Dr. Debasisa Mohanty
National Institute of Immunology,
New Delhi
Dr. Jean-Numa Gillet
Dr. Kushal Kumar Shah
IIT, Delhi
Prof. N. Parimala
Prof. Rahul Roy
Indian Statistical Institute,
New Delhi
Dr. Rashi Gupta
Prof Sachin Maheswari
Dr. Supratim Sengupta
IISER, Kolkata
Dr. Lovekesh Vig
  • Area of work
    - Protein-DNA interactions;
    - Genome-wide biomolecular interactions
    - Algorthims for Computational Biology
    - Machine Learning and Integrative analysis of Biological data

  • Area of work
    - Computational Biology and Biological Physics
    - Protein folding and design
    - Interaction dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids

  • Area of work
    -Computational Structural Biology
    - Dynamic simulations of macromolecules
    - Protein Design
    - Computational Microbiology

  • Area of work
    - Modeling of RF System Design and Microstrip Antenna
    - Dielectric Resonator Antenna
    - Left Handed Metamaterial Microstrip Antenna
    - Shorted Microstrip Antenna, Ultra-Wideband Antennas
    - Reconfigurable and Circular Polarized Antenna for Wireless Communication and Mobile -    Communication
    - Computational RF Radiator.

  • Area of work
    Mathematical modelling and computer simulation,Stochastic evolution of socio-technical and engineering systems ,Performance modelling of Communication Networks,Bioinformatics/Systems Biology and Computational Neuroscience

  • Area of work
    - Genome Informatics
    - High-throughput Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis
    - Crop genetics
    - feedstock improvement for biofuels
    - Biotic and abiotic stress crosstalk.

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