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Science News:

Nobel Prize Awarded for Quantum Topology: Three physicists are awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics this year for rewriting our understanding of exotic quantum states on the surfaces of materials read more..

Strange Dark Galaxy Puzzles Astrophysicists: The surprising discovery of a massive, Milky Way-size galaxy that is made of 99.99 percent dark matter has astronomers dreaming up new ideas about how galaxies form. read more..

Colliding Black Holes Tell New Story of Stars: Just months after their discovery, gravitational waves coming from the mergers of black holes are shaking up astrophysics. read more..

SPS Journal Club is a group of dynamic and active students and faculties of Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics in School of Physical Sciences,JNU,New Delhi.It is a platform to promote lively discussion and exchange ideas among various disciplines.We meet every Monday at 5:00 PM in SPS Seminar room.

We organize talks related to current issues in Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics.These talks are pedagogical and very fundamental in nature. We screen movies and documentaries related to science. We act as a forum to promote interdisciplinary communication and collaboration among the students.

Upcoming Events:
JCSPS TALK on 19th September: The Interior of Pulsers by Prof. R. Rajaraman
SPS, JNU) at 5:00 pm.


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