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P.C. Joshi, the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of India, was one of the leading figures of the communist movement in India. Born in Almora in 1907, Joshi joined the Communist Party in 1929, and rose to prominence thereafter. He was soon thereafter arrested in connection with the Meerut Conspiracy Case. Despite an official ban on the C.P.I., Joshi continued to play a leading role in the activities of the party, and emerged as one of its most influential members. He was therefore chosen as the party's first General Secretary in late 1935, a capacity in which he served until his removal from the post twelve years later. more


The Archives on Contemporary History invites donations of personal papers, diaries, books, collections, memorabilia and photographs from members of communist and socialist parties, people broadly on the Indian Left, unions, workers, women's groups, members of cultural troupes etc. The archive is committed to archiving and preserving the history of the entire spectrum of the Indian left from about the beginning of the 20th century. It has no party affiliation and will preserve and use these materials for bonafide scholarly purposes.


Telangana Movement

Walls that Speak: The Mural Tradition of JNU

Telangana Movement Telangana Movement Telangana Movement    



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Journals/Newspapers & Manuscripts available in Archives on Contemporary History, JNU... more
  The Archives on Contemporary History located on the 6th floor of the Library Building is initiating a collection of materials related to the student movement in JNU from the time of the inception of the University. We therefore request you to donate such materials as pamphlets, memoirs, photographs, posters and other memorabilia for addition to our Archives. more