Academic Year 13-14
        MA Optional Courses
        Course Description


        Academic Year 13-14
        Optional Courses
        Course Description


Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)/Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programme

A student registered in the programme has to complete 4 courses – each carrying 4 credits – in the first two semesters. Of these, 3 courses are optional and one is a compulsory course on methods. There is an MPhil dissertation carrying 8 credits that must be completed over the third and fourth semesters. After the completion of her/his MPhil dissertation, based on the fulfillment of minimum grade requirements according to the JNU rules, the student can register for the PhD programme. The student has 8 semesters (4 years) to complete her/his PhD thesis.

M.Phil Semester I and II
  Compulsory Course (EP 601 or EP 602) 4 credits
  Optional I 4 credits
  Optional II 4 credits
  Optional III 4 credits
M.Phil Semester III and IV
  MPhil Dissertation 8 credits

Compulsory Courses (A student has to opt for only one of the two courses below)

Course no. Course Name Credits
EP 601 Methods of Economic Analysis 4 credits
EP 602 Statistical and Econometric Methods 4 credits