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Compulsory courses

The ten compulsory courses for MA programme are defined around 3 broad rubrics:
(1) Political Theory and Philosophy;
(2) Indian Government, Politics and
(3) Comparative Politics and International Relations.

Four out of the ten compulsory courses belong to the stream of Indian politics and cover a wide canvas, from political thought in modern India to development policy in contemporary times, in addition to the more customary grounding in political institutions, processes and policies.

The compulsory courses in Political Philosophy cover concepts, the history of political ideas (in interaction with social history, as also in their diverse interpretations), while a more specialized fare is offered by way of courses in democratic theory, equality and distributive justice, multiculturalism, Marxism and Early Modern Political Thought.

Analogous to these are a set of courses, which are intended to secure analytical mastery over basic concepts, approaches and methods in political science. These include the compulsory course in research methodology. This course is an introduction to the philosophy and method of social sciences as well as operationalization of research methods. Apart from the courses in comparative politics and international relations there are options on foreign policy, national security and terrorism and globalisation.


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