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The photograph is that of a living-root-bridge in Meghalaya. The bridge is literally grown by guiding the secondary roots of the rubber tree (ficus elastic) to stretch across the innumerable streams that crisscross Meghalaya. One of the finest examples of sustainable innovation in the commons,  based on traditional skills and knowledge.





CSSP Electronic Working Paper Series on S&T Policy and Innovation Studies

ISSN: 0976-2051

The CSSP Electronic Working Paper Series (EWPS) is intended to explore and debate themes in science, technology and innovation studies. While drawing into active dialogue of leading scholars and practitioners who share similar concerns, this effort will reflect the academic priorities of the CSSP. 

Submissions for the CSSPEWPS are expected to provide a state-of-the-art understanding of the theme in question. We also visualise the CSSPEWPS submissions as marking the initial stages for papers or ideas that will potentially find publication in a refereed journal or as an article in a book.

We shall be grateful if the papers are referenced in the usual way. Each paper contains information with regard to appropriate citation and users are advised that these 'pre-publication' versions are subject to alterations in the refereeing process. We shall also be grateful for feedback from users. The works available here are the responsibility of the individual author or authors and do not necessarily represent the views of other CSSP researchers.

There is a short abstract for each paper and the complete papers are available to download as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf) files. You can download the Acrobat Reader from Adobe for free.

Papers available are:

CSSPEWPS 1::  How Law Makes Technoscience: The Shaping of Expectations, Actors and Accountabilities in Regenerative Medicine in Europe
Alex Faulkner (King’s College London, United Kingdom); March 2010

CSSPEWPS 2 ::  Globalisation, Innovation, and Social Capital: Changing Nature of Indo-French S&T Cooperation
Pranav N. Desai (Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India); April 2010

CSSPEWPS 3 :: Competing Through Technological Capability: The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry in a Changing Global Landscape
Amit Shovon Ray (Centre for International Trade & Development, SIS, JNU) and Saradindu Bhaduri (Centre for Studies in Science Policy, JNU); September 2012

CSSPEWPS 4 :: ICT for Economic and Social Transformation: An Empirio -Theoretical Review of Indian Initiatives
Pradosh Nath (Formerly with CSIR-NISTADS, New Delhi, India), November 2014

CSSPEWPS 5 :: Globalization of Ayurvedic Medicines: An Analysis of Issues in Resource Management
N.B. Brindavanam (Dabur Research & Development Centre, U.P., India), January 2015.

CSSPEWPS 6 :: Meghnad Saha's Paradoxical Story: Railways and the 1922 North Bengal Floods
Amitabha Bhattacharyya (Department of Physics, Sikkim University, Gangtok, Sikkim, India), September 2015.

Editorial Board Members
Editor:        Saradindu Bhaduri
                   [Please contact for paper submission at saradindu(at)mail.jnu.ac.in]

Members:    Pranav N. Desai
                    V.V. Krishna
                    Madhav Govind
                    Rajbeer Singh
                    Anup Kumar Das