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Advanced Instrumentation Research Facility
        Advanced Instrumentation Research Facility (2)

Arts & Aesthetics
        Arts & Aesthetics (16)

        Biotechnology (21)

Computational and Integrative Sciences
        Computational and Integrative Sciences (9)

Computer & Systems Sciences
        Computer & Systems Sciences (21)

Environmental Sciences
        Environmental Sciences (22)

International Studies
        Centre for African Studies (3)
        Centre for Canadian, US and Latin American Studies (6)
        Centre for Comparative Politics & Political Theory (6)
        Centre for East Asian Studies (9)
        Centre for European Studies (7)
        Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies (4)
        Centre for Inner Asian Studies (7)
        Centre for International Legal Studies (5)
        Centre for International Politics, Organization and Disarmament (17)
        Centre for International Trade and Development (11)
        Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies (13)
        Centre for South Asian Studies (7)
        Centre for West Asian Studies (9)
        Energy Studies (1)
        Human Rights Studies Programme (1)

Language, Literature and Culture Studies
        Centre for Chinese and South East Asian Studies (12)
        Centre for English Studies (10)
        Centre for French and Francophone Studies (13)
        Centre for Japanese Studies (8)
        Centre for Korean Studies (6)
        Centre for Linguistics (9)
        Centre for Turkish (1)
        Centre of Arabic and African studies (9)
        Centre of German Studies (12)
        Centre of Indian Languages (19)
        Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies (8)
        Centre of Russian Studies (15)
        Centre of Spanish,Portuguese, Italian & Latin American Studies (9)
        Centre of Spanish,Portuguese, Italian & Latin American Studies (1)
        Greek Chair (1)
        Kannada Language Chair (1)
        Linguistic Empowerment Cell (2)

Law and Governance
        Law and Governance (9)

Life Sciences
        Life Sciences (30)

Molecular Medicine
        Molecular Medicine (10)

        Nanoscience (4)

Physical Sciences
        Physical Sciences (29)

Sanskrit Studies
        Sanskrit Studies (9)

Social Sciences
        Centre for Economic Studies and Planning (19)
        Centre for Historical Studies (28)
        Centre for Informal Sector & Labour Studies (7)
        Centre for Media Studies (3)
        Centre for Philosophy (8)
        Centre for Political Studies (21)
        Centre for Studies in Science Policy (4)
        Centre for the Study of Discrimination and Exclusion (3)
        Centre for the Study of Regional Development (29)
        Centre for the Study of Social Systems (18)
        Centre for Womens Studies (5)
        Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health (10)
        Group of Adult Education (2)
        North East India Studies Programme (5)
        Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies (11)

University Science Instrumentation Centre
        University Science Instrumentation Centre (1)