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Faculty @ School of Computer & Systems Sciences

Prof. Karmeshu
Ph. D (University of Delhi)
Research Areas: Stochastic Modeling & Simulation,
Performance Modeling of Communication Networks,
Computational Neuro-Science and Finance
Prof. K. K. Bharadwaj
Ph. D (IIT Kanpur)
Research Areas: Intelligent Systems,
Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Machine Learning
Prof. C. P. Katti
Ph. D (IIT Delhi)
Research Areas: Parallel Computing, Numerical Analysis
Prof. Karmeshu
(Superannuated & Re-employed)
Prof. K K Bhardwaj
(Superannuated & Re-employed)
Prof. C P Katti
Prof. S. Balasundaram
Ph. D (IIT Delhi)
Research Areas: Support Vector Machine,
Computer Graphics
Prof. Parimala N.
Ph. D (University of Hyderabad)
Research Areas: DBMS, Data Warehousing,
Software Engineering, Object Oriented Systems,
Service Oriented Architecture
Prof. Sonajharia Minz
Ph. D (JNU)
Research Areas: Data Mining, Soft Computing,
Agent-Based Systems
Prof. S Balasundaram Prof. N Parimala Prof. Sonajharia Minz
Prof. R. K. Agrawal
Ph. D (University of Delhi)
Research Areas: Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Soft Computing, Security
Prof. D. K. Lobiyal
Ph. D (JNU)
Research Areas: Ad-Hoc Networks, Natural Language Processing
Prof. D.P. Vidyarthi
Research Areas: Parallel & Distributed Systems, Mobile Computing
Prof. R K Agrawal Prof. D K Lobiyal Prof. D P Vidyarthi
Prof. Rajeev Kumar
Ph. D (Sheffield)
Research Areas: Dependable Software Systems, Evo. Algorithms, Machine Intelligence, Multimedia
Prof. Satish Chand
Ph. D (JNU)
Research Areas: Video processing & broadcasting, Image processing, Digital watermarking,Digital steganography, Networks
Prof. Rajeev Kumar Prof. Satish Chand
Dr. T. V. Vijay Kumar
Ph. D (JNU)
Research Areas: Databases, Data Warehousing,
Nature Inspired Algorithms and Big Data Analytics
Dr. TV Vijay Kumar
Dr. Sushil Kumar
Ph. D (JNU)
Research Areas: Communication Networks & Simulation (Wireless Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks), Internet of Things
Dr. Zahid Raza
Ph. D (JNU)
Research Areas: Parallel & Distributed Systems
Dr. Aditi Sharan
Ph. D (Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur)
Research Areas: Soft Computing,Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining and Web Mining
Dr. Sushil Kumar Dr. Zahid Raza Dr. Aditi Sharan
Dr. Tirthankar Gayen
Ph. D (IIT Kharagpur)
Research Areas: Software Engineering,
Cloud computing and Natural Language Processing
Dr. Poonam Agarwal
Ph. D (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Research Areas: Microelectro Mechanical
Systems, Fabrication Technology
RF- Microelectro Mechnical systems
Dr. Ayesha Choudhary
Ph. D (IIT, Delhi)
Research Areas: Computer Vision
Machine Learning, Digital Image Processing
Vision Based Computer Graphics
Dr. Tirthankar Gayen Dr. Poonam Agarwal Dr. Ayesha Choudhary
Dr. Karan Singh
Ph. D (MNNIT, Allahabad)
Research Areas: Network Security,
Multicast Communication,
Computer Networking, Sensor Network
Dr. Asutosh Srivastava
Ph. D (ETCE, Jadavpur University)
Research Areas: VLSI design, Nano-electronics,
CAD tools in VLSI design, Computer Architecture
Dr. Buddha Singh
Ph. D (JNU, New Delhi)
Research Areas: Ad-Hoc & Wireless Sensor Networks, Cognitive Radio, BigData Analytics, Complex Networks Analysis, Mobile Computing
Dr. Karan Singh Dr. Asutosh Srivastava Dr. Buddha Singh
Dr. Ratneshwer
PhD (IIT (BHU), Varanasi)
Research Areas: Software Engineering, Computer Networks
Dr. Ratneshwer

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