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  • The Academic /Research activities  at USIC
  • The USIC has been  actively taking part in all academic activities of the University. Some of them are listed below.
  • Conducting optional  course for school of Language, languistics and Cultural Studies of JNU. The course is of three credits for the undergraduate students of SLLCS. The title of the course is Basic Computer applications  (Code no. CS 206)
  • Conducting tarining programme for the students of Ph.D./ M.Phil. of school of Life sciences in Electronics and Instrumentation.
  • Taking part in the regular teaching of  Remedial Physics for M.Sc.  in Life Sciences.
  • The faculty and staff of USIC has been teaching a paper to the M.Phil./Ph.D. students of Centre of Biotechnology on Electronic Instrumentation.
  • The Research Projects
  • The centre has been taking part or continuing some research activities in allied areas. Some research projects were also completed at     USIC. One important one was to design and fabricate the atomic physics beam line chamber for low energy x-ray studies installed at Nuclear Science Centre. New Delhi.
  • Current Research Areas/ Acivities
  • Please Click here to know more about current research activities of the centre.
  • Click here to view faculty research publications.

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