripathi   Dr. Manorama Tripathi
   Deputy Librarian
   Management and Readers' Services
   Tele 011+26704549
   Email manoramatripathi@mail.jnu.ac.in

Parveen Babbar   Dr. Parveen Babbar
   Deputy Librarian
   Periodicals and Automation Unit
   Tele 011+26704542
   Email parveenbabbar@mail.jnu.ac.in ; parveenbabbar@gmail.com

Mahesh Chand   Mr. Mahesh Chand
   Assistant Librarian
   On Leave
   Tele 011+26704541
   Email mchand@mail.jnu.ac.in

R. Duraipandi   Mr. R. Duraipandi
   Assistant Librarian
   On Leave
   Email durai2@yahoo.com

Suresh Chandra Sharma    Mr. Suresh Chandra Sharma
   Assistant Librarian
   Management section
   Tele 011+26704553
   Email scsharma@mail.jnu.ac.in

Pushpa Arora    Mrs. Pushpa Arora
   Assistant Librarian
   Processing Unit
   Tele 011+26704538
   Email pushpaarora@mail.jnu.ac.in

Satvir Singh    Mr.Satvir Singh
   Assistant Librarian
   Science Unit
   Tele 011+26704550
   Email satvirsingh@mail.jnu.ac.in

Lohrii Kaini Mahemei    Ms. Lohrii Kaini Mahemei
   Assistant Librarian
   Humanities Unit
   Tele 011+26704540
   Email kaini@mail.jnu.ac.in

   Mr. Bibhuti Bhushan Pattanaik
   Assistant Librarian
   Readers' Services, Reference Services, Text Books and Social Sciences Collection
   Tele 011+26704548
   Email pbibhuti@mail.jnu.ac.in

Shipra Awasthi    Dr. Shipra Awasthi
   Assistant Librarian
   Periodicals Unit
   Tele 011+26704543
   Email sawasthi@mail.jnu.ac.in

    Mr. K. Nageswara Rao
   Assistant Librarian
   Acquisition Unit
   Tele 011+26704546
   Email knrao@mail.jnu.ac.in

    Mrs. Shashi Saini
   Assistant Librarian
   Electronic Theses & Dissertations and Newpaper Clippings
   Tele 011+26704541

Sanjeev Kumar   Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
   Assistant Librarian
   Government Documents, Data centre, Institutional repository and Russian Language Collection
   Tele 011+26704539
   Email sksunny@mail.jnu.ac.in   

Sushant Kumar    Mr. Sushant Kumar Panigrahi
   Assistant Librarian
   Content Management and Web-designing

Somesh Vishwakarma    Mr. Somesh Vishwakarma
   Assistant Librarian
   Automation Unit, Helen Keller Unit, Cyber Library and Departmental Libraries
   Tele 011+26704545
   Email somu@mail.jnu.ac.in   

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