Book Published in 2012-14

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The Death & Afterlife of Mahatma Gandhi
~ Makarand R. Paranjape
India, Europe and Conflict Resolution in South Asia
~ R. K. Jain
The European Union and South Asia
~ R. K. Jain
Urbanising Cholera The Social Determinants of Its Re-emergence
~ Rajib Dasgupta
Published by Orient BlackSwan
~ C. Upender Rao
The World to Come Writings on Ethics and Politics
~ Saitya Brata Das
Published by Aakar Books
The Weight Violence
~ Saitya Brata Das and Soumyabrata Choudhury
Published by Oxford
Swami Vivekanand: A Contemporary
~ Makarand R. Paranjape
Published by Routledge, 2015
Healing across Boundaries: Bio-Medicine and Alternative Therapeutics
~ Makarand R. Paranjape
Published by Routledge, 2015
The Death and Afterlife of Mahatma Gandhi
~ Makarand R. Paranjape
Published by Routledge
Politics and Religion
~ Saitya Brata Das
Published by Aakar Books
Minority Nationalisms in South Asia
~ Tanweer Fazal
'Nation-State' and Minority Rights in India
~ Tanweer Fazal
Everyday Yogi
~ H S Shivprakash
Nuclear South Asia
~ Rajesh Rajagopalan & Atul Mishra
Published by Routledge
Changing Caste: Ideology, Identity and Mobility
~ Surinder S. Jodhka
Foreword by Dipankar Gupta
Published by Sage
Interrogating India's Modernity
~ Surinder S. Jodhka
Published by OXFORD
Revisiting 1956
B.R. Ambedkar and States Reorganisation

~ Sudha Pai and Avinash Kumar
With a Foreword by Sukhadeo Thorat
Computational Intelligence Techniques in Earth and Environmental Sciences
~ Tanvir Islam, Prashant K Srivastava, Manika Gupta, Xuan Zhu and Saumitra Mukherjee
Darshnik Sampratyay-Kosh
~ ShashiPabha Kumar, Santosh Kumar Shukla and Ram Nath Jha
Village Society
~ Surinder S. Jodhka
Ordinary People Extraordinary Violence
~ Chitralekha
Published by Routledge
Japan-Saarc Partnership
~ Srabani Roy Choudhury
Miyazawa Kenji's Notion of Co-existence and Co-prosperity: A reinterpretation of His Literary Works
~ P. A. George
Published by Northern Book Centre, New Delhi
Emotional Depths of Miyazawa Kenji: From a Religious Perspective
~ P. A. George
Published by Hozokan, Kyoto, Japan
Multiculturalism in India and Europe
~ Rajendra K Jain
Published by Aakar Books, New Delhi
India and the European Union in a Changing World
~ Rajendra K Jain
Published by Aakar Books, New Delhi
Integration of the Indian States
with an introduction by Asha Sarangi

~ Asha Sarangi
Published by Orient BlackSwan
Sanskrit Studies
~ Shashiprabha Kumar
Gender and Radical Politics in India
~ Mallarika Sinha Roy
Published by Routledge
Kenju's Park
~ P.A. George
Seeing Like a Feminist
~ Nivedita Menon
History of Chinese Literature
~ Deepak, B R
Published by Pigeon Books, New Delhi 2013. ISBN 978-93-82025-22-1
Multilateral Environmental Agreements
~ Bharat H. Desai
Published by Cambridge
International Environmental Governance
~ Bharat H. Desai
Published by BRILL
Does India Think Strategically? Institutions, Strategic Culture and Security Polices
~ Happymon Jacob
Published by Manohar
Unfolding Crisis in Assam's Tea Plantations
~ Deepak K. Mishra
Learning Russian Through Computers
~ Sonu Saini
Coping with Climate Change
~ Ramesha Chandrappa, Sushil Gupta,
Umesh Chandra Kulshrestha
Published by Springer
India and the Contemporary International System
~ Amitabh Mattoo, Happymon Jacob
Published by Manohar
India's Economic Growth
~ Mallika Joseph, Happyon Jacob
Published by Manohar
Public Secrets of Law
~ Pratiksha Baxi
Published by Oxford
A Critical Impulse to e-Governance in the Asia Pacific
~ Amita Singh
Published by Springer
The Body in Indian Art and Thought
~ Naman P. Ahuja
In Flux
Contemporary Art in Asia

~ Parul Dave Mukherji, Naman P. Ahuja, Kavita Singh
Contemporary Urbanisation in India
~ Anuradha Banerjee
Sourcing Surrogates
~ Deepa V., Mohan rao, Rama Baru, Ramila Bisht, Sarojini N., Susan Fairly Murray
Caste and Democracy in India
~ Vivek Kumar
Dual Identity
Indian Diaspora and Other Essays

~ KL Sharma and Renuka Singh
Published by Orient BlackSwan
Labyrinths of Language
~ Franson Manjali
Sociology of Education in India
~ Geetha B. Nambissan, S. Srinivasa Rao
Published by Oxford
Amir Khusraw's India
~ Akhlaq Ahan
Transforming South Asia
Imperatives for Action

~ Rajiv Bhatia, Swaran Singh, Reena Marwah
Aadiwasi Sahitya Vimarsh
~ Ganga Sahay Meena
India and GCC Countries Iran and Iraq
~ Sudhir T Devare, Swaran Singh, Reena Marwah
Making India: Colonialism, national Culture, and the Afterlife of Indian English Authority
~ Makarand R. Paranjape
Published by Springer
Journeys To Sagred India
~ Makarand R. Paranjape
Published by HAY House
Exploring Margins
~ Nilika Mehrotra
Published by Rawat Publication
India's Political and Foreign Relations with the Gulf Region
~ A K Pasha
India and the GCC States: Historical, Geopolitical, and Strategic Perpectives
~ A K Pasha
Body Offering
~ Makarand R. Paranjape
Published by Rupa
Citizenship and Its Discontents
An Indian History
~ Niraja Gopal Jayal
Dalit Assertion
~ Sudha Pai
Published by Oxford
Handbook of Politics in Indian States
~ Sudha Pai
Published by Oxford
Development Masculinity and Christianity
~ Tiplut Nongbri
Published by Indian Institute of Advanced Study
Regional Economic Integration in South Asia: Trapped in Conflict?
~ Amita Batra
Published by London: Routledge
Industrialization of China and India: Their Impacts on the World Economy
~ Jayati Ghosh, Nobuharu Yokokawa, Bob Rowthorn
Published by Routledge
Shakti. Quand les Indiennes ont leur mot à écrire
~ N. Kamala , Co ed. with Claire Barthez
Published by Goyal Publishers: New Delhi, 2013
The Wounded World: Essays on Ethics and Politics
~ Saitya Brata Das
Published by Aakar Books
Bauddha Dharma
~ C. Upender Rao
Indian Economy since Independence
~ Arun Kumar
Published by Vision Books
~ Surinder S. Jodhka
Published by Oxford
Gandhi-Lohia-Jayprakash aur Hamara Samay
~ Anand Kumar
X-Ray Spectroscopy
~ Shatendra K. Sharma
Published by Intech Publishers Crotia
Santideva and Bodhicaryavatara
~ C. Upender Rao, Chodrung-ma Kunga Chodron & Michelle L. Dexter
International Relations: Perspective for the Global South
~ B.S. Chimni, S. Mallavarapu
Published by Pearson
Clash of Waves
~ Sunita Reddy
Published by Indos Books
India and New Zealand in a Rising Asia
~ Man Mohini Kaul, Vibhanshu Shekhar
India-China Relations : Civilizational Perspective
~ Wang Shuying, B. R. Deepak
India-China Relations : Future Perspective
~ D P Tripathi and B. R. Deepak
The Song of the Loom
~ Vijaya Ramaswamy
Contemporary Caribbean
~ Priti Singh &
M. Raymond Izarali
Vaishesik Darshan mein Padaarth Nirupan
~ ShashiPrabha Kumar
Published by D.K. Printworld (p) Ltd.
Non-discrimination and Equality in India
~ Vidhu Verma
Published by Routledge
Biotechnology in Medicine and Agriculture
~ Anil Kumar, Ashwani Pareek, Sanjay Mohan Gupta
India-Japan Relations in Emerging Asia
~ Takenori Horimoto | Lalima Varma
Published by Manohar
Ecological Limits and Economic Development
~ Ramparasad Sengupta
Pulished by Oxford
Sociology of Education in India
~ Geetha B. Nambissan & S. Srinivasa Rao
Published by Oxford
India and the Gulf Region: Maritime History, Trade, Security and Political Reforms
~ A K Pasha
Caste should be destroyed-Why?
~ Ajith Kanna
Appassamy's Tragedy or Story of an Amazing Traveler
~ Ajith Kanna
Published by Langers
Issues in Learning Theories and Pedagogical Practices Vol.1 & 2
~ Vaishna Narang
Published by Orient BlackSwan
Classical Vaisesika in Indian Philosophy
~ ShashiPrabha Kumar
Published by Routledge Hindu Studies Series