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School of Computational and Integrative Sciences (SC&IS)

Erstwhile the School of Information Technology (SIT) established in the year 2001 and renamed as School of Computational and Integrative Sciences (SC&IS) in 2010, the School carries out teaching and research in the inter-disciplinary areas of computational genomics, bioinformatics & drug discovery, database management & systems biology, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. The aim of the School is to innovate and integrate computational and analytical approaches adopted in different branches of sciences to find solutions. Rapid advancement in science and the cutting edge technologies enable and drive research in a big way, providing the opportunity to innovate. The School’s academic and research programs are currently focused on the core area of computational and systems biology with future emphasis on the study of complex systems, high density data analysis, theoretical biophysical chemistry and computational neurosciences.

Thrust Areas for research :

  • Computational Genomics
  • Development of Tools in Bioinformatics
  • Structure based Bioinformatics and in silico Drug Discovery
  • Database Management
  • Microarray Analysis and Data mining
  • Systems Biology
  • Complex System Studies

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    Courses : We offer.....

    The School of Computational and Integrative Sciences (formerly the School of Information Technology), Jawaharlal Nehru University, presently hosts the Center for Computational & Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, a Center of Excellence of the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, and the Center for Complex Systems, introduced in the XIIth Plan by UGC. The School has been offering programs in Computational & Systems Biology and Bioinformatics: an Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D program (Specialization in Computational Biology or Complex Systems), and a pre-Ph.D. program in Computational Biology and Integrative Sciences from the year 2009. The School has encouraged intake from multiple disciplines into these programs - Information Technology, Bioinformatics, the Life Sciences/Biotechnology, the Physical and Chemical Sciences, among others.

    Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D program

    With the formation of the Center for Complex Systems, it is realized that the School should widen its academic program beyond Computational & Systems Biology. The Jawaharlal Nehru University has been a leader in offering School level multidisciplinary Master’s programs in Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology and Physical Sciences. The proposed integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. program in SC&IS would continue in this trend - offering a M.Sc. degree in Computational and Integrative Sciences with a specialization in either Computational Biology or Complex Systems, followed by a Ph.D. degree. The Computational Biology stream will have equivalence to the M.Sc. in Bioinformatics, while the Complex Systems stream will have equivalence to the M.Sc. in Physical Sciences (till the time an approval of a unique degree in Complex Systems is sought from the UGC).

    Pre-Ph.D. in Computational Biology and Integrative Sciences

    The Pre-Ph.D. programme offered by School of Computational and Integrative Sciences consists of four courses of 3 credits each and one reading course with 3 credits (i.e total credit is (5*3 = 15)). In the first semester, students should take 3 courses ( 2 from the core course and 1 from the optional course) . In the second semester students should take 1 course and 1 reading course. Students must complete the course work requirements within the first year of study. The minimum SGPA & CGPA for general & SC/ST will be as per the Pre-Ph.D ordinance of JNU.

    Direct Ph.D


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