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There are several groups in School of Physical Sciences, Centre for Biotechnology, School of Environmental Sciences and School of Life Sciences that are actively pursuing research work that touches many aspects of nanoscience and technology. However, the synergy is clearly missing though collaborations limited to personal levels exist. Since, JNU has the advantage of having the culture of interdisciplinary research ingrained into its ethos; it is natural that a discipline like nano-science and technology gets inroad into the academic program before it is too late. In this spirit, an Advisory Committee comprising of six scientists was set up in 2006 (under the Chairmanship of Prof. H. B. Bohidar) to explore the possibility of starting such an activity in JNU. The Advisory Committee Report submitted to the University where it was categorically recommended that a nanoscience centre be created in JNU immediately.

The essence of nano-sciences is the ability to work at molecular level, atom by atom to create macro-structures with fundamentally new molecular organization. The objective is to exploit their unique properties by gaining control structures and devices at atomic, molecular and supramolecular levels and to learn to efficiently manufacture and use these structures. Nanotechnology is the application of these assemblies in solving real life problems. Thus, with nano-sciences and technology, one attemptsĀ  to optimize what we know about science and how we apply this knowledge to solve problems.

The Special Centre for Nanoscience (SCNS) was established in JNU during the year 2010 as a fully supported program of UGC under the XIth Five Year Plan. Special attention is required to be given to human resource development. Implementation of nano-initiative projects would require new generation of workers to be trained in multidisciplinary perspectives. The teaching of concepts of nano-scale must begin and continue to penetrate the education systems at least from under graduate level. The road-map envisaged includes capacity building in this area by encouraging interdisciplinary teaching and research programs immediately.

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1. Preparation and characterization of Bio- polymeric nano-particles with potential for usage in laser immuno-assay and drug delivery. DST Nano-initiative (2005-2009). H. B. Bohidar.

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