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DSA-I: 2009-2013
The Centre for Political Studies successfully completed the Special Assistance Programme, DRS, Phase-I (2004-2009) in 2009. The Centre requested the UGC for upgradation of the programme from DRS-I to DSA-I. The UGC, after a Review, granted DSA-I for a further period of five years (2009-2014). Professor Sudha Pai was designated as the Co-ordinator.

Under the DSA Programme, the Thrust Areas of the Centre are:

i) Democracy, Development and Social Justice: Political Processes and State Practices
ii) Political Ideas in India: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Achievements of the Centre

CPS has got Sixth ranking in International Assessment done by an agency in UK. Members of different committees of Research institutes, selection board, editorial boards, etc.

University Administration in the position of Dean and Rector

Publication of Books by reputed publishing Houses like OUP, Sage, Routledge, etc.

Faculty's Achievements

T.G. Suresh was conferred Asia Fellow Award, Asian Scholarship Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008

Asha Sarangi was conferred Social Scientist Award under the Indo-French Cultural Exchange Programme, University Grant Commission, New Delhi, India, 2007

Gopal Guru was conferred the Malcome Adiseshiah award, 2013.



  • Jinee Lokaneeta, Associate Professor, Political Science, Drew University, New Jersey (10-16 February 2014).
  • Professor Jairus Banaji, Department of Development Studies, SOAS, University of London, from 14 to 23 March, 2013.
  • Professor Sajal Nag, Department of History, Assam University, Silchar from 11 to 17 March 2013.
  • Dr. Trevor Stack, Department of Civil Society, Citizenship & Rule of Law University of Aberdeen, UK, from 25 January to 03 February, 2013.
  • Dr. Gorringe Hugo, Lecture in Sociology, University of Edinburgh, UK- from 2 to 6 September, 2012.
  • Professor Monirul Hussain, Department of Political Science, Guwahati University, is scheduled to come as Visiting Fellow at the Centre from 24- 29 March 2012.
  • Professor Chetan Bhatt, Director, Centre for the Study of Human Rights, LSE, U.K.  20-23 March 2012.
  • Dr. Vasanthi Srinivasan, Associate Professor, Department of Political Studies at the University of Hyderabad, from 5 to 9 March 2012.
  • Professor Sanjay Lodha, Department of Political Science, M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur, from 17 February to 24 February 2012
  • Professor Shekhar Pathak (Retd.), Department of History, Kumaun University, Nainital, from 31 January to 8 February 2012.
  • Prof. Daniel Drache, Professor of Roberts Centre for Canadian Studies and Professor of Political Science, York University, Canada, September 6-10, 2010.
  • Professor Ashwini Deshpande, Dept of Economics, Delhi School of Economics October 4-8, 2010.
  • Professor Sudipta Kaviraj, Dept of Politics and Anthropology, Columbia University, October 18-24, 2010.
  • Dr. Amita Baviskar, Professor at the Institute of Economic Growth October 22-29, 2010.
  • Dr Samir Kumar Das, Professor of Political Science at the University of Calcutta, Kolkata 7 -11 March 2011.
  • Dr J. Devika, Associate Professor at Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 21- 25 March 2011.
  • Dr Srirupa Roy, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 28 March to 1 April 2011.


  • Jinee Lokaneeta, Seminar, Defining an Absence: Torture "Debate" in India, Wednesday 12 February, 2014, 3:00 pm.
  • Jinee Lokaneeta, Seminar Discussion, Tuesday, 11 February, 2014,
  • Dr. Jairus Banaji, A Discussion of Sartre's Critique of Dialectical Reason, session II, 19 March, 2013.
  • Dr. Jairus Banaji, A Discussion of Sartre's Critique of Dialectical Reason, session I, 15 March, 2013.
  • Prof. Sajal Nag, Lecture to M.A. IV Semester students on March 15, followed by interaction with research students and faculty members of the centre.
  • Prof. Sajal Nag. Department of History, Assam University, Silchar, delivered a talk on Politics of Counter Insurgency in Mizoram on 13 March 2013.
  • Dr Trevor R. Stack, Director, Centre for Citizeship, Civil Society and Rule of Law, Programme Coordinator, Department of Hispanic Studies, University of Aberdeen, 'Citizens' and their Stance toward 'Religion': The Demands of Modern Government, 30 January 2013
  • Dr. Gorringe Hugo, Lecture in Sociology, University of Edinburgh, 'Now we Too can Twirl Our Moustache: Caste, the Body and Dalit Politics in Tamil Nadu', 5, September, 2012


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