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To provide scientific and technical facilities to the students, researchers and teachers of the university through design and development of scientific instruements, gadgets and by conducting academic programmes for  relavant sections of the university/ies and colleges.
The objectives of USIC have been broadly identified as follows:
To acquire and develop skill for preventive maintenance and repairs of sophisticated instruments and to offer this expertise to other laboratories, as and when desired.

To organize short term courses/workshops on the use and application of various instruments for the benefit of research scholars, teachers and personnel from other laboratories, universities and industries.

To train technicians for maintenance and operation of sophisticated instruments.

To design and fabricate sophisticated instruments, their spare parts and also undertake research and development of instruments as per the users requirements through project support.

To participate in teaching of formal courses on instrumentation, conducted by other departments/agencies.

To provide consultancy service in instrumentation to industry/Govt. departments/other instiutions.
To carry out analysis of samples received from scientists working in universities, research institutions and industry.

To provide facilities to scientists to carry out measurements on sophisticated instruments not available in their own institutions.

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