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US Studies Programme at CCUSLAS


The US Studies Programme of the School of International Studies is one of the oldest Area Studies programmes of the School. Founded by Late Prof. M.S. Venkataramani in early fifties, this programme has consistently attracted large number of students interested in studying various facets of US institutions, political processes and foreign and national security policies. The programme is proud to have produced above two hundred doctoral theses and several hundred M.Phil dissertations.

Faculty of this programme are well known scholars in the field and have considerable international exposure. Their research experience, participation in critical international and national debates on crucial issues involving US policy towards India and its neighbours; and their well rounded knowledge of US Politics and Foreign Policy have enabled them to encourage scholars to study, conduct research and expand their knowledge and understanding of the United States. Alumni of the US Studies programme have found a place in the faculty of various colleges and universities, in the print and audio-visual media and also in different branches of the Indian bureaucracy.

Courses offered by the programme are designed to interpret issues and events in American history, politics, Foreign Policy from an interdisciplinary perspective. It aims at promoting an Indian perspective and has a wide appeal among the students of social sciences and International Relations streams. Students also explore ideas about citizenship, national identity, emerging Role of Indian Diaspora in US politics, while also focusing on how America engages Rising India.


Courses are offered at M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D levels. As of today, over 100 Ph.D degrees and over 200 M.Phil degrees have been awarded in American Studies. Courses are inter-disciplinary in nature and aim at educating Indian scholars and equipping them with expertise to analyze politics and governance, public and foreign policies as well as multifaceted social relations in the United States. A balanced approach, comprising of theoretical, empirical and deductive methods, is pursued in the conduct of research programmes and activities.

M.A. Courses

IS 513N Government and Politics of the U.S.A.: K.P. Vijayalakshmi

IS 572N Foreign Policy of the United States since the Second World War: Christopher Raj & Chintamani Mahapatra

IS 598 N Introduction to American Society: Dr. Saumyajit Ray

M.Phil Courses

AW 602 Themes in Contemporary American History: K.P. Vijayalakshmi

AW 617 Executive, Congress and Foreign Policy: K.P. Viiayalakshmi

AW 628 American National Security Policy & Process: Christopher Raj & Chintamani Mahapatra

AW 652 US Policy towards the Asia-Pacific Region: Chintamani Mahapatra

AW 653 Society and Culture in the United States: Dr. Saumyajit Ray

AW 654 The Dynamics of American Society: Dr. Saumyajit Ray

AW 623 Research Methodology

Ph.D Courses

While the university has an integrated M.Phil and Ph.D Programme, applications are invited once a year for enrollment in the direct Ph.D programme as well. Qualified students are encouraged to attend classes on basic courses and are required to complete the course on research methodology.


Research scholars are encouraged to make full use of the libraries and depositories in Delhi, such as the JNU Library, American Centre Library, ICWA Library, and Teenmurthi Library. Some researchers visit the OUCIP in Hyderabad to collect research data. Huge amount of source materials on US Studies previously available at the American Studies Research Centre have been kept at the OUCIP.

Doctoral candidates who are at an advanced stage of their Thesis formulation compete for university grant to conduct field research in the United States. Others apply for Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellowship and, if selected, visit the US for about eight months to conduct field research.


The US Studies Programme seeks to promote appropriate understanding of the American society, polity and foreign policy. It trains the students to engage in serious research going beyond what is available in the media and the internet and helps them to make use of the enormous amount of source material available in various libraries. Efforts are made to involve and include its students to undertake archival research in their data collection as well.

The programme aims at providing policy input by conducting various activities.

Workshops, seminars and conferences are organized regularly to address the emerging trends in US Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy and issues related to globalization, Human Rights, Traditional and Non-Traditional security, Comprehensive security, Transnational Terrorism, Management of international trade system, Gender issues, Elections and Diaspora issues.


Scholars who have obtained degrees on from the programme serve as government officials, specialists in think tanks, teachers in various universities and colleges around India, some are also media consultants and journalists in print and audio-visual media.

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