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The Centre has been organizing various lectures by eminent scholars on every Wednesday. Details of some of these lectures are as follows:

Lectures organized in the year 2014

• Dr. Rajesh Venugopal, Lecturer, Department of International Development, London School of Economics, 'Explaining Violence, Crisis and Dysfunctionality: Evidence from Post-War Sri Lanka'.

• J.A. Steans, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK, ‘Rethinking the Potential and Dilemmas of Transnational/Global Feminist Activism: The Case of Gender Violence and Women’s Human Rights.’ 2.30 pm, 19th February, 2014.

• Jinee Lokhaneeta, Associate Professor, Drew University, USA, Defining an Absence: Torture “Debate” in India ,12th February, 2014.

• Trevor Stack, Citizenship Beyond the State? University of Aberdeen, U.K, Wednesday 26th February, 2014.

Lectures organized in the year 2013

• Roger Jeffery, University of Edinburg, spoke on 'The Politics of Public Health in India', 13 November, 2013.

• Dr. Peter D'Souza (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi) spoke on 'Swaraj in Ideas: Revisited', 6th November, 2013.

• Dr. Rukmini Sen, Ambekar University Delhi, Delhi, spoke on 'Women's Movements in India: Politics and Pedagogy', 30th October 2013.

• Dr. Ratna Kapur, Jindal Global Law School, Sonepat and Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, 'The Delhi Rape and Law: Are We Better Off?, 23 October 2013.

• Dr. Michael Becker, Univerity of Wuerzburg, Germany, 'Democratic Theory and Separation of Powers' 9th October 2013.

• Dr. Gilles Verniers, Indian Representative, Centre for Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, SciencesPo, Paris, Minority Politics in UP, 18 September, 2013

• John Mitra, Maoist Challenge and State Response, 22 August, 2013

• Dr. Rita Kothari, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT, Gandhinagar, Language at the Edge of the Nation, 17 April, 2013

• Dr. Shankar Ramaswami, Visiting Associate Fellow, CSDS, Delhi, Souls in the Kalyug: The Politics and Theologies of Migrant Workers in Delhi, 10 April, 2013

• Srinivasan V. Ramani, Senior Assistant Editor, Economic and Political Weekly, State Restructuring in 'Naya' Nepal: The Constituent Assembly Experiment, 3 April, 2013

• Dr Ananya Vajpeyi, Fellow, CSDS, DELHI & Senior Fellow, American Institute of Indian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru and the Search for the Self in Modern India, 6 March, 2013.

• Dr. Thorvald Sirnes, Centre for the Studies of Sciences and the Humanities (SVT), University of Bergen, Norway, The Body of the Marginalised, February 27, 2013

• Dr Antje Linkenbach, Max-Weber Kolleg Universitat, Erfurt, Germany, Activism and the Practices of Belonging: Reflections on Actors and Transformative Agenda of Contemporary Struggles for Social Change, 9 January, 2013.

Lectures organized in the year 2012
• Angana Chatterji, anthropologist, activist and feminist historian, Subaltern Archives as Counter-memory, 23 July, 2012.

• Selma K. Sonntag, Department of Government and Politics, Humboldt State University, California, The Political Economy of Linguistic Diversity in India, 4 April, 2012.

• Simona Sawhney, Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Minnesota, presented a paper, Bhagat Singh and the Emergence of "Total" Politics, on 15 February 2012

• Nel Vandekerckhove, University of Amsterdam, presented a paper, The Politics of Belonging, on 25 January 2012

• Ranrayan S. Rawat, University of Delaware, presented a paper, Reconsidering Untouchability: Chamars and Dalit History in North India, on 18 January 2012

Lectures organized in the year 2011
• S. Irfan Habib, National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi, presented a paper, Islam's/Muslim's Predicament with Modern Science, on 19 October 2011

• Ornit Shani, University of Haifa, Israel, presented a paper, Constituting Democratic Citizenship in the Wake of Partition, on 14 September 2011

• Sohini Guha, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi, presented a The Politics of Low Caste Empowerment in North India: Notes on the State-Society Distinction, on 7 September, 2011

• Alison Brysk, University of California, Santa Barbara, presented a paper Human Rights as Global Social Imagination, on 24 August 2011

• Abhar Sur, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presented a paper, Dispersed Radiance: Caste, Gender and Modern Science in India, on 17 August 2011

• Nandini Sunder, Delhi School of Economics, presented a paper, Citizenship in a Looking Glass World, on 10 August 2011

• Indrani Mazumdar, Indu Agnihotri and Neetha Pilai, presented a paper on 'Gender and Migration' on 16 March 2011.

• Neera Chandhok, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi, presented a paper on, What Sort of a Right is the Right of Secession, on 9 March 2011

• Manisha Sethi, Centre for Comparative Religion and Civilization, Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi presented a paper on, Simi and Simi-Lar: Framing Terrorists: Fixing Guilt, on 9 February 2011

Lectures organized in the year 2010
• Debora Spini, Syracuse University, delivered a talk on, The Double Face of European Civil Society, on 11 August 2010

• Jeremy Webber, University of Victoria, presented a paper on, Strategies of Justice, on 25 August 2010

• Pierre Micheletti, Grenoble Institute of Political Studies, France, presented a paper on, De-Westernizing the Humanitarian Movement, on 22 September 2010

• James Manor, University of London, delivered a Special Lecture on, The MGNREGA: A Political Analysis, on 10 November 2010


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