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Seminars @ SC&SS

It's a great occasion to take cue, beyond price, from the progenitors of respective field of research, work etc. School organizes seminars at least once in a week, in order to have understanding of ongoing research and new technology added to Computer Science, also new working methodology adopted by industry.

School distils the thought idea, and information from go-getter of contemporary world i.e. we invite scholars and researchers from entire gamut of computer science. We ferret out information and trade our ideas & feeling with the man in show by batteries of questions. Its a process to season academic chores with toothsome research and information.

Stirring seminar does act as to fashion the way of thinking and working of student of SC&SS, JNU. It's a step to quench the thirst of happenings and to season academic session with latest development and research in national & international arena of Computer Science. We lay the red carpet to scholars from different universities, national and international, industries in order to have heartening effect on the fetish to have a world-beater. It's conducted in order to have its talent exacting & copasetic standard of software field.

We would like to enlist some lectures by scholars & industrial person on different topics:

Seminars held in the past
Topic: Plagiarism & The Slippery Slope Of Ethics
Speaker: Dr. N. Raghuram (Associate Professor)
Topic: Learning To Propagate Rare Labels For Fraud Detection
Speaker: Dr. Dinesh Garg
Topic: Acute Dimensionality And Sample Size Problems In Statistical
And Neural Pattern Recognition And Related Machine Learning Areas.
Speaker: Prof. Sarunas Raudys
Topic: Optimization Via Simulation
Speaker: Prof. Shalabh Bhatnagar
Topic: Dynamic Temporal Workload In Hybrid Data Centers And Energy Aware Aggregation
Speaker: Prof. Deep Medhi
Topic: Kinetic Exchange Models In Complex Socio-Economic System
Speaker: Dr. Anirban Chakraborti (Associate Professor)
Topic: Multiagent Modeling Of Complex System
Speaker: Dr. Anirban Chakraborti (Associate Professor)
Topic: Computation In The Cerebellar Granular Layer Microcircuit: Timing, Plasticity,
And Extracellular Field Reconstructions
Speaker: Dr. Shyam Divakar