President of India Gold Medal for the year 2012


No. Admissions-II/PIGM/2012/ 24th September, 2012

Sub: President of India Gold Medal for the year 2012

Executive Council of the University, at its meeting held on 4.10.1993, approved the norms/guidelines and also accepted the recommendations of the Academic Council for creation of an endowment of Rs.15,000/- received from the Hon'ble President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, for award of "Gold Medal" to an M.A./M.Phil student adjudged the best for general proficiency including character, conduct and excellence in academic performance and extra-curricular activities including sports activities, etc. The interest accruing thereon is to be utilized for award of the Gold Medal titled "President of India Gold Medal".

The award for the academic year 2012-13 is to be decided on the following norms/guidelines:

1. Schools are requested to recommend names of only two Students after full consideration at the School level on the basis of their academic performance as weightage of 60% has been given to excellence in academic performance of students. The students so recommended by the concerned Schools should be made aware that they are competing for this prestigious award so that they are able to defend their case properly by projecting their achievement. They should be asked to bring out clearly their achievement in the other areas such as literary activities, extra-curricular activities, etc. and their participation in hostel life and sports, as 40% weightage has been allotted for:

(i) Literary Activities/Extra-curricular Activities/Music etc - 15%

(ii) Participation in Hostel Life, Character and Conduct - 20%

(iii) Sport - 5%

2. The Students admitted to the M.A./M.Phil programmes in JNU during the academic year 2010-11 will only be eligible to apply for the award of President of India Gold Medal for the year 2012 provided that they have successfully completed the programme for which they were enrolled.

3. The recommended students should also be requested to separately obtain a certificate from the respective Hostel Wardens/Provosts/Dean of Students for their participation in hostel life and similarly from Sports Office and attach them to their bio-data.

4. The Jury at the University level will consider the recommendations of the Schools for academic excellence together with the student's achievements for his/her literary and extra-curricular activities and recommendations of the Provosts/Dean of Students/Sports Officer and award marks on the basis of such documentation.

Recommend the names of two students adjudged the best for consideration by the Jury for the award of "President of India Gold Medal" for the year 2012 in the enclosed proforma. The SCSS, CSL&G and SCMM may kindly nominate one student each on the above lines.

The recommendations of the Schools should forwarded to us by 31st October, 2012.


Mr. Mohammad Ahmad, M.A. (Arabic), Centre of Arabic & African Studies, School of Language Literature & Culture Studies has been awarded President of India Gold Medal for General Proficiency for the year 2012-13.