Programme of Study

Winter semester (January - June) 2016

The Center will eventually offer  special topic courses in the area of Nanoscience.  A Ph.D. program is envisaged in future.

Special Topic Course Outline

(A representative elective course for M.Sc final year student)
(Nano-Science & Technology)
(3+1 contact hours/week)
(Total 40 lecture)

  • Module-I
  • Principal & preparation of model nano-particals (metallic, semiconducting, (bio) polymeric, carbon based) (5)
  • Size and Surface characterization (LLS, UV-VIS, FTIR-RAMAN/ XRD/PL/TEM/SEM/AFM) (8)
  • Applications (physical, biological, environmental) (3)


(16 lectures)

  • Module-II
  • Intermolecular forces & potentials
  • Phase transitions in nano-system
  • Molecular self-assembly
  • Molecular Building Block (diamondoids, DNA & DNA-protein directed, bio-molecular scaffoldings)                                                                                    (20 lecture)
  • Module-III
  • Current challenges                                                                    (4 lecture)

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Recent Projects

1. Preparation and characterization of Bio- polymeric nano-particles with potential for usage in laser immuno-assay and drug delivery. DST Nano-initiative (2005-2009). H. B. Bohidar.

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