CITD Seminars for Winter 2017


11th: Radhika Lahiri (Queensland University of Technology)
Institutional Development, Technology Adoption and Redistribution: A Political Economy Perspective


1st: Ganesh Manjhi (PhD Candidate, CITD, JNU)
"Centre State Political Transfer Cycles'

8th: Mandira Sarma (Associate Professor, CITD, SIS, JNU)
"Asset Inequality in India - from bad to worse"

17th: Prabirendra Chatterjee (Sabanci University, Istanbul)
"Sponsored Content Advertising in a Two-sided Market"


8th: Prarthna Aggarwal Goel (PhD Candidate, CITD, JNU)
"Sex Ratio and Crime: District Level Evidence from India"

15th: Ritesh Jain (PhD Candidate, Ohio State University)


5th: Ruchita Manghnani, Economist, Trade and Competitiveness Department, World Bank

CITD Seminars for Monsoon 2016

10th: Kollapuri M

Ph.D. Research Scholar, Centre for International Trade and Development
Impact of Bank Consolidation on Banks' Efficiency: An Empirical Study from India

17th: Dr. Samuel Asher
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Oxford
Market Access and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Rural Roads in India

31st Prof. B. L. Pandit
Guest Professor, CITD
Policy Rates of Interest

14th: Prof. Sebastian Dullien

HTW, Berlin
Rethinking Development Strategies after the crisis:What characterizes top growth performers?

21st: Samik Chowdhury
(Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi)
Health Financing in India Issues and Challenges

28th: Farzana Afridi
(ISI, Delhi)
Exposing Corruption: How does electoral competition effect politician behavior?

2nd: Rigzin Yangdol

(PhD Research Scholar, CITD, JNU)
Determinants of Access to Financial Services: A Cross Country Study

16th: Pavel Chakraborty
The Impact of Chinese Competition on Product Variety of Indian Firms

CITD Seminars for Winter 2016

January 13th: Rigzin Yangdol
PhD Candidate, CITD, JNU
"Outreach and Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions in India, 2012"

January 27th: Suchismita Tarafdar
Assistant Professor, Shiv Nadar University
"Fiscal Policy in an Emerging Market Business Cycle Model"

February 3rd: Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay (ISI, Delhi)
Associate Professor, ISI, Delhi
"Tertiary Education and Prosperity: Catholic Missionaries to Luminosity in India"

February 10th: Sabyasachi Das (ISI, Delhi)
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
"Social Network, Political Engagement, and Collective Action: Evidence from Rural India"

February 17th: PhD Synopsis Presentations

March 1st: Professor Roger Guesnerie
Paris School of Economics
"Questions Behind Climate Policies"

March 2nd: Deepti Goel (Delhi School of Economics)
Assistant Professor, Delhi School of Economics
"Caste Identity and Institutions: Perceptions About Remunerative Earnings from Self-Employment in India"

March 18th: Dr Axel Michaelowa
"Market mechanisms in international climate policy – between economic efficiency and political considerations"

March 23rd: Katharina Michaelowa (University of Zurich)
Professor, University of Zurich
"Transnational Climate Initiatives: Designed for Effective Climate Change Mitigation?"

March 30th: Debasis Mondal (IIT, Delhi)
Assistant Professor (Economics), IIT Delhi

April 6th: Yashobanta Parida (CITD, JNU)

List of seminars held at CITD, 2013:

1. Priya Bhagowalia (Associate Professor, Ambedkar University, Delhi) presented on "Does Child Undernutrition Persist Despite Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries?" on 23 April, 2013.
2. Divya Datt, Research Scholar, CITD, SIS, JNU presented on "Environmental Policy in a Federation with Special Interest Politics and Intergovernmental Fiscal Incentives" on 20 February 2013.
3. Alokesh Barua (Professor, CITD, JNU) presented on 'Trade and Wage Inequality: A Specific Factor Model with Intermediate Goods' on 30 January, 2013.

List of seminars held at CITD, 2011 – 2012:

1. Dil Bahadur Rahut (Faculty of Economics, South Asian University, New Delhi) presented on 'Nonfarm Employment and Rural Welfare: Evidence from the Himalayas' on 19 Sept, 2012.
2. Ashok Guha (Guest Professor, CITD, JNU) presented on 'Reversal of Fortune Revisited: the Geography of Transport and the Changing Balance of World Economic Power' on 05 Sept, 2012.
3. Sanchari Roy (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CAGE and Department of Economics, University of Warwick, UK) presented on 'Motivating Knowledge Agents: Financial Incentives versus Social Proximity' on 22 August, 2012
4. Sujata Basu (Research Scholar, CITD, JNU) presented on 'Endogenous Human Capital Formation, Distance to Frontier and Growth' on 30 March 2012
5. Sourabh Bikas Paul (Associate Fellow, NCAER) presented on 'Distributional Effects of Tariff Reforms in India' on 16 March 2012.
6. Gurbachan Singh (Visiting Faculty, Planning Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi) presented a seminar on "`Systemic' flight to quality from emerging economies, and enabled international credit lines" on 3 February, 2012.
7. Tara Shankar Shaw (guest faculty member, CITD, JNU) presented on "Does Food Subsidy Affect the Nutrition of the Household: Some Evidences from Indian Public Distribution System" on 20 January 2012.
8. Workshop on "Non parametric methods" by Monica Das, Skidmore College, USA, during 11-12 January, 2012
9. Siddhartha Chattopadhyay presented on 'Monetary Policy Switching to Avoid a Liquidity Trap' on 9 November 2011.
10. Tridip Sharma (Professor, ITAM, Mexico) presented his theoretical findings on "Transparency of Deliberations" on 1 November 2011.
11. Takahiro Sato (Associate Professor, Kobe University, Japan) presented a seminar titled "The Effect of Corruption on Manufacturing Sectors in India" on 21 October 2011.