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1. How can I join the Centre for Political Studies (CPS) as a student?
The Centre follows JNU centralized admission procedures. For more information on the admissions you can click on the JNU main website section on Admissions. You can find more details on the admissions on

2. I am an international student. Is the procedure of admission same for me as the Indian nationals?
For international students JNU does have a separate policy. Please refer to the link

3. Are there any seats reserved for International students at the Master's or PhD level?
Refer to the above mentioned link.

4. What is the student's intake of the centre?
The present intake for Masters' course is 80 (excluding direct foreign students)

5. Can I apply online for the admission?
Yes. JNU website has a separate link for online admission portal. Please see the main website. A link is available on this website as well.

6. What are the fellowships and other financial assistance available to students of the centre?
Please refer to the section on fellowships and endowments section on Students' Corner link.

7. How can I apply for various fellowships?
Please refer to the section on fellowships and endowments section on Students' Corner link. You can also see the link on JNU website for financial assistance.

8. What is the evaluation system of the Centre for the Master's program?
The centre follows the ten point grading system which is being implemented through the JNU policy. However, JNU evaluation system does provide flexibility within these existing rules. For various courses, the method of evaluation is decided by the concerned course instructor with the consent of the Centre.

9. What are the minimum eligibility criteria for joining the centre?
Please refer to the manual on admission policy or the section on "How to Join the Centre" under Students' corner tab.

10. Can I take direct admission in the PhD program of the centre?
Please refer to the Direct Phd section in the Program section.

11. How can I know about various faculties and their areas of specialization of the centre?
You can go through the detailed profile of the faculties provided on the website. Also see the section on About the Centre.

12. What are the courses being taught in the centre at the Master's level?
Refer to the tab on Courses.

13. What are the courses being taught at the M.Phil level?
Refer to the tab on Courses.

14. Is the M.Phil./PhD program is an integrated program? What are the criteria of being promoted to PhD program?
Please refer to the Admission manual for more details.

15. I come from rural area and I don't know anybody in Delhi? How can I get residential facility on the campus?
JNU is a residential campus and it provides hostel facilities to the students coming from various parts of the country. The Dean of Students' Welfare looks into the accommodation facilities for the students. Students can contact the DSW office after coming to the campus. For more details see the link

16. If I have any query regarding entrance examinations, whom should I contact?
You can contact the Office of the Director for Admissions. During admission time JNU opens up a separate counter for such assistance as well.

17. How do I get the reading material of my courses?
JNU provides previous year question papers for various entrance examinations. These questions banks are available after the date of notification of the admissions. You can pay and get these question banks from the university administrative block building.

18. What are the library timings?
Please refer to the Central library home page for more details.

19. How can I get my readings photocopied?
There is a photocopy shop in the school building downstairs. You can pay and get your course readings Xeroxed.

20. What if I have missed my assignment or exam?
You need to inform the centre office and concerned teacher in this case.

21. Can I write to the Centre for any assistance?
You can write an email to the Student Faculty Committee's students' representatives.

22. I have completed my course, credit and grade requirements. How can I obtain my certificate or other documents?
You need to contact the Evaluation Branch located in the Administrative Block. More details are available on the

23. How can I find the details about the research done at the centre?
Please refer to the section on Archives.


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