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Welcome to the Centre for Political Studies in the School of Social Sciences, JNU. Founded in 1971 it has an outstanding reputation for academic excellence. In the first year of its existence, the Centre launched the M.Phil. /Ph.D. programme with 15 students. In the following academic year, the M.A. programme was launched. In keeping with the spirit of the JNU Act of 1966, the Centre for Political Studies incorporated a strong interdisciplinary emphasis in the structure and design of its syllabi. It has become one of the largest Centres of the School of Social Sciences drawing students from all parts of the country and abroad.

Drawing on a variety of philosophical, historical and interdisciplinary approaches, the academic programme of the centre is distinguished by certain characteristic emphases which sets it apart from other departments specialising in Political Science in the country. Since its inception, it has gathered a group of faculty internationally recognized for their seminal contributions in the field of politics. Our faculty explain, interpret and evaluate those assumptions that undergird political life. The assessment is done by several methods such as performance in classrooms, home assignments, tutorials, seminars, term papers and mid-semester tests, besides the end-semester examination. In this way the centre is uniquely positioned to offer students and researchers precious insights for the study of politics in India. The courses and research equip students to become high-performing creative leaders who are ready to make a meaningful difference to their institutions, communities and themselves.

Building on its historical strength, the centre is today a leader in teaching and research in contemporary politics on India. The graduate program, which has entered into an exciting period of expansion, offers several new perspectives alongside more traditional instruction in the study of politics. Long considered one of the top departments in the country, we have now one of the largest and most intellectually diverse political science programs in the world. Our faculty includes 17 scholars whose research and interests span multiple thematic areas in the discipline.




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