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Programmes of Study

The School of Computer & Systems Sciences is one of the foremost institutions for teaching & research programs in the field of computer science. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the finest institutions of its kind in the country. The school offers Masters and Research programs leading to MCA, M.Tech. & PhD. degree.

The post graduate programmes at the school attract best of the students from all over the country. Every year around 20 thousand students including applicants from neighboring SAARC countries, appear for the MCA and M.Tech. entrance examination. The popularity of the programmes offered can be judged from the excellent (100%) placement of successful students in the best of the IT companies or R&D organizations.

The School ensures that its curricula conform to the needs of society & industry, thus equipping its students with relevant technical knowledge of high quality. The courses & syllabi are designed to cover theoretical & applied topics with an interdisciplinary interlace. High profile faculty group taking student representatives also in the loop through their lateral thinking, experience and projection designs course curriculum. The instruction methodology followed is a blend of lectures, seminars, group discussions, presentations and project work. The MCA and M.Tech programme also lays a strong foundation for pursuing research.


Embryonic idea of MCA got birth in 1985. This three-year (six semesters) programme is designed to provide necessary theoretical background and practical experience in computer Science and Applications to meet the growing manpower requirements in the IT sector. In the first five semesters the student undergoes course work followed by a project in the sixth semester.

Mode of Selection:

Students are selected through rigorous process of examination, nearly 12,000 graduates compete neck to neck and among them around 46 high brass candidates are selected from the country (to mention, a part of the strength comes from across the globe also). The success ratio is 1:400.


The M.Tech. programme began in 1985. This two year programme (four semesters) programme is designed to help students sharpen their analytical and conceptual skills and develop methodological rigor in dealing with real world problems. In the first two semesters the student undergoes course work followed by dissertation work in the subsequent third and fourth semesters.

Mode of Selection:

Students are selected after undergoing a rigorous written test and the interview. The written test carries a weight age of 70%. Out of the thousands of candidates who appear, 60 to 70 candidates are finally called for an interview conducted by a panel of professors from which only 28 are finally selected. The success ratio is 1:300.


The School has major focus on research and offers integrated M.Tech./PhD. programme and Direct PhD. programme. The school currently has more than 40 PhD. students enrolled for the programme. The broad research areas are: Databases, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Computer Graphics & Multimedia, Wireless & Mobile Communication, Parallel & Distributed Computing, Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Natural Language Processing, Soft Computing, Data Warehousing & Mining, System Software, System Modeling & Simulation, Digital Image Processing, Scientific Computing and Optimization.

Mode of Selection:

M.Tech students can continue to pursue PhD Programme. The students for the Direct PhD. programme are selected based on an interview by an expert panel of faculties of the school.