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The centre offers a wide range of optional courses ranging from political concepts and ideas, globalization and political philosophy. The objective of these courses is to develop an in depth understanding of the students in various sub themes of the discipline or emerging areas. These courses provide students an opportunity for a more intensive study of political parties, pressure groups, regional politics, social movements, centre-state relations, development policy and administration. However, a large majority of optional courses are offered in the field of Indian politics in order to familiarize them with the various developments in Indian polity.

Currently the Centre's course list has 32 optional courses from which students may choose, depending upon their interest and future plans. A list of these courses is available on the website. Students may also cover the credit requirements by taking optional courses outside of the Centre, in other Centres of the School of Social Sciences as well as the School of International Relations.

List of MA Optional Courses
507 Democratic Theory
511 Philosophical Issues in Marxism
512 Interpretation in Social theory
517 State Politics in India
509 Radical Movements in India
522 Indian Foreign Policy
523 Election and Political Process in India
530 Politics of Third World Societies
531 State in India
532 National Security and Terrorism in India
533 Democracy and Multiculturalism
534 Feminism and Political Theory
535 Equality and Distributive Justice
536 Politics of Indian Diaspora
537 Politics of Social Justice in India
539 Issues in Political Philosophy in Modern India
540 Classical Political Philosophy
541 Early Modern Political Thought
542 Political Philosophy of Kant and Hegel
506 Texts in Political Philosophy
544 Recognition, Redistribution and Representation

List of MPhil Optional Courses
604 Federal Polity in India
622 Agrarian Movement and Politics in India
630 Texts in Political Philosophy


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