Cost of  frequently fabricated items at  USIC JNU
The following items can be readily  fabricated/sale at the price indicated against each:    Item                                                 Price in Rs.

1.          Laminar Flow Bench                                 35,000
2.          Vertical Electrophoresis apparatus               1,800
3.          Horizontal Electrophoresis apparatus           1,500
4.          Photosynthesis apparatus                             8,000
5.          Gel casting tray                                               500
6..         Plant culture trolleys(16 tubes)                     8,000
             (32 tubes)                                                 16,000
7.          Ellectrophoresis power supply                   15,000
8.          Animal Isolator                                          50,000
9.          Faraday Cage                                            12,000
10.        FET differential amplifier                              2,500
11.        Pulse divider for neurology experiments        2,000
12.        pico/micro voltmeter                                    4,000
13.        Electronic thermostat(+0.2C)                       2,700
14.        Timer with stop watch                                  2,500
15.        Hot water bath temperature controller           4,000
16.        Radiation shield(Acrylic)                               2,000
17.        Gamma irradiation chamber                          8,000
18.        Gel casting combs (Teflon & Acrylic)               500
19.        Acrylic & metal boxes(All sizes & shapes)       500
20.        LED arrays with power supply                    15,000
21.        Pereslotic pump                                            5,000
22.        Rodent repellant                                            1,200
23.        Honey bee chamber with counter                 10,000
24.        Computer interface for automatic                  15,000
             data collection through IEEE-488
             and RS 232 port (without computer)
25.        Radiation detedtor (Gas flow proportional      30,000
26.        Feed through manipulator                                 5,000
27.        Acrylic pipette & test tube stands                        200

*     Besides fabrication of  above item we can undertake design and fabrication of any other device/instrument as per specifications of the user.
*     The prices indicated above are based upon estimate at the current rate of spares and materials and are likely to vary.
*     We also undertake the repair of sophisticated instruments such as ultra high centrifuge (any make), vacuum pumps,shakers of various designs and models, Gamma chamber, computer monitors and other laboratory equipment/instrument and devices.
*     For your any requirement of design/development or fabrication of above listed items you may  contact Director    USIC.
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