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Name of the faculty
Work Tenure
Areas of Specialization
Prof. K. Seshadri 1973-1986 Indian Politics, Public Administration, Marxism
Prof. Rasheeduddin Khan 1970-1989 Federalism, Indian Politics, West Asia
Prof. Sudipta Kaviraj 1971-1991 Political Theory, Socialism, Indian Politics
Prof. C P Bhambhri 1972-1998 Political Processes, Bureaucracy, Indian Politics
Prof. S.N. Jha 1978-2001 Methods in Social Sciences
Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad 1972-2002 Political Sociology, Minority Politics
Prof. Kuldeep Mathur 1986-2003 Public Policy, Development Administration
Prof. A. K. Ray 1974-2003 International Relations, Foreign Policy of India
Prof. Kiran Saxena 1975-2004 Trade Unionism, Gender Politics
Prof. Rajeev Bhargava 1980-2005 Political Philosophy, Political Thought, Secularism
Dr. Bishnu Mahapatra 1994-2005 Nationalism, Politics and Culture
Prof. Balveer Arora 1973-2010 Federalism, Political Institutions In India
Prof. Zoya Hasan 1975-2014 Indian Government and Politics, Political Institutions, Election process
Prof. Valerian Rodrigues 2003-2015 Political Philosophy, Agrarian Politics



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