Academic Year 13-14
        MA Optional Courses
        Course Description


        Academic Year 13-14
        Optional Courses
        Course Description


Master of Arts (MA) Programme

Students have to complete 16 courses, each carrying 4 credits. Of these, 8 are compulsory and 8 are optional. In the first 2 semesters there is no choice and the student is expected to complete 8 compulsory courses (4 in each semester). The student takes 4 optional courses in each of the remaining two semesters in the second year.

MA Semester I
EC-401 Macroeconomics 4 credits
EC-404 Introduction to Statistical & Econometric Methods 4 credits
EC-406 Indian Economic Problems 4 credits
EC-407 Mathematical Methods in Economics 4 credits
MA Semester II
EC-402 Microeconomic Theory 4 credits
EC-403 Trade, Finance and Development 4 credits
EC-405 Political Economy of Development 4 credits
EC-408 Problems of Accumulation 4 credits
MA Semester III
  Optional I 4 credits
  Optional II 4 credits
  Optional III 4 credits
  Optional IV 4 credits
MA Semester IV
  Optional V 4 credits
  Optional VI 4 credits
  Optional VII 4 credits
  Optional VIII 4 credits