A lecture on

"New Media in China: Some Images of DPRK"

by Dr. Chuanjie Zhang,
Associate Professor,
Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Date: 21 August at 11:00am
Venue: SIS Committee Room, 001

Seminar Titles
Please click on the titles to read the reports prepared by scholars of the Centre.
  1. "Recent Chinese Anti-satellite Missile Test", 6 February 2007
  2. "Emergent Tensions in the run up to the 17th Party Congress"
  3. "Ballistic Missile Defence System and East Asia"
  4. "Regional Cooperation: Yunnan’s Perspective"
  5. "Understanding the role of the government in the rise of the competitiveness of the Chinese industries – examples    of the automotive and IT industry", 24 April, 2008

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